Is Petrol Pump Business Profitable In India? Profit Margin In Petrol Pump Business

Petrol Pump Business in India – Profitable or Not?

The inception of the Petrol pumps:

The inception of the petrol pumps would look really great for earning good amount of profit. However, the days when there were petrol pumps were in great demand and there was lot of chunk of the crowd that came forward for this business. However, today, it does not look the same. There is addition of private competition in the Indian market of the petrol pumps and this has led the person who would be interested to install the pump to think twice on this decision.  However, this is not the only reason for getting away of the proprietors from showing the interest in starting of the concerned business, but also there are many issues relating to the cost that make them to back off from the same.

The intervention of the private sectors in the market with the target to compete with the current sectors of petroleum:

The cost for the stocking of the petroleum has become very expensive and the same is seen to be increasing. With the investment being made for lakhs together in the business, the return is delayed for a long period of time. The reason being the return as a profit per liter is quite low. The cost of maintaining the bunk is very high and requires additional operational cost that is involved in the same. There are nearly two thousand and odd petrol pumps that are decided to be opened by the Essar, RIL in the outskirts of the city.

The setting up of the petrol pumps would lead to the development of the business in the longer run even though there is currently less demand.

The proprietors are not happy with the profit that was stipulated:

The current trend is seen in the lookout for more of rent from the buildings rather than waiting for the return from the petrol pumps which is meager. It is also seen that the sources that get the fuel from the main source which are called as depots would travel through a long way to reach the bunk and some part of the fuel get evaporated due to the climatic changes and the same would be a waste of investment. There cannot be a positive debate on the fact that whether the investment in the petrol pump would be a benefit or not as the same depends whether the place where it is situated would attract more customers or not.

The demand for the dealers is high from the current Oil companies:

Finding the dealers by the oil companies have become difficult as the proprietors of the small businesses are no more interested in the investment made in the petrol pumps for the reason that the same involves more cost and less return. Also, that the investment same done in the estate sectors reaps return faster than the one done in the Petrol pumps. The owners of the places assume that the investment done on the pumps could be very much done on the building of the malls and apartments. The reason behind such a thought is because they feel that the return from such an investment is high and also with less issue relating the time taken to complete the transaction of the business.

Hence, as the earning capacity was more in this regard, the same was opted by more number of people in the market and the installation of the Petrol pumps with the giants that prevailed till then started getting vacated. Hence, as the same involved a lot of issues, the demand for the new inceptions lowered and the transfer of the business was done by the owners of the sites to a different aspect.

The fact would not be that there is loss in the petrol bunk business or delay in the earnings as some of them are still earning good with the set up being set in the outskirts as well. It would very hard to term it as ‘no business sector’ and would be termed as a short-term phase of loss for it.

How To Start Export Business In India – Procedure And Documentation

The Procedure and Documents Required For Starting Export Business in India:

This is comprehensive guide on how to start export business in India and what are the profitable goods or products to export from India. This post also highlights some of the important documents which is required to export goods.

Business is something that most of us would like to start as it would be owned by us and the result would be obviously to earn profits. Now the question arises as to whether we start the business in the local market or the international market. There might be an easy going aspect found, when it comes to the local market, however, the business that involves the international market can have an exposure to the international standards of business and also profits. This is because the value of the amount paid in the international market would be in the currency that would be converted to the currency that we use in India. In this post i will highlight some key point on how to start export business in India and documents required for export from India.

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The international market is of importance to the traders who would want to grow the business in the international market with the simple terms that needs to be followed accordingly.

Choosing The Profitable Market To Export Goods From India:

Choosing the market and the country would be vital as we want to make profits and have stability in the business. There are many challenges that are seen in the international market and the most basic would be the price that has been quoted and agreed upon in this regard.

The choice of the products that you want to export from India to other countries has to be the main concept of discussion. The products have to stay till the time that they are from the time they reach the customers. The quantity and the quality have to be gauged accordingly and the same has to be standardized based on the price fixed.

First and foremost thing that each person who is in the export business has to do is to be calm with the circumstances emerging from the financial crises of the investment. Listing the documentation that is required to be fulfilled has to be known before starting the business in the international market. The most of the products that get the identification in the international market is because of the brand and the price offered. Hence, in order to offer the best price to the customers, they have to be offered with the price that would be less expensive by not including the middle men in the process.

Steps On How To Start Export Business In India If You Don’t Have Potential Buyers

There are channels that can help the domestic merchants who can be contacted for the starting of exporting.

  • The Export Management Company can help the businesses who are in the domestic market to export the products from India by assisting in the hiring of the people who are the dealers in the respective fields.
  • Secondly, the Export trading company would enable the businesses to find the buyers in the international market who would want to buy them.
  • Thirdly the person who gets the goods from the seller to the buyer would be the mediator, who does the packing of the goods, and ships to the buyer by himself.

The Procedures and Documentation Required For Export Business In India

The initial step to start the export business would be to get the code which is called as the IEC, (Import Export code). The license should be got from either countries between which the trading of the goods are done. They are also known as the company identification number that would be unique. This enables the licensing of the business in the international market and would be regarded as the one time licensing number. Once the samples are sent by the exporter to the buyer overseas and approved by the latter, the terms of delivery should be discussed followed by the proforma invoice sent to the buyer. In this course the terms of payment has to be also agreed upon.

Some of the main documentation that is used in the export business is as mentioned under:

  • Invoice: The commercial invoice that is used by the exporter, wherein the price and the mode of shipment details are mentioned.
  • The Bill of Lading: This will depict whether the products are shipped accordingly.
  • The bill of exchange: This bill is drawn by the drawer, who is the exporter on the importer, who is called as the drawee and states that the order amount has to be paid to the concerned party who is called as he payee and here it refers to the exporter’s bank.
  • The letter of Credit: This is given to the buyer that is the exporter by the bank of the importer by authorizing to withdraw the amount based on the form that is accepted by law and such bill will be honored by the bank accordingly.

The regulatory documents that are required for the exports would be:

  1. Documents for registration
  2. The document which is required for the shipment of the products.
  3. The shipping bill
  4. Insurance policy for Marine

The documents that is required in the assistance of the exporting of products:

  • The form for registration of the export
  • There has to be files prepared for the licensing of the REP
  • The drawback of duty is attested with the various documents in order to claim the amount or incentive in this regard.

