Do you want your small business to succeed in less time? Entrepreneurs around the globe agree that the business world is witnessing fierce competition. Deemed the backbone of economies in developing countries, small and medium-sized organizations constitute almost 90% of businesses worldwide. 

In today’s era, effective business marketing is vital for withstanding competitors in the industry. If you are on the verge of launching a small business, you must focus on raising brand awareness to ensure lasting success. Adherence to proven marketing tactics is sure to boost your audience base faster.

Here are the top 11 strategies that can work wonders for accelerating the growth of your small business in 2022.

1. Understand your target audience

Knowing what your audience wants is the first step to bolstering your marketing plan. You should have a deep understanding of your audience’s needs, priorities, and pain points to be able to serve them better. The best way to delve into the minds of your audience is to study their online behavior.

Analyze competitor sites and see what your target audience is posting in reviews. The insights you gather will help you understand what drives your audience’s purchasing behavior. You can harness the data to craft compelling brand messages that resonate with your target audience. 

2. Write high-quality blog posts

Blogs that are informative and fun to read can engage audiences better than any other form of content out there. Blogs and articles are written for various purposes like educating audiences, boosting search engine ranking, communicating your brand identity, etc. Given their extensive appeal, blogs are perfect for informing customers about upcoming product launches.

Well-written blog posts can not only expand your reach but also attract prospective clients to your business. If you have time at hand, you can write the blog posts on your own. Alternatively, you can hire writers from online freelancing communities to get the job done faster.

3. Stay active on all social media platforms

Staying active on social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram, is imperative for expanding your online footprint. Although social media platforms are mainly meant for socialization, they can be leveraged for promotional purposes as well. Ensure that you spend ample time on social media to strengthen ties with potential customers.

4. Launch your brand’s website

Starting your own website is another way to scale your brand’s marketing efforts and show the world what you stand for. Your website can serve as the official brochure of your brand’s products and services. No matter how small your business is, your website should look professional enough to convert traffic into qualified leads. 

5. Avoid pursuing multiple goals simultaneously

Once you step into the marketing world, you will realize that there are millions of directions you can pursue. Although it may seem tempting to get everything done in one go, focusing on multiple goals at the same time will do nothing except halt your progress. It is best that you pursue one goal at a time with all your resources and energy to produce the desired outcomes quickly.

6. Create engaging visual content

Videos are an excellent marketing tool and they are used by a whopping 86% of companies across the world. You can promote your business and keep audiences hooked with quality video content. For creating visual content, you can employ a feature-packed online video editor which will give you instant access to more than 5000 business video templates.

What’s special about a web-based video editor is that they allow you to produce a wide variety of videos like tutorials, explainer videos, social media videos, etc. With a cloud-based video editing tool, you can make your business videos peppy, with loads of splendid effects and transitions. 

7. Optimise your online assets for SEO

Sharing quality content with the world is only half the job: you must optimize your online assets for maximum reach. Be it a killer blog post or a catchy video, you must enrich your content with compelling title tags and meta descriptions to improve ranking on Google and other search engines. Make sure you use high-traffic targeted keywords which are relevant to the offerings of your small business. The implementation of SEO practices will boost the visibility of your content in no time.

8. Rely on the power of word of mouth

Technology has proved to be a boon for the promotion of small businesses. But despite digital advances, word of mouth still remains a powerful promotion channel. You must provide your customers with a good experience so that they are compelled to talk about your brand in their social circles. Reviews shared via word of mouth can work wonders for popularising your business among the masses.

9. Bond with existing customers

It is no secret that the process of acquiring a new customer can be both expensive and time-consuming. This is why you must bond well with existing customers and stay on the lookout for upsell opportunities. Since you have already built some level of trust with past customers, making a sale again should not be that difficult at all.

10. Highlight your brand’s value proposition

Given the increasingly large number of businesses online, getting your brand noticed is not a piece of cake anymore. You must put extra emphasis on your brand’s value proposition to show clients what sets you apart from competitors. A unique value proposition will give customers a solid reason to choose you over other businesses in the industry.

11. Tap into the potential of email marketing

If your business has been slacking off lately, you can turbocharge your marketing endeavors with email marketing and build a b2b leads database. Sending personalized emails to prospects is a surefire way to accelerate brand sales. Dig into the email addresses in your database and forward newsletters and other promotional materials to your leads to get them closer to the buying decision.


Thanks to digital advancements, starting a small business is now easier than ever. While it is true that industries have nurtured ample opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, a smart marketing strategy is vital for surviving amidst the competition. Since small businesses are usually short on resources, they struggle to get the word out about their products and services.

Furthermore, constraints like lack of time and limited budget make their journey even more challenging. This is where online marketing can come to the rescue of small-sized businesses. Besides bolstering your online presence, effective business marketing can increase sales and help you build trust with clients.

So, see to it that you implement the strategies listed above to surpass top competitors and grow your small business faster.


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