Digital signs are the sub segments of the signage. Large number of big sized Digital Signage is installed by the big firms to promote their products. These are very specially designed by the graphic designers with the best contents for proper marketing of the products.

These digital signs are used in public installations, outdoor advertising, wayfinding, exhibitions, etc.

Various advanced technologies like LED, Projection and LCD are used in displaying the contents of the digital signs. The contents of this outdoor advertisement include streaming media, video, digital images and information.

This type of advertisement is very common in areas like public spaces, retail stores, museums, transportation systems, stadiums, corporate buildings, etc.

How to place the advertisement?

The main factors to make the Digital Signage  successful is a good content, type of advanced technology  hardware used for the digital screen, the message on the screen and the screen position.

One of the most important factors to be borne in mind is that the screen should be clearly visible to the public from all the angles at a particular place.  The ultimate aim of this outdoor advertising is to make it visible to maximum number of people.

It is always advisable to place the digital display screen at the central position in any retail environment. If the display screen is also tucked behind the retail store counters, it can easily catch the eye of the customers.

The digital screen display should always be angled towards the eyes of the approaching audiences in a public place. Thus, it should always be installed in a noticeable position.

What are the main advantages of using digital advertising?

The Digital Signage advertising is always more attractive and eye-catching to the audiences than general billboard advertisements. The moving digital advertisements highlight the brand, symbol and slogans of the advertised product or service.

The message always moves on the digital signs, highlighting its benefits. Thus, people become very keen in buying these products or availing the services. It is almost 50% more effective than other modes of advertising.

The digital signs are always displayed at public places, thus these are viewed by larger number of people every day. Thus, the customers can also get regular updates regarding the products and services offered by the advertiser very easily.

The Digital Signage mode has a faster and longer lasting effect than any other mode of advertising.

What type of software is applied?

A number of very advanced technology and updated software is used for proper digital signs. The applied software connects to the data source or the advertising content. The software has maximum flexibility and can manage one screen or even 1000 screens centrally, locally, remotely or even globally.

The digital sign software has unlimited customized features. It helps in personalized, real time and Interactive messaging at the right location and time. The highly customized software tools increases the sales rate per customer.

The digital sign boards should also be regularly maintained and the advertising contents must be updated. Therefore, an ideal advertising campaign of the newly launched products can be achieved with the help of this technology.


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