The products profitable in the export business in India:

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There are many products that are of great demand in the international market and you can start them exporting from India

Marble: Marble would be considered to be one of the best products to acquire the international market as this has great demand overseas. There is a trend of the stones that are of demand in the international market. From India, we can name the Satyam exporters who take the privilege of being the best in the exporters in Marble.

Electrical Products: The items like the Television that have demand overseas can be traded for a good price.

Pearls: Pearls are of great demand in the exporting field and would be regarded as the most important of the ones that could attract the international buyers.

Cereals: The cereals would be an important aspect of trading in the international market as the same has seen the growth in demand.

Apparels: Apparels would be considered as the product that would attract the demand in the international market. This is due to the designs and the traditional attires, like the saris which have seen lot of demand in the international trade.

Leather: Leather has its own demand in international market and you can consider this in your exporting business list.

Rice: India is big market for rice and related product. You can export rice from India to countries like UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc

Cotton: Big market for cotton is out there in neighbouring countries to India but the production of cotton is low there you can grab the opportunity to export cotton from India and make some business profits.

Aircraft: Aircrafts are also of great demand in some of the countries like the UAE and India has a major market held therein.

Organic Farming Certification In India

Organic farming can be a good business, but it is important that you are having organic farming  certification in India. This will help you in building the reputation and confidence among your customers. People choose organic food because they know that they are safe to consume and certifications helps them in proving that. With the aid of certification business owners will also be able to achieve a fair price for their facilities and products and their sales of organic products will rise to a high level. There products will also get recommendations and references as compared to those who are not having certification.

What is organic farming certification?

Certification means that people are opting for farming methods which are set by the government to define food processing, organic farming and handling is also included. In the certification there are banned substances, chemicals, toxins, soil quality standards are explained and business owners need to follow that. The food people growing in the fields must be free from any chemicals, pesticides or others because these are completely natural. Organic pesticides and other things are used to grow them.

Certification also involves auditing and monitoring. Agencies collect samples and carry out testing, documents are made and then a farmer gets certification for organic farming.

What Certification Includes & Importance of Organic Certification

Farmers will assure their customers that the products they are selling out have passed the standards set by Indian government. Certification standards includes

  • Trustworthy
  • Ethical
  • Reliable
  • Accountable
  • Holistic
  • Economically responsible
  • Environmental friendly
  • Social

Different Types of Organic Certification In India

  • GMP certifies that farming techniques are practiced according to set standards
  • HACCP includes critical quality control points and hazard analysis
  • ISO certification is the most important and provides guarantee
  • NPOP India organic provides national standard certification

How To Avail Certification

There are many organic certification agencies in India which are meant for this purpose and you can take their help to get certification. There is non government as well as private companies which can aid farmers in getting organic farming certification. They will help you in everything from cultivation to harvesting, seed sowing and preservation. These professionals can also help farmers in learning about new technologies and how they can have best organic products in India. These are producer groups that provide certification.

With the professions farmers can also get references of the others who area already operating organic farms. They can visit these farms and also meet other farmers and can learn plenty of new things about farming. Before certification it is important that you meet people whoa re working in this field, learn about organic farming so that you can get certification with complete knowledge of yours.

Organic Certification Procedure

Certifications are provided based on the requests and after when all the monitoring and documentation is done only then farmers get certification. There are online websites offering information on organic farming, certification etc in India. You must visit these websites to know about the complete procedure of getting certification. You will also know about the different kinds of organic certification to proceed further.

How To Become A Real Estate Agent In India

Planning to become a real estate agent in India? If yes, then you career is going to glide up to great height fetching you hefty profits. But, this is only possible if you engage yourself in the right plans and procedures, and for this it is very important o have proficient knowledge about the field that you are planning to enter into. Real estate business includes a lot of risk and uncertainty, and on the other hand, you get to hold large responsibility of rendering the results exactly as promised.

Becoming a real estate agent in India could be a turning point in anyone’s career provided the right start is made. As like any other career option, a real estate businessman needs to come up with innovative ideas to excel in his field. But, the point is how to become a real estate agent. Before working on the strategy to become successful, it’s important to take the right start at the right time.

Customary requirements to become a real estate agent in India

Depending on various states and their norms, there are different customary requirements for starting up with a real estate business, but some of the basic requirements include the following

  • Depending on the state, an individual should be at least 18 or 19 years of age.
  • Should have legal US residency
  • Should complete the required pre-license education (the hours are depending upon the norms of each stage)
  • Should pass the real estate license examination of the concerned state.

Basic Requirements For Real Estate Agent

The basic requirements to become a real-estate agent include the following:

  • Education qualification- it is very important to have the required educational qualification for becoming a licensed real estate agent. You could pursue the various pre-licensing courses that are meant to educate people who want to take their career forward in this field. However, depending on various states the required educational qualification may differ, so it’s advised to consult your state’s real estate commission to get the required information.
  • Choose a broker- Choose a broker to work with as trainer is the first step towards successful career ahead. Practice with a real estate broker and make sure you learn the various tactics of the business. This way you will also get to know about the market strategies and working format.
  • Get licensed- The next important step is to get licensed to carry on the legal business. For obtaining license, an individual is required to pass the state and national exams. You will also have to go through a criminal background check.
  • Develop a budget-  Develop a budget because a real estate business could not be started while just spending mere bucks. You will have to have a considerate amount for the various steps that are required to be done while becoming a real estate agent.
  • Make the real estate Agent Decision- You will have to join the National Association of Realtors (NAR) to have the title of a Realtor. For this you will have to attend a set of meetings, and meet brokerages.

Thus, this is the basic guide on how to become a real estate agent in India.

Best Products To Import From China For Selling In Local Market

Importing goods from another country as part of your business is really a good idea. It really helps you to grow your business and also helps you to make a good relationship with your foreign clients and the customers who buy the imported products from China from you. India imports a lot numbers of goods and products from the other countries. But one country that is the hub of the Indian market is China. India Imports a lot number of products from China. Apart from India, United States, UK, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc are some of the other countries that import products from China.

Products That Are Imported From China To India:-

Certain common products that we import from China to India are,

  • Vehicles excluding rails
  • Car accessories
  • Iron and steel machinery
  • Plastics and their made products for decoration purpose
  • Apparel that are not knitted or crocheted
  • Even the apparels that are knitted or crocheted
  • Footwears and their parts thereof
  • Furniture
  • Toys, games and sports equipment
  • Power Generation Equipment
  • Electrical Machinery and equipment

Apart from the above mentioned products there are a number of other products that are being imported from China to India. But these are the top ranked products that are exported from China to India. Now when you think of Importing a product the first question that comes to your mind is which is the best product to important.

