Revision plays an important role when it comes to preparing for the examination. The last day before an examination can be a crucial time. You may experience some anxiety and tension but with some effective tips, you can maintain calm and composure and revise efficiently for the examination.

Here is how you can revise for your examination in just one day –

1. Plan in advance

While you prepare for your exams, highlight the content and questions that you find important. If you leave the analyzing and marking for the last day, it will only lead you to waste time which you cannot afford. It will increase your anxiety which can be avoided. Mark and make a to-do list or planner separately for the last day’s revision or the single day’s revision. This one-day revision should take into account the material provided in the textbooks, the NCERT solutions, and your notes. This will help you maintain a well-organized one-day revision. 

2. Undergo a thorough revision before-hand

If you are planning to revise the entire syllabus in just one day, make sure that you’ve undergone a thorough revision at least once before. This thorough revision will help you go through the notes and materials that are provided, quickly. It will help make the one-day revision easy and take some burden off of you.

3. Keep the material ready the night before

Keep the books that you will require for your revision at hand. The best way to do this is to compile the books and the stationery on the study table the night before the day of the revision. This will help save time and dedicate extra time to more effective revision. 

4. Wake up at a reasonable hour to get ample time 

If you plan to take a single-day revision, you must give it the required time. Sleep early the night before revision day and wake up at a reasonable hour. Morning study sessions are more effective and efficient. Therefore, try to revise in the morning.

5. Prioritize the material

For the one-day revision schedule, you will have to prioritize the material that is to be revised. You will have less time and it is not realistic to cover all the material that is provided to you. Therefore highlighting the important matter and then prioritizing the same will help remarkably. 

6. Take a long break. Do not exhaust yourself.

A one-day revision does not necessarily mean that you will have to keep studying throughout the day. Plan one study session right at the beginning of the day and one during the evening. This will help you get proper rest in between the two revision sessions and you won’t get exhausted. This way, you will be able to revise efficiently during both revision sessions. 

7. Maintain a to-do list and check topics off

For an organized revision, it is better if you maintain a to-do list for the same. In the to-do list, write down the tasks or topics according to your priority. This will help you complete the revision methodologically and clearly. As you complete each task and topic, you can tick it off simultaneously. This will give you a sense of satisfaction that a part of your task has been completed and you can move forward.

8. Do not miss your meals

Keep yourself and your body nourished with healthy and plenty of food and snacks. Do not skip your meals just to complete revision. You cannot study well with an empty stomach. So, have three proper meals and keep your stomach filled with light snacks every 2 hours. Drink plenty of water or other unsweetened, refreshing drinks. This will help you enhance your ability to study sufficiently. 

9. Look for a study place

You can visit a cafe or park if you are bored of studying at your usual place. Changing the place of study helps with a better mindset and refreshed outlook. If you create or find the right environment to study, you will notice a remarkable change in your retention power, mood, and time taken for revision. 

10. Keep your body active

While you plan to revise for a prolonged period, make sure to keep your body moving. Sitting in the same position for longer durations leads to lethargy. You can complete a portion of the task while sitting, the next while standing, and the next while walking. You can take 5 minutes to stretch your body in between the study sessions. 

11. Reset with mindfulness

You will have two revision sessions during the one-day revision period. The early morning session will be refreshing in itself. But the one that is planned during the evening will ask for a reset. You can use mindfulness to reset your mind and your body with the help of techniques such as meditation and deep breathing. This will help you be calm and composed. You can also use these practices after all the study sessions and on the day of your examination as well.

12. Take a good night’s sleep 

This suggestion does not apply only to revision day. You should maintain a night schedule wherein you sleep for around 7 to 8 hours regularly. This will help you study and revise effectively. You will be able to maintain your energy throughout the day. If you are well-rested, you will not feel sleepy during the day. However, make sure you do not oversleep as it can have a reverse effect on your productivity.


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