Video has been taking over for some time now. And it’s become a near necessity for brands and businesses who want to succeed online today to get in on producing and distributing high-quality videos online. In fact, video has been so triumphant in its taking over of the online space that it’s predicted to account for 82% of all consumer traffic and consumption by the end of 2022. And brands and businesses have been investing a lot more heavily since the COVID-19 pandemic had people watching even more video content than they already do.

With the rapid rise in video consumption, especially since the advent and culmination of the internet and computers and smartphones, the competition has grown even fiercer. It’s become paramount for brands and businesses who wish to see a true return on investment to invest in their high-quality video production for their content and advertisements. Without it, it’s hard to stand out, traffic and increase leads and sales.

Thankfully there are professional film companies that can help; like CoolBox – Brighton Video Production. They use their decades of experience, knowledge and in-house experts to help brands around the world who want to invest in the best to create the highest quality video production tailored just for them to maximise their reach, leads and sales.

In this article, we’re going to highlight some of the most compelling reasons why you should invest in quality video production for your brand.

1. Increases conversions and sales.

Let’s start from the very top and the part you’re most likely interested in. High-quality video production has been proven to increase conversions and sales—big time.

This statistic shows that putting expertly crafted videos on landing pages increases conversion rates by 80%. And over 85% of businesses in all industries now use video in their marketing strategies. This is because video works to drive increased conversions and sales.

But all this competition means the bar has been raised on quality. That’s why professional video production companies can prove an invaluable asset. By investing in high-quality video production you stand above the crowd and create videos that get noticed. The more you invest the better the quality and the more you increase your conversions and sales rates.

2. Builds brand loyalty.

Building trust builds loyalty. And trust is more important than ever. People are tired of the in-your-face fake brands that are all show and no tell and don’t deliver on their promises. With high-quality video production for your brand, you have many roads to go down to deliver captivating content that builds brand loyalty that has the potential to last for generations.

There are so many brands today vying for attention and offering so much that it’s difficult to know which ones truly deliver. Investing in high-quality video production helps separate the wheat from the chaff. It shows people that you’re not just another brand—you’re all-in on what you offer. 

You can use video to show behind-the-scenes, show outtakes, engage in social media trends and more. All these methods help to build brand loyalty over time.

3. Create unforgettable video content.

To increase conversions and sales and to build brand loyalty you need to create unforgettable video content. This means great visuals, audio and a story that captures your brand and connects with your target audience and beyond. Investing in high-quality video production caters to all of this.

As the popularity of video continues to increase, so does the production value. The brands and businesses that make it to the top and stay there are the ones that invest in great video production quality. Creating unforgettable video content pushes brand awareness, gets people talking and increases brand recall. Brand recall is of particular importance. Brand recall keeps you in people’s minds. They associate your brand when they think about the types of products and services you offer. This makes it more likely that they’re going to buy from you.

Whether it’s creating a video for a product launch for content ads placed on websites or engaging with your audience through social media, investing in high-quality video production for your brand is incredibly important today.

There are many nuts and bolts that go into great video production. Equipment, planning, story, scenario and post-production are all valuable assets that go hand-in-hand to make video content that makes a real impact. There are professional film production companies that specialise in creating such videos for brands and businesses. From the initial planning and writing of the script to choosing the right type of brand film and post-production editing, they use their expertise and acquired knowledge to make the right kinds of video content for you. And with their expertise on board, your investment will surely prove worthwhile for your brand.


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