Now the question of your answer completely depends on you. The best thing to import completely depends on the market condition. You need to figure of that which product will generate more profit for you. Which product has maximum risk in importing and which comes under low risk products like garments and small accessories. There are many hurdles that comes to your way when you think of running an imported product business in your local market.

Think Smart Act Fast!

So you need to act really very smart if you are thinking about this business. People who are already into this business have better knowledge than the one who are planning to start it. Practically an experienced business owner will import that particular product, at a much better margin than you can because he has contact with person in each and every steps on importing the product from China.  He has his own customs agent, freight forwarder, etc.  You need to contact best freight forwarder which will help you in getting the product in your location and contacting the supplier abroad.

With the growing globalization and with the growing market for Chinese product in all parts of the world people have built entirely new stand alone business models. These models help in sourcing a new product from china that offers attractive margins.

Few Important Points That You Need To Keep In Mind

If you are importing products from China to India there are few important things that you should practice. This will help your business to flourish and grow and will build a good market for your imported Chinese product

  • Build a good relationship with the person you are marketing with or with the manufacturer it will help you to get the product at a lower rate.
  • Have a good knowledge of the market it will help you to decide which is the best product currently selling and  to be imported at the particular time.
  •  Get to know about the customers demand and the trend which is flowing in the market and import the product accordingly

These things will really help you to get the profitable Chinese product.

How To Import Goods From China To India – Steps & Procedures

This is complete tutorial on how to import goods from China To India and how to find suppliers and how to check the authenticity of supplier and how to get your product imported easily without any hassle. In this post you will learn all the required steps and procedures for importing your desired products.  Read through the end of the post and you will get to know the steps required.

For importing products from China at your doorstep you need to have a registered company name if you want to import the product in your firm name in India. Other option is that you hire a import agent and they will import the product for you if you do not have a company/firm name registered with TIN.

Importing Products From China  In Your Registered Firm Name In India

International trading has gained a lot of attention from a number of traders all over the world. Trading includes exporting and importing of goods from one nation to another. In previous times, the trading was not much easier to do, irrespective of the country. These days, the trading all over the global countries have become simpler and quicker as compared to previous because of the presence of new and effective approaches for trading.

Importing goods from China to India And Run Successful business in India

If you are interested in importing any kind of goods from China to India, then there are lots of things to be considered to meet your needs. First of all, you need to meet the criteria for international trading.

See the below mentioned steps, which you can take into account, when it comes to trading internationally like China to India:

Fulfill the essential requirements, in any case, to start an important and export business in India, it is important to have some essentials


  • A firm or company that must be registered in India
  • A bank account, which needs to be current
  • An IE code or Importer Exporter Code
  • TIN

It means that it is important to have a registered company (LLP/partnership/proprietary). Whether you have an office or a shop, it must be registered. You can get shop or office license from the Municipal or Corporation. Another thing to have is the bank current account combining with SWIFT code. You need to open a current bank in a reputed bank, which has SWIFT code. Tax Identification Number is another essential to have. You must register with the State Tax Department and CST or Central Sales Tax. In order to obtain the TIN, you can take the help from the professional and reputed accountant.

Importer Exporter Code is also the necessity, while importing or exporting goods from China to India or vice versa. This code consists of a 10 digit code, which has issued by Director General of Foreign Trade, Government of India or Ministry of Commerce to Indian firms or companies. Submitting all the essential documents to the government can give you a support to have the IE code in an easy and simple manner.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Importing Product In Your Company Name

  • Select reputed supplier in or any other website and ask them to send quotation. Also, ask them to send the sample first before placing order in bulk.
  • You are importing in your registered company name so raise a PO (Purchase Order) after you get Quote from the supplier.
  • When your order gets completed. Your supplier will send you invoice , make sure Invoice and PO (Purchase Order) prices are same.
  • Contact third party shippers, they will take care of shipping. You have to keep all these docs required while shipping.
  • Do not go for shipping from supplier side, use your own freight forwarder.

Freight Forwarder : – A freight forwarder or forwarding agent is also known as a NVOCC (non-vessel operating common carrier), is a person or company that manage and organizes point to point shipments for individuals or corporations to import goods from the manufacturer abroad to your location.

International freight forwarders can also handle and manage the customs and other documentation activities required for international shipments. You can hire a freight forwarder in cities of India like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, etc.

Customs Fee For Importing Product From China To India:-

Customs fee while importing from China would completely depend on the type of product you are importing. In some products you do not have to pay ant customs fee and in some restricted product you need to pay custom fee as per the law.

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Importing Product Individually In Your First Name

This is the second option if you want to import product without having a company name registered.  But in this process you need to have IEC (Import Export Code). If you are importing the product in small quantity then it will be expensive for your, in this case you need to contact a import export agent in India to get the product delivered for you in their name.

Apply for IEC code here if you have not done it already.

  • Find the reliable supplier from China:- to import goods from China to India, you need to choose the best and reputed supplier located in China. There are lots of suppliers or importers available in China. You must contact a lot of them so that you can select the best one for your needs. After contacting to a reliable importer from China, you will cross the one phase of importing goods.
  • Hire a customs clearing agent:- Last but not the least, you need to appoint an expert customs clearing agent. He will be able to assist you in clearing the batch at the port. Calculating numerous expenses in port is also important, which is the responsibility of an agent. These expenses include handling charge, customs duty, transportation charges and much more. In this way, you can easily important goods from China to India without any trouble.

Tilapia Fish Farming Guide & Profitable Business Plan

Tilapia fish farming is one of the most owned farming businesses in India, and it is the second most farmed fish in the world. If the business is carried on suitably, it has the capacity to fetch large profits for the owners. To carry on with fish farming business, it is very important to have detailed knowledge about the fish that you are planning to deal with, as it requires a lot of skill and expertise.

Tilapia fish farming guide in india

You need to do an intensive study about the fish that you are planning to deal in and the technique that you would be using depending upon your budget.

Do rigorous Research

To start with Tilapia fish farming business, you need to consider a set of points that would guide you to take a good start towards your goal of carrying on with a successful business and fetching maximum profits. It is very important to do research in an exhaustive way so that you could know each and every detail related to the business.

