If there’s something that more small businesses need to take into account, it’s making an impact. It’s no longer sufficient simply to provide a great service and hope people spread the word. You need to be proactive in getting the name, brand and services you offer stuck in the consumer’s head. You need to reach out and grab people’s attention or else you’re going to be suffering atrophy to your business in no time flat.

But how do you do that? It’s a competitive world with marketing escalating more and more between those with the most money to spend. So you need a different tactic.

these are 5 pro business marketing tips that will help you do memorable marketing for your business


The very first thing you need to make sure is that your branding pours out from top to bottom. A professionally designed logo with understanding the psychology of colors is a great start. Someone with the aesthetic to create something simple and instantly recognisable.

Then you expand it. Your website, your printing, it all needs to follow the identity you set early. Your brand needs to be suitable to the audience you want and gives a clear, honest view of the company. Memorable branding can be hard to nail down, but the benefits are everlasting.

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You undoubtedly get a lot of opportunities to meet people at business events or simply in your day to day. If not, you need to make those opportunities yourself. Then what do you do with those opportunities? First, you make sure you describe your business in that way that’s both interesting and offers opportunity.

Then you follow up with some free stuff is the answer. Giveaways that are useful and subtly designed stick with people a long time. They can work their magic without you needing to be there.

Expert Blogging

Another way to make sure that your business starts getting a name for it is by developing a corporate blog that offers great information. Show that you have the expertise to do your business. There are ways you might make a little extra money from it, too.

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Become Known for What You Do

Much like the point mentioned above, you need to focus on marketing yourself personally, as well as your business. The best way to draw people to your business without a big spending budget is by building profile for yourself.

LinkedIn is a great way to get recognition amongst specialists. Public speaking opportunities give you visibility to share your expertise in depth. People will remember you and in doing so start to pay attention to your business, too.

Be Memorable

There are other ways of being memorable yourself besides sharing your expertise. Take the time to hone a signature look for you and your company. A business card is a great way to imprint an identity that you want people to remember, so don’t go generic. From there, hone that style to match your own fashion and your office design, too.


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