Hello, fellow entrepreneurs and curious readers! I’m Ajay, and I’ve been in the rice export business for quite some time now. Today, I’m thrilled to share my journey and insights on how to successfully export rice from India. This industry has been incredibly rewarding for me, and I believe it holds great potential for others as well.

India is renowned worldwide for its rice cultivation. Did you know that as of recent years, rice production in India accounts for a significant portion of our total food crop production? This fact alone highlights the importance of rice in our agriculture sector. Moreover, the demand for Indian rice globally continues to grow, making the rice export business a lucrative venture.

Why Export Rice from India?

Rice is a staple in diets around the world, and Indian rice varieties, especially basmati, are highly sought after. With countries across the globe craving the quality and aroma of Indian rice, there’s a continuous demand that needs to be met. This opens up a world of opportunity for us to export rice from India.

My Experience and How You Can Start Exporting Rice

Starting a rice export business can seem daunting, but it’s quite manageable with the right information and steps. Here’s how I navigated the process and how you can too:

  1. Register Your Business: First things first, you need to make it official. I registered my company, which was a straightforward process that took about 20 days. Remember to include “Exporters” in your company name; it clarifies your business activity to potential international buyers. For example, “Ajay KSG Rice Exporters Pvt Ltd.”
  2. Obtain an Import Export Code (IEC): An IEC is crucial for exporting any product from India. The process is online and relatively simple, thanks to the DGFT website. This code is your passport to the international market.
  3. Identify Your Target Market: For me, choosing the right market was key. I looked into countries with a high demand for rice but less competition. This strategic selection can significantly impact your success.
  4. Finding Buyers: The most challenging yet exciting part is finding potential buyers. I explored various channels like export trade fairs, online platforms like Alibaba and IndiaMART, and even social media advertising. Building a robust online presence and networking extensively has been instrumental in connecting with buyers.
  5. Market Analysis: Understanding the market demand in your chosen country is vital. I conducted both primary and secondary research to gauge the appetite for Indian rice. This step helped me tailor my offerings to meet specific market needs.
  6. Know the Export Procedure: Familiarizing yourself with the export and import policies of your target country is essential. I attended several seminars and consulted with industry experts to get a grip on the best practices and regulations.
  7. Understand Your Competition: Analyzing your competition helps in positioning your business strategically. Offering competitive pricing, ensuring high quality, and maintaining reliability are keys to standing out.
  8. Finalize Payment Methods and Laws: Ensuring smooth transactions is crucial for long-term success. I educated myself about the various payment methods and legal requirements involved in international trade.
  9. Choose the Right Transportation: Selecting an efficient and reliable transportation method ensures your rice reaches its destination in excellent condition. Proper documentation is critical to avoid any hiccups along the way.

Top 30 Countries Which Are Major Importer Of Basmati Rice From India

Saudi Arabia5500
United Arab Emirates3110
United Kingdom930
United States860
Yemen Republc730
South Africa80
Egypt Arab Republic70

Is It Profitable?

Absolutely! The profit margin in the rice export business can be quite attractive, depending on the countries you export to and the volume of your shipments. With India’s rice production reaching around 120 million tons recently, there’s ample supply to meet the global demand. However, staying updated with market trends and foreign trade policies is crucial for navigating the ups and downs of international trade.

Exporting rice from India has not just been a business for me; it’s been a journey of learning, growth, and connecting with diverse cultures through the universal language of food. If you’re considering stepping into the world of rice export, I say go for it! With dedication, research, and a bit of entrepreneurial spirit, you too can make a mark in this flourishing industry.


  1. Hello Jayaprakash,
    We supply rice to several countries, kindly let me know to which country you need.

    • Hi Debasis,

      We are from rice industry.
      We have export quality of Sona masuri rice (Karnataka ponni).
      We are ready to take bulk orders to export.

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    Steam rice.
    From 5.50mm to 6.80mm in colour of white,golden, &creamy.
    As per buyer requirements (length ,colour &packing ).

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  4. Hi sir,
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  5. Hi people,
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  7. Hi,
    I want to start a rice business from goa can somebody guide me right from start step wise , as iam new to business .

  8. We are exporting Rice in 42 countries.
    We r having requirements of basmati, non basmati, boiled rice frequently, suppliers from India please contact us.

  9. I have a buyer of basmati rice in Kuwait. Please guide me how export rice from India, from where i can purchase on best rate and sample also required for the same.

  10. Comment:
    I am Sunil Agrawal from India and I am living in rice producing belt and want to start rice expert business. any tips for me.

  11. sir i want to know the full procedure of exporting rice from india to another country. can you please help me.

  12. Hello sir we have a rice and other different factory so we want to export them to USA . Can you help me.

    • Hi Megha,

      I want to import rice from India to Guinea. Please let me know your contact information so we can discuss more details.

  13. Hi

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    Hima Bindu

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  17. Hi,

    Im a Farmer from Kumbakonam, Tanjore District in Tamilnadu, India,
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    Rice Bran

    Any special grade requested can be looked into by our mill.

    Best Regards,

    Neenad Swar

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  20. can some one advice to select rice type and quality identification before exporting.
    response appreciated

  21. Dear All,
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    • Sir,


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