There are certain important farming aspects related to the tilapia fish farming business, and once you have complete knowledge about the same, you could carry on a successful business ahead. These facets include the following:

  • For better results and good productivity, monosex tilapia fishes should be farmed. Male tilapias grow faster and healthier and are well adapted to supplementary feeding as compared to their female counterparts.
  • The best temperature range for growing healthy tilapia fish is between 15 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius.
  • It should be raised in nursery ponds and stocking ponds so that the best breeding could be done. Make sure the pond has sufficient sunlight, and is free from flooding and harmful weeds for the better of the fish farming.
  •  A perfect feed rate should be followed so that the fishes could be grown to the best possible outcome. The feed rate should be decided as per the body weight of the fishes, a fish ranging between 20-25 grams should be fed 3-4 times a day, a fish of 50 to 100 grams should be fed at a daily feed rate of 6% to 8% and 3-4 times a day, fish of 100 to 200 grams of body weight should be fed at a feed rate of 5% to 6% and 3 times a day. Whereas, for all the fishes above 200 grams of weight the feeding rate should be 2% to 4% and 3 times a day.
  • It is very important to provide nutritional food to the fishes so that they grow up to meet the best commercial standards. The food should be prepared using the standard measurements, so that it could bring maximum benefits for the fishes.

Tilapia fish farming in India has gained huge prominence as it brings huge profits for the farmers. As it is the second most grown fish in the world, there are large benefits attached to tilapia fish farming. This business has large commercial success provided that it is carried on in the perfect way.

Goat Farming Business Plan In India

One of the most popular farming businesses is now the commercial goat farming in India since it has proved to be the highest profitable business plan and idea to implement that plan. Human population seeks for proteins and goat is playing an important role in providing these demands. Goat farming is been largely adopted by the small and large companies since it is being the main meat producing animal.

Goat has domestic demands as they are suitable for milk, fiber and even skin production. It helps to increase crop production with its high quality manure. In rural economy, it has a vast contribution. There are more than 25% goats among the total livestock in the country.

How To Start Goat Farming In India:

Want to start your own goat farming business in India? Then you must go through the small steps to catch the big fish. In order to make your business a success you must go through training on goat farming.

Here’s how you need to proceed:

Select a Location: Almost all the locations of the country may earn you a lot of profit through goat farming. The real reason behind this is such that goat farming is practiced all over the country and thus you can earn a lot of profit from anywhere! Some of the popular location for goat farming is in Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh(UP), Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh(MP), etc

Selecting a proper breed for goat farming: Currently there are 22 Indian goat breeds in India, available for goat farming. Select a breed which can get you high returns in lesser time period with high resistivity against disease and has a power of producing multiple kids.

Housing: It is also an important thing to be taken into consideration. Before making a house some points should be remembered.

  • The house should at a higher altitude and always dry.
  • Suitable drainage and sanitation system should be there inside the house.
  • Proper ventilation space should be there with sufficient light and fresh air.
  • Special Care & Management should be taken for the weak ones.

Benefits of Goat Farming In India: Is this Business Profitable?

  • Goats being the multi-purpose animal can produce milk, meat, fiber and skin together.
  • Comparing with the cow and others. It takes less space while farming and have many facilities.
  • Lesser demands for management and housing efforts.
  • They are able to share up the house with their owners as they are in small scale production.
  • Lesser production cost like feeding, infrastructure and treatment.
  • No tension for marketing. As there is an establish market all over India for marketing products from goat farming. Market will generate at your own place as you start with your farming business.
  • Smaller in size yet reaches slaughter age faster.
  • Easily maintainable than any other farming.
  • All agro-climatic conditions are highly adoptable by the goats and thus there are fewer diseases in a goat as they are vaccinated periodically.
  • Products extracted from goat milk meat and milk has no religious taboo. These products are highly acceptable for consumption throughout the world.

So starting up a goat farming business will be of high profitable. Start with yours now.

Food Truck Business Plan In India

Food Truck business is a very famous and a growing business in today’s time. With good food truck business plan in India you can acquire good return on investment in very short interval of time. Almost every country over the world is following the trend of mobile food business. The famous restaurants around the world has started this mobile food business business so that they can make their business grow in every part of the city.

Especially in the countries like the United States, China,  Australia, England has a large number of food trucks as compared to some other cities in the world. Now talking about India a clutch of entrepreneurs is doing a good business rustling up wholesome dishes in vehicles. They take their food on the street and attract people for the Indian cuisine and helping them turn their backs on the junk food.

In Indian cities like Bangalore, Delhi, and Hyderabad you will notice that many food trucks in this cities provides Chinese food because of less hurdle in cooking and good profits, Many food truck in Bangalore serve north Indian dishes because of vast group of people has flooded from north India to start their career. If you are planning for food truck business in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad then there is lot of potential money that can be make from this business in very short period of time.

Investment Required In Food Truck Business

As far as the investment required is concerned, you can have it set up  around 5-10 lac in cities like Bangalore and Delhi. This much amount of capital will be enough to start this business in almost every city of India.

Summary of investment in this business:

Food Truck Vehicle – You already know that the mobile food vehicle has some different interior and it is not similar to regular vehicle that we see on roads in India. You need to contact a food truck manufacturers in you city from where you can have it built according to your requirement.  Installing a mobile kitchen in vehicle will not cost you much. Thing to consider in mind is that you should have to go with bigger vehicle like Traveller Bus which is generally used as office cab service.

Installation of Mobile Kitchen In Truck – You can get the kitchen installed with the help of local manufactures or you can buy fully ready made food truck vehicle. It will be cheaper for you if you go for installation of kitchen by yourself.

License For Food Truck Business In India –

 In order to start you first need to have proper license for it.

  • First you need to get Food Business Operating License from FSSAI (Food Safety & Standards Authority of India).
  • Another license you require is Eating House License provided by the Licensing Police Commissioner in your city.
  • License from Fire Department in your city to ensure the compliance of all fire safety guidelines.
  • You also have to get a  Commercial Vehicle License from RTO in your city.
  • If you do not have Food Business Operating License then you need to get a shop and establishment license from FSSAI India.
  • Insurance for the vehicle and mobile kitchen equipments.


The first question that comes to our mind when we think of this business is how to begin this business and what are the special requirements for it. In the beginning, it will have some small influence radius, but in near time it will help to earn more by reinvesting the revenues into the business growth. The business is sure to get good response within one year and can generate good net income with in one year of establishment.

