Olympiads are held every year both at the National and International levels. Students across the globe get an opportunity to compete with their peers and prove their talents on a wider platform. These exams are highly competitive in nature. The sole purpose of its conductance is to enhance the academic skills of students.

How will the IEO exam help students?

Every parent dreams that his child achieves new milestones and succeeds in whatever they aim for. SOF aims at serving these young minds to build a strong foundation to give them the recognition they look for in proving their talents. The International English Olympiad(IEO) will help students to improve their aptitude by observing, interpreting, clarifying, predicting, and thinking critically, along with enabling a stronghold over the language.

This process will surely help them develop skills, helping them in the long run. Lateral thinking of new concepts will help students broaden the learning horizon and will inculcate a new mindset within them.

When students are in Class 5 there is limited competition for them. Participating in the International English Olympiad exam will give them a proper insight into the competition existing in the world around them. Early exposure will help them know their potentials and work on them better further strengthening them for higher levels.

To excel in the International English Olympiad students are required to be surrounded by a knowledge-rich environment and be disciplined in their studying. Here are five tips and tricks that might help you with your Olympiad preparations.

Know the syllabus of the IEO exam

Every student appearing for the exam must be well aware of the syllabus prescribed by the SOF. One can also check the syllabus on the official website of SOF. Only when you are aware of the syllabus will you know where to start. It would not be recommended to go straight into studying the chapters for the exam without getting a proper grasp of the topics and content that the exam will be based on. The following are the chapters for the Class 5 IEO exam

  • Word and Structure Knowledge
  • Reading
  • Spoken and Written Expression
  • Achievers Section

There will be a total of four sections for the international English Olympiad exam: Questions for Olympiad exams will be mostly framed from your present class 5 English syllabus whereas partly from your previous class’s English syllabus. Questions asked in Achievers Section will generally come only from your current class 5 syllabus.

Set a proper study timetable 

The next step in your preparation is to make a timetable and follow it religiously. Check the number of days left for your English Olympiad exam and schedule the various chapters and topics to be covered according to the time left for the exam. If you succeed to abide by your set plan then your chances of passing the Olympiad exam with flying colours will also increase.

Remember that you should always make a very natural and balanced schedule that has a proper time allotment for all your work like that of school studies, studies for English Olympiad and rest relaxation. Give proper stress to revision. You can devote an hour on a daily basis to practising English. English is a subject that can be expelled only through lots of practice so make sure you are aware of all the sums present in all the chapters mentioned in your syllabus without missing out on any.

Understand the Pattern of the English Olympiads very well

Even after practising a good amount of sums and excelling in all of the concepts and problems mentioned in the syllabus, students may feel confused while marking the answers on their final day of the exam. Usually, when you are in class 5 you are not in the habit of attempting multiple-choice questions(MCQs).

To answer questions confidently without confusion, one must be well aware of the matter. The International English  Olympiads can be either pen-paper mode or computer-based. Students are required to attempt 35-50 compulsory MCQs based questions with four answer options within the time limit of one hour. There will be different sections having different numbers of questions each question carrying different marks according to the section.

While marking answers to a particular question students must be very attentive. A small silly mistake can ruin your whole year’s hard work. Students can also have a look at the latest pattern of the English Olympiad for class 5 on the official website of SOF. 

Solve the previous year IEO Class 5 question paper

The questions asked in the English Olympiads are generally tricky and challenging. The problems are a bit more twisted than what you solve in your school. Hence, having a  thorough understanding of each and every concept and topic prescribed in the English Olympiad syllabus will prove to be very helpful for you.

Sometimes a single English problem requires an understanding of 2 to 3 concepts. Make sure you are aware of all of them and apply the shortest method to get the correct answer. After getting through all the chapters, practice ample of the previous year’s IEO paper like the IEO English Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 5 2014. Solving these papers will help students to overcome their mistakes effectively and appropriately.

Keep yourself refreshed by having a proper break in between studies

One has to be fit and healthy while studying. To score good rank students are required to follow a nutritious diet like having a glass of milk daily or almonds soaked in water. To score well you need to have a fresh mind that will enhance your concentration power.

Students are advised to take frequent short naps and proper sleep of at least 7 to 8 hours. Only when you keep yourself strong from within you will feel like studying for long hours and prepare for the IEO exam without any hindrance from weakness or dullness.

Follow the above listed 5 tips to successfully pass your IEO exam with a good rank.


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