Getting customers to visit your store or a retail outlet that sells your product is the first step of the buyers’ journey. If the customer has made it this far, that’s fantastic, but the next step is securing a sale. The key to retail success is encouraging customers to make purchases once they are in the store.

Many business owners assume that once a customer is in the store, their marketing can end, but they may be missing a huge potential to secure more sales by using point of purchase signs.

What is point of purchase marketing?

Point of purchase is the use of any marketing materials in-store to encourage the sale of a product. These can be merchandising materials that feature brand logos and product names such as illuminated signs, chalkboards, flange signs, and more. They could also consist of any marketing materials that are displayed alongside the product in-store to create more impact.

Point of purchase marketing can be used within your retail store to promote products that you want to sell. It can also be given to any of your distributors to display in their store.

By implementing point of purchase signs as part of your retail marketing strategy, you can increase your sales by 20% or more! Here are some of the benefits of using point of purchase signs.

1. Grabs the customers attention

Consider that you are walking down the aisle of a store, looking for an item on a shelf full of hundreds of other items. In the sea of other products, it can be hard to stand out, even if your packaging has a bold design. One sure-fire way to catch a customer’s attention is with a point of purchase sign. Larger cardboard displays or even small signs hanging on the shelves will boost the chances of customers finding the product as they walk by.

2. Ensures your retailer merchandises your product

If you’re selling your product with a variety of retailers, you likely won’t have control over the merchandising. You may be working with large scale distributors who don’t have the time to work on individual product merchandising efforts. By providing your distributors with point of purchase signs, you regain some control over the merchandising of your products in-store. You’ve given them the materials they need to display and market your products effectively, so you know it will be done right.

3. Helps customers with purchase decisions

Many customers will come to a store to buy something but leave with something they didn’t plan to buy initially. If you show customers that your product is something that they need, they will likely purchase it, even if they didn’t come there looking for it. Most people make purchase decisions while they are in the retail store. If you use point of purchase signs alongside your in-store products, customers don’t often go home to think about it before buying and will instead purchase on the spot.


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