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If you want to start a business in Dubai and looking for some profitable business opportunity in Dubai then you have come to right place. Do you know which is United Arab Emirates’ commercial capital? Well, if you are not aware of this information then you should know that it is none other than Dubai. Yes, you have heard it right. It is the top nation to have flexible airport connections to various business cities which is very much needed for the growth of the business sector.

Seeing all other factors, Dubai is one of the most sorted cities for developing a business that would require some investment. So, here are some of the small and profitable business ideas in Dubai and its surroundings emirate cities which are Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Qaiwain.

20 Profitable Business Ideas In Dubai – UAE

Real Estate

The real estate business has always been the prime one in Dubai. The reason behind it being the most sorted one is very natural and that is real estate contributes almost as much as 22% to the GDP of Dubai. It’s pretty high, isn’t it? All that you need to do is find the property which would be ideal to invest in and then calculate the possible return you will be getting. If it suits you then go on and invest there.

Pros – Guaranteed high return on investment. Cons – High intial investment is required

Specialty Schools for Expat’s Children

There are so many expat children in Dubai and thus a specialty school for them is definitely a very good business idea. Whether it is giving cooking classes or making them learn juggling or any other activity that they can do, a specialty school is sure to make money in Dubai.

Dairy Products

Dairy products industry is one of those business industries which when started has a lot of room for further growth and improvement. You just need to keep in mind about being involved with a dairy farm or setting up a farm of yourself in Dubai. Much capital would also be required in the proper packaging of the products.

Refreshment Juices and Drinks Business

Refreshment juices and drinks is a very good idea for a startup in Dubai. You need to keep innovating new recipes for your juices to attract more and more customers. No one loves monotony so always come up with something new. Calculate the cost of producing one glass of juice and set your profit margin accordingly.


A restaurant business in dubai is really good one especially if you can manage to put in some more capital. Get a plot of land or a room at a location which is always busy. Spice up your interior décor and make it comfortable. Pull together a fantastic menu and your work is almost done. All you are left with is a cook. Hire a specialist or if you can cook yourself then give it a try.


The bakery is a very good idea if you know baking and you don’t want to invest capital in sitting up a restaurant. With online facilities and social media platform you can take orders virtually and deliver them to the customer’s home. This way you will save up a lot of capital investment. Once you have worked out the space everything else becomes easier. Read more

Recruitment Firm

You must stick to only one industry if you are planning to open a recruitment firm. In this way you will be able to concentrate more on a particular sector. You must be aware of all the laws that are applied to a recruitment agency and then you must put up your office in a location which can be professionally highlighted. If you are unsure about the entire process then it is better that you should work in some other recruitment firm first to gain knowledge.

Facility Management Services

If you are planning to start a facility management business (the maintenance of an organization’s buildings and equipment) then don’t go for too big and start a small business first. Understand the entire plot and do a research prior to investing. Hire professionals who are above the average mark and would help to make your company grow. The most important step among all these is to make a catchy and engaging  portfolio. Give a strong list of client that would fetch other clients.

Laundry Service

Another master plan for starting a business in Dubai is a laundry service. The main reason is that it does not require  much capital investment as it can be done from your home itself. You must also take care about proper marketing of your services. For this you can also start your own website so that more and more people can know about your business. This is very profitable business idea with low investment in Dubai.

Car Accessories and Customization

Dubai is all about cars, right? Firstly discuss with someone who is already in this business to have a better idea of the same and then study the competition that you may face in the market. Weighing all the pros and cons list down the items that you want to sell under customized car accessories. If you are already an automotive enthusiast then this business is perfectly suitable for you.

School and College Supplies

Office supplies are mostly required in schools and colleges. And with so many educational institutions in Dubai, this business is one of the best among other ideas in Dubai. Make sure you make your deliveries on time to ensure a good customer review. You can do this business from  your home too. All you need to do is provide your customers with your business cards so that they know about your business.

Hospital Supplies

Hospital supplies business doesn’t require any knowledge about medical equipments. All you need to do is take orders from your clients and then provide the supplies within the time mentioned. The major products include syringes and other equipments for operation. The only investment that you would need is to buy the supplies but once you deliver them you would get the payment too.

AC Repair Service

Air conditioners are now present almost everywhere whether it is an office or a residential building and so starting a repair company is not a bad idea. If you are thinking about capital then you should know that the capital you would require depends entirely on the work equipments you need to buy.

Security Guard Agency

The need of a security guard has increased by many folds in shopping malls, offices, etc and so has the need for a security guard agency. Opening an agency in Dubai is certainly profitable but you must take a license from the state for the same. The professionals that you will recruit must have received proper security training. You must also perform your own background research on the person you are recruiting so that you are sure that he does not have any criminal records.

Car Rental

The car rental business does require a lot of investment especially because you have to keep your car ready for renting. You must also keep your cars well maintained and hire special professionals who can do the repairing work deftly. You must make sure that all your cars are insured and all the legal procedures are done in a proper manner.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services are growing day by day in Dubai. To start a business of your own firstly you must set a goal and the work out the niche in which you want to work. Try to maintain good relationships with your clients because they are the ones who will pay you for your work. Don’t follow other’s ideas, instead build your own ideas. And the most important thing is to create a grasping portfolio that will attract more and more clients. You can start this business in Dubai Freezone

Import Export

Do you want to spread your wings in the international arena? Import export business is just the perfect way to do so. Every country including Dubai has some things which are not manufactured or produced there and are thus required to be imported and there are also some other things which are produced in abundance so that they can be exported to other countries, You just need to know which items have to be exported and which are to be imported and thus with some investment you can have your own business.

Construction Labor Staffing Agency

With the growth of the economy construction labor staffing agencies are bound to make profit in Dubai. With so many skyscrapers coming up the construction companies would definitely need more and more labor and all you have to do is provide them the right men for their job.


Do you love traveling yourself? Then what else could be better than a tourism company? You can start your business as a tour guide if you do not have enough capital to invest in and then once you have made some money you can open your own company. Dubai being one of the tourist destinations for travelers, the tourism business is bound to prosper.

Cleaning Services

Starting a cleaning service business in Dubai is not a very difficult task but of course just a mop and a bucket wouldn’t be enough to start it. You would require trained professionals on whom your customers can trust. Just take care of your labor costs and make sure your customers are satisfied with the cleaning.

Please let me know if you have some more small business ideas for Dubai with low low and medium investment.


  1. Dubai is highly emphasizing on investment in various sectors including real estate and logistics which are growing quality oriented business opportunities. Thanks for sharing these business ideas.


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