But there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before starting the business:-

  • The business model that you have prepared
  • Your group of target audience that you are focusing on
  • The location in which you are settling your food truck business
  • The legal hurdles and local brawls also play an important role in the growth and success of your food truck business.

The above mentioned point plays a very important role when you think to start the food truck business in India. Many businesses in India run, on credit system, but in this business it is a bit tricky. The choice of your food menu will decide your target market like the age, veg/non-veg, special dietary needs and many other things. It is a type of business that needs a more practical approach than the theoretical research.  Once your brand name is flourished you can start your business at the other places.

Food Truck Makes The Street Food Healthy

In India when you think of a street food all you can think is the stalls that serve you the unhealthy fast foods which is not good for your health, but with the proper implementation of food truck business plan in India you can achieve big success in this market to serve the Indian food depending on the area and the state it is served in. This idea will really help you to flourish your business if you maintain your quality,hygiene and the most important taste of your food. So if you too are planning to start a food truck business, then you can start it today. Keeping the certain rules and norms in mind that you should follow while starting the business.

How to Start a Car Driving School Business?

Planning to start a driving school? Well! It is a very good idea and is profitable too, but an intimate knowledge about the strict rules and regulations is required. Firstly you need to fill out a form in order to get the needed licenses before starting up the business. The start-up cost is a factor of concern but it is completely depending on the set up of your school. But surely you can make handsome money at the end. Get to know the few requirements before starting up your driving school.

Requirements That are Needed to Start-Up a Driving School:

  • A proper business plan: Before getting off with a driving school first have some good research about what location you should choose to establish your business. Check how many schools are already there and how well they are doing and advertising etc.  For example, you will find almost four driving school in Bangalore, Delhi and some big cities in one colony. it will surely help you in planning a good detailed business.

A business plan is an important tool to start off with a business and you should first determine the company’s ownership pattern and then number of vehicles that will be there, manpower is another concern. You can approach for a bank loan too.

  • Driving School Business Registration: Until and unless you have registered your business with the Government Authority of your location, you can’t take it off. In India registration can be done at Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). A license will help you start the procedure of establishing your driving school. The authority will provide you the license that is to be needed in most of the countries.

You may need to deposit a amount as a deposit fees to the respected authority. A criminal background check is must other than a written and a practical test before getting the license.

  • Establishing Driving School: For starting up your driving school you need to find a right location. Considering the space in rent can also be done but while selecting the space for your driving school please sees for atleast one classroom and an office space inside the rented house. Parking facility is also an area of concern. Next will be to arrange up for vehicles for training.

There are many alteration and addition in the operating process of the vehicle. A second car is also a better option to execute or to hire cars on monthly basis. Proper skilled man power is very much needed, preferably experienced to teach. Verify his background and license. Take both written and practical exam. Offering good quality training will surely help you pull more students. The curriculum should be prepared in an easy and friendly way.

  • Get Candidates for Driving School: The more students you can get during the primary condition will assure you for more success. Promote your driving school on the exterior part of your training vehicles. Flyers and print media for ads also can be done. Promote it locally. Create logo and also image of your business. Set up a website and promote it on social media and various platforms. Tell people the benefits of being into your driving school.

Reason Why You Should Attach Car To Uber Cabs – UberCabs Bonus & Incentives

Ubercabs is biggest player in cab services around the world and they have launched their service in major cities of India like, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc. In this post i am going to share some business opportunity with Uber Cabs by attaching your car with them.

Uber Cabs is open for all people i.e if you have a car or you are planning to have a car and want to make money with your car by attaching it to Uber cab then there is big opportunity for you. They offer good incentives or bonuses to owner of the car.

I have met and spoken to many Uber Cab drivers in Bangalore and I got some good understanding of how it works. Below are some of the points which will help you if you are planning the same:-

How Much Uber Cab Drivers  Earn Per Month in Bangalore?

One UberCabs driver told me that he earns around INR 90,000 per month easily with only ten hours of duty. He said that his total saving is 90,000 with only one car.

I said to him that this is good amount with one car only. He smiled and told me ‘Sir’ I have three cars attached with Uber Cabs. I was curious to know how Uber pay bonuses, I wanted him to tell me everything and explain me all in detail. I offered him to have a dinner with me and he agreed, we went to a nearby Chinese restaurant and sat there for further discussion. Below are the points that we discusses over dinner:-

How UberCabs calculate Bonus? and how much share of your earning they keep with themselves?

Morning 7:00am, to 12:30pm is peak hour i.e you will get INR 250/- extra for every ride. And in evening from 5:00pm to 11:00 Pm is peak hour i.e you will get  INR 250/- bonus if you complete one ride plus 80% of total fare.

How many rides do you complete in this peak hour?

He replied, during morning peak hour 4 rides and during evening peak hours 5 rides. Further he said that if I get passengers who is travelling for shorter distance then it is profitable for me because he complete the ride quickly. So, no matter what is the duration of ride for bonus, the shorter duration the better for you.

He said sometime he completes 5 rides in morning and 6 rides in evening peak hours and sometime even more if he gets shorter duration rides.

I always calculate minimum, so i said to him let say 4 rides in morning and 4 in evening i.e total 8 rides in peak hour.
So, 250×8 = INR 2000/- per day as a bonus

Plus 80% of the fare, so let assume that minimum fare for each ride is INR 200/-
So, 80% of 200 = INR 160/-
i.e = 8 * 160 = INR 1280/-

So, total money earned in peak hour per day including bonus and fare = 2000(bonus)+1280(80% of fare) = 3280/- every day

Further, he said that in non-peak hours i.e from 12:30pm to 5:00pm he completes 3 rides. So, earning money earned in this time = 160*3 = 480/-

Total earning in one day = 3280 + 480 = INR 3760/-

I told him that, 30*3760 = INR 1,12,800/- per month. He smiled and said ‘No Sir’ there is one more bonus of 15000/- I said how? He replied, if you complete 60 rides in 90 hours then you will get 15000 of additional bonus. He said that i can make it easily.

So here we go = 1,12,800 + 15,000 = 1,27,800 / – per month

I asked ‘What about diesel cost?’

He replied that 1200 to 1500 of diesel per day. So lets assume that INR 1400 in diesel per day i.e 30*1300 = 39000 INR

So Total monthly saving from one car = 1,27,800 – 39000 = 88,800 INR i.e 90,000 in round figure.

Further he added that if you want to attach your car to Uber then find a good hard working driver and pay him monthly salary of 20000 + pay him bonus if he completes more than 12 rides in one day. I realize that there is good business opportunity with Uber cabs and I asked him that which car should i attach to uber? He replied
– Toyota Etios.

