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Racehorse breeding, racing and ownership can be very exclusive things to break into, and that often leaves passionate but unlucky enthusiasts in the dust.

Thankfully, some experts are starting to take steps in making horse racing a more accessible sport, hobby and money-making field – with one of the more notable being philanthropist and digital landlord James Dooley

Dooley’s Horse Breeding Investments

Quite possibly, the most notable part of James Dooley’s investments is Dooley Thoroughbreds, a passionate group set up by James and two of his brothers that focuses on breeding and training race horses.

Philanthropic investments have made Dooley Thoroughbreds a great place to explore your horse-racing-related options as a newcomer, whether that is buying shares in currently-racing horses or selling them your well-bred horses. 

Those who invest in a horse can even visit it during training, getting a first-hand look at a horse that you have purchased a shared in. The group tries to keep things at a smaller scale, removing that overwhelming feeling that other racing syndicates suffer from.

How Does This Help?

While all of this might just seem like a nice addition to an existing system, it actually makes a huge difference to both new and experienced racing hobbyists. Being able to invest in a horse on your own terms – and actually make an impact – can be a lot more appealing to new arrivals.

Remember: horse racing is inherently different to break into. Many people are stuck watching from the sidelines or betting through online gambling sites, never really feeling connected to the space and community that they are trying to explore.

There is also the problem of exclusivity, with a lot of racing-focused spaces tailoring themselves to in-groups. Those that do not are huge syndicates filled with hundreds of investors and fans alike, so owning shares never really feels like you are actually having an impact on the horse itself.

With the Dooley syndicate system, you can create small, close-knit syndicates to invest in a horse of your choice or jump into owning shares on a horse that only a dozen other people can claim ownership of. This smaller scale turns complex investment into a simple, real-feeling connection. 

Owning Your Horse

Whether you are a first-time horse investor or somebody with a lot of experience in horse ownership, James Dooley has made it easy to feel like your horse investments are making a difference. 

Whereas other services are either cost-prohibitive or so granular that your investment feels hollow, Dooley Thoroughbreds corrects those problems. You are not making a risky move and buying ownership of an entire horse, but your investment is not lost in a sea of hundreds of other investors.

Hobbyists, as well as complete beginners to the world of horse racing, will find it easy to explore their horse ownership options in a way that is both comfortable and clearly explained. For those who care more about the prize money, Dooley Thoroughbreds still holds plenty of appeal.

Even better – if a horse wins nothing, the costs of entry and the fees for the jockey are absorbed by Dooley Thoroughbreds. New hobbyists will not have to worry about a loss booting them right back to square one.


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