He also said that the bonuses may change in near future and Uber can reduce or increase the bonus price according to competition in the market. he further said that UberCabs is far better than Olacabs and others
So, if you want to make money with your car then UberCabs is best choice for you, attach car to Ubercabs and start making money. Make sure that if you going to drive the car with your own then you will make approx 90k per month and if you are going to hire a driver then deduct the driver salary from 90k.

Note:- Above conversation with Uber driver regarding bonus and incentives is of June 2015 and it may vary or may be changed by this time. Do not take this calculation as final calculation and make a decision based on this article. It is highly recommended for you that you contact the UberCabs in your area and discuss about bonus with them. Above calculation is based on my discussion with a Uber cab driver in June 2015, and it may have changed by now. Please contact Ubercabs for updated details about

Floor Tiles Making Machine Price, Manufacturers, Suppliers

Floor tiles play a dominant role for decorating a house this includes main hall, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Attractive floor tiles gives a house look beautiful and colorful this is the reason why people invest money buying tiles for their new home.

There are many kinds of floor tiles available in the market but choosing the right color, design and size plays very important role to make your house look most beautiful. You must ensure that the tiles you are going to buy matches the color of the walls of your house or else you should paint walls of your house that matches exactly to the floor tiles

There are wide varieties of floor tiles available in the market they are as follows: travertine, marble, slate, ceramic, porcelain, faux wood, quartzite, granite, pebbles and onyx. All these kinds of floor tiles come with different sizes, color, designs and of course different price tags.

Those were the days where people used to rely on normal and unattractive floor but now people have become very smart and fashionable that is the reason they started investing money buying best and beautiful looking floor tiles. There are several reasons why people never hesitate to shell out more money buying these tiles.

Below are some reasons.

Appearance: To make house look beautiful you must have beautiful floor tiles because floor tiles play a major role to make a house look beautiful. These tiles are main decorative product for a beautiful house. This is the reason companies are making tiles with different styles, patterns and colors.

Waterproof: All these tiles available in the market come with water proof they can be washed every times dust forms on them. Some tiles becomes shinier every time they are washed and making it more beautiful. If you have wood made floor tiles it would not be possible for you’re to wash them. They don’t come with waterproof

Low maintenance: These tiles need less effort to maintain them cleaning them and washing them can be done once in a month. These tiles don’t become dirt on frequent basis.

You get in to this tile making business which can be profitable business. There are wide varieties of tile making machines available in the market. Depending upon your investment you can buy them and start making floor tiles of different shapes, colors, styles and patters. You must make all kinds of floor tiles to meet the needs of different classes of people in the society because rich person look for expensive tiles for his house whereas middle class people look for tiles which are affordable and best for their house.

Before you jump into this business you must understand the demand for various tiles in the market. By keeping this thing in mind you must make tiles which people prefer to buy in large quantities this is how you can succeed in achieving all your business goals with good profits.

Corporate Event Managers In India – Why Do We Need One?

Event manager is one professional who helps in conducting events of the company. He is profession in planning and executing entire event of the company. He takes care of everything related to the event. His technical knowledge and creative knowledge helps to conduct any event of the company in successful manner.

No company can deny the fact that event managers play very important role for betterment of the company. His role as event manager and his service to the company can make company grow faster by conducting events in successful manner. Many event management company in Bangalore do the events for the company who need them, they provide full assistant from organising to executing.

corporate event managers in bangalore India

Event managers make perfect plan to execute the event. From beginning to till the end he takes care of everything. He puts effort that event gets conducted with the results company expects from him. Below are his responsibilities and the method he conducts the event of the company. He conducts event related to company anniversary, product launch, completion of project, clients meeting or introduction of new product.  Whatever be the event he never lets down the company.

Location: After meeting with company officials he collects the entire information about the event then he selects the location that fits the event. He first makes inspection of the location and then he finalizes the location. He makes sure the location he has chosen to conduct the event is sufficient or not. He also checks whether the venue can hold the entire company staff and visitors who comes to attend the event.

Planning: Event manager before he starts scheduling everything related to the event he holds several meetings with company officials to understand what kind of amenities they want him to provide to the people who are going to attend the event. It can be delegates who are coming from different country or company’s branch related

staff. He plans everything before hand, here he also mention all kinds of materials he needs to arrange the event.

Schedule: He designs entire schedule from beginning to end and entire team is responsible to execute their assigned duty on time without any delay. He works the marketing team of the company to create materials from schedulers, planners and promoters across the country. He plans the timing for every single event. He marks the time when to receive the delegation and also makes sure that everything is provided to them without fail.

Assign: Event managers conduct entire event with help of event staff. He assigns specific duties and responsibilities. Then they perform their duty to make the event grand success. He also assigns even staff to take care of catering, drinks, and other floral arrangement. He tried to bring coordination between entire event staff so that he can execute the event in successful manner. He assigns staff to offer clients Tea, Coffee, Drinks whenever they need.

Pre-Event Meeting: He holds meeting with the team members hours before event takes place and makes sure everything is done as per plan and he wants every event staff to be careful to execute the event in successful way. This is how event managers play very important role to make the company’s even a grand success.

Bangalore Real Estate – The Best Places For Buying Residential Apartments

Are you currently looking to buy apartment in Bangalore? Then it is truly the best time to do so as over the last few years there has been a great boom in the real estate scene of the city. As the working opportunities in the city of Bangalore continues to rise, more number of people are coming to settle in here and make the most of what it has to offer.

The infrastructure of the city has progressively improved over the past decade or so and this has made it possible for the residents of the city to enjoy better living facilities all around the year. More numbers of roadways are being currently constructed to make sure that commutation is easy and smooth. In such circumstances, the real estate giants of the city are coming up with top notch residential projects that provide the people of Bangalore with better living options at the most affordable rates.

While developments in the real estate have been going on in all parts of the city of Bangalore, certain areas remain more conducive to this kind of growth. The price of the land, location, easy accessibility to transportation and various modern amenities are the principal factors that determine the propensity of real estate growth in a particular area. The city is also the most important IT hub in the country, and easy accessibility to the various IT centers is also a crucial deciding factor when it comes to the value of a particular real estate project. Residential projects have emerged in numerous areas of Bangalore, such as JP Nagar, Bannerghatta Road, Jaya Nagar, Kanakapura, Sarjapur Road, CV Raman Nagar, Whitefield, Hebbal, Electronic City, KR Puram and Yelahanka. Each of these places is ranked high for the easy access of amenities and the high quality of lifestyle they promise.

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So if you are in search for an apartment for sale in Bangalore, then you will have the best chances to find one in any of these places described above. The close proximity to the IT parks of the city, along with sufficient availability of transportation means, medical facilities, educational centers and shopping zones make them perfect for long term stay with family. Moreover, the large number of projects that are currently coming up in the city allows you plenty to choose from, both in terms of the living amenities that they provide as well as their price ranges.

Candle Making Machine Price, Suppliers, Wax Suppliers & Business Profits

There is a huge demand for candle in the market. People use these candles for many occasions. Candles are used for decoration purpose in hotel and restaurants. These candles are also used to light up the house in remote villages of many countries where there is no power supply. Candles are also used on birthday cakes to resemble the age of the person who is celebrating the birthday. These candles are used for religious and ritual purpose across the world. These candles come with different sizes, colors and fragrance. Despite latest electric lighting people still rely on candles for many purposes which no one can deny.

Starting Candle making business is very easy all you need to have to seed money or else you can get loan from local bank for the investment on candle making machine. It is advised for you to start this business during Diwali and Christmas season where you can see good demand for these candles. By taking the advantage of these festivals you can start candle making business with flying colors.

You can start this candle making business by purchasing raw materials like wax, wicks, scent, dyes, molds and pan to melt down wax. You can do this with initial funds of the business. You can even get trained from institutions where they teach you the entire process of making candles. There are also many candle making machines are available in the market where you can make candles effortlessly that too you can make more candles than number of candles you make with your bare hands.

When you learn making candles with different sizes, colors and scents it is time to sell them in the market. It’s not that easy to sell candles in the market you should have enough publicity in the market otherwise you will end up loss. You can get publicity with help of palm plates, flyers, posters, banners and internet. You need to create a website if you are intended to go global. People in other cities can place orders in bulk for the candles you have manufactured. With help of flyers you can sell your candles at grocery stores and supermarkets. You can also contact hotels, spas, restaurants and corporate companies to sell the candles because these are places where you find usage of candles in large numbers.

You can invest money buying candle making machines which helps you to make more candles. There are two types of candle making machines available in the market they manual machine and automatic machine. Depending upon your investment you can buy candle making machine. You should always remember that whatever machine you buy you must work hard to make profits in this business.

Acquire knowledge before you plunge into this candle making business otherwise it would be hard task for you to make and sell candles ultimately you will end up with huge financial loss.

Envelope Making Machine Price, Raw Materials, Suppliers & Business Profits

Envelopes are not used in modern generation, usage of these envelopes kept decreasing in present generation but there are in few occasions you have to use envelope you cannot rely on any other thing alternate to this envelope. This is what made envelope to play important role even in the hi-tech generation. Those were the days where people used to send write letter and send them to relatives and friends in other city or other states enclosing the letters in this envelopes.  At that time envelopes played very important role as there were no mobile phones and internet.

There are several kinds of envelopes available in the market and each kind is used for specific occasion. All these kinds of envelopes come with different sizes that suit various needs of people. Below are some types of envelopes that describe the uses.

Catalog Envelope: This kind of envelope is used for marketing and correspondence purpose. This kind of envelopes usually comes with 3 different sizes 6″x9″, 9″x12″, 10″x13″. These envelopes are used mostly for commercial and business purpose.

Booklet envelopes: This envelopes comes with the size of 9 x 12″ which are meant to transport booklets and printed materials. These envelopes are ideal for business purpose. Flap is on the longer edge side. This envelope also comes with other sizes like 6″x9″, and 10″x13″.

Invitation Envelopes: These kinds of envelopes are used for greetings, invitation cards, and wedding. This envelopes size depends upon the size of paper that goes inside the envelope. People can insert paper sizes like A2, A6, A7, A8, A9, 4 bar, 5 Bar). This envelopes comes with different designs too which are mainly used for inviting people for various occasions like birthdays, marriages, parties and reception. You can your favourite design on the envelope to make envelope more attractive.

Remittance Envelopes: This envelope are used mostly in churches, non-profit organization, banks, and of course used for inserting money. This comes with two popular sizes like 3.625″ x 6.5″ which is fully flap remittance envelope and other is 3.125″ x 6.25″ which is meant for church offering envelope. You can even customize these envelopes as per your taste. These envelopes provide to fill out personal information, include a money gift which is given during wedding or reception party.

After inserting money in this envelope you can seal it. There are many envelope making machines available in the market. As per your investment you can choose the right machine and start this business. Also, keeping in the mind about the envelope requirement you need to buy a machine. Try to invest money on machine which can make good number of envelopes in given time. Also, make sure your machine prints all kinds of envelope sizes to meet the needs of all kinds of people in the market.

Tissue Paper Making Machine Price, Manufacturers, Suppliers & Business Profits

Tissue papers have become very important in urban life where people rely more on tissue paper rather than water. These tissue papers are used more in corporate life along with regular water. Restaurants, hotels, and coffee shops are major places where you see tissue paper usage in large quantity. It proves that tissue paper usage can never come down, people never stop using tissue paper and this business never goes down. One who starts this tissue making business can make good profits all the time. It is one of the fast growing businesses with more opportunities and this is also fastest growing industry.

tissue paper making machine price
Image Source

Setting up this business needs seed money for material, tissue paper making machine and area. You need to invest money buying raw material tissue making machine and set up area or else you can rent some space. Since this is low investment business you can start this business with little seed money. You should also know the entire process of using this tissue paper making machine. Below points explain how the process goes.

Pulp and Dye: This is first in the process of making soft tissue paper. First you need to create paper pulp, which can be generated from recycled materials. You need to mix fibre with the wood pulp then you have to bleach it and wash it. Then you need to place the fibre in a mixing tank where the manufacturer adds components like dye. Tissue paper used for household purposes is normally dyed white. If you want you can mix with an assortment of dye colors.

Pressing: This pressing is done to squeeze out moisture. The main intention to press tissue is to make it dry and easy for it to enter next step of the process.

Creeping: Here pulp is processed through dryer heated by steam. This dryer helps in putting pulp process through creping. Roller dries up the pulp with extreme heat as fine blades scrapes the tissue to desired thickness.

Cutting and reeling: This is the final stage in the process. Here long lengthy paper is cut into desired sizes. They cut the tissue to different sizes which are used for different purposes.

Invest money in buying machine which fits in your budget but do not compromise on quality. Invest money to make quality tissue paper for better business. There are several advantages of this business. You can need less amount of money in the form of investment. If you work hard with dedication then you can make good profits in this business. As long as you produce quality tissue papers you can survive in this market easily but you must make sure to be innovative. You need to upgrade entire process with latest machines and techniques to product more tissues than before. This will save you lot of money and time.

Christina Sponias – Cure for Unconquerable Mental Illnesses

Christina Sponias is one of the leaders when it comes to curing mental illnesses that cannot otherwise be treated normally. Christina Sponias has taken forward the research on human psyche propounded by Carl Jung. She has basically simplified the scientific method that is interpretation of dreams. This method teaches you the exact way in which you can translate the meaning of the dreams that you have. This method will allow you to be better in terms of mental health and also be wiser and happier in the process.

christina sponias


She became a dream expert in 1988 and this allowed her to understand the meaning of the words that came from god and she did not face any problem in this. According to her, the practice is entirely different from penning down the stories and poems that god sent her by way of magical inspiration. However, she did see that there was some likeness between the meaning of the poems that she believes god sent to her and the meaning of the dreams that she translated. According to Christina Sponias both had the same divine wisdom since both had been created by lord almighty.

She thought she was a prophet even though she never took cognizance of the fact. She never thought that a literary person like her would one day be able to unravel the workings of the human brain and find cure to mental illness. She says that she is able to deal with mental illnesses that even the most seasoned medical practitioners are unable to cure. According to her, she was able to do all that only because she did everything that god asked of her, even if at time she had to do it against her wishes. Even though she suffered in this ordeal she bore with it since she wanted to go along with god’s wish of saving human beings from their crazed and desperate state.

When she discovered the true nature of human beings she found out that they were very incorrigible and absurd as well. She always believed that god had to see that he was wrong in entrusting her with such a major responsibility and let her rest rather than let her carry on with what seemed to be an arduous and onerous task. However, she never had any doubt regarding god’s righteousness. She also agrees that she was always wrong when she decided to go up against the wisdom of god.

Agarbatti Making Machine Price, Manufacturers, Suppliers & Raw Material

Agarbatti is also popularly known as incense sticks which occupies special place in Indian culture. Be it a festival or Puja agarbathis are must. This agarbattis are used at sacred places like temples and used on special occasions like festivals in India and this are used at home also on regular basis. Agarbatti manufacturing business falls under small scale industry which can be started with capital even middle class person can afford. With low investment you can make good profits out of this business. Depending upon once capability one can invest money in starting this Agarbatti business. This industry is very helpful for the people who are unemployed.

This is suitable business for both and women and men. Women make this Agarbattis and men go out and sell them in the market or visit home-to-home and sell them. You can buy raw material from the store in your city. Agarbatti making powder is available in the market and with help of this powder one can make Agarbatti. With kg of powder you can make 1000-1500 sticks.

The entire process of manufacturing is very easy all you need to have is coal powder, sticky powder, dough, thin sticks and scents. By mixing coal powder and sticky powder in equal proportion in water then you need to roll the stick in mixed content and should be exposed to sun for few minutes until they dry up. Make sure you are not going to keep it under hot than recommended time. You can use wide varieties of scents to make different Agarbatti. Different people have different penchant to different scents so it is good that you manufacture Agarbatti with various scents available in the market. If you want to survive in the market then you must come up with innovative.

Making incense sticks won’t be enough you also need to make good packing of this agarbattis. Try to be unique when it comes to be packing your agarbattis because people first see the packing box before they buy agarbattis when they find packing attractive then they will make an attempt to buy it. This business needs hard work too to gain profits since this business needs less investment you don’t have to worry about loss. With dedication it’s easy to excel in this risk free business. As long as you make good agarbathis you can make profits. Setting up this business does not need taking loan from bank for financier. If you have a good amount of money then you can buy Agarbatti making machine available in the market.

This machine reduces man power to a greater extent. With one time investment in this machine you can reduce man power moreover you can make more Agarbatti in day than you usually do with Agarbatti machine.

Plan this business carefully and do it with hard work and you can make a good amount of money in short period of time.

Manage Stress At Work – Improve Mental Health

Stress has become common problem among working women and men. People suffer from severe stress especially at work place where employees are give targets and dead lines to submit a project or a work. When an employee fails to achieve these targets and wrap up the work in given time may feel stressed with pressure on his head.

Since this stress can lead to mental illness and other health issues it is good to follow techniques to overcome this stress. Since stress can make an employee to work in inefficient manner many companies are hiring stress management professionals who can counsel employees suffering from stress. By overcoming stress employee can focus on the given task and finish the task in given time with favorable outcome all these can be achieved with peace of mind. Below are some techniques one must try to implement to fight against stress to work in stress free environment.

Time: Managing time effectively, people tend to waste lot of time by chatting with colleagues and friends at work place. Few employees even spend time on long phone calls. When employees to do all these at work place they have less time to work that eventually they fail to achieve targets and it is obvious employee had to work under pressure. Working under pressure can lead to mental illness and physical stress. Hence employees should spend time only for work related to office.

Apt Solutions: At workplace, every employee has to face some challenges, and these challenges are inevitable and cannot be ignored. With steady mind you have to face these challenges and try to excel. Find apt solution for all your problems and challenges at workplace ignoring them and overlooking them can only worsen the situation. Try to face challenge without fear otherwise you will have to work under pressure that leads to stress and mental illness.

Workout: Keeping ourselves healthy is very important for that you need to workout at least an hour a day. When you are not in good health you loose the concentration and fail to deliver favourable output for both company and for yourself. When you fail to deliver favorable outputs then management pressurize you for better results. Even for mental stability you need to be fit in physical way. Spend some time in yoga early morning, researchers have found that yoga can modulate stress.

Personal Life: When you are struggling with your personal this will have severe impact on your performances at office when you fail to work efficiently then management may pressurize you to work efficiently. You fail to take this pressure and continue ruining your ability to work efficiently. So always live a happy life with your family and close relatives and friends. Spend quality time with your family on weekends this will give your strong moral support to fight against any stress at office.

Job: Never go for the job which is against your education. Choose suitable job for your qualification otherwise you will end up with failures and these failures can create lot of stress. You must do the job which you love and love the job you do. Otherwise you will be victim of this mental illness.