Girish Puravankara, is a veteran with nearly 2 decades of experience in the real estate industry and a renowned personality in the city of Bengaluru. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Mysore University, he attained his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Pune University. Girish Puravankara is a real estate man known for his excellence in creating unique value and redefining luxury.

He heads LGCL as Chairman & Managing Director and has transformed the young brand into one of the most reputed real estate names in Bengaluru. His ability to overcome any hurdle and handle the most complicated issues with tactful solutions have skyrocketed the growth of LGCL. With the right mix of professionalism and tasteful design, he has created masterpieces that people can be proud of. Being in the business out of pure passion, he understands the importance of style, comfort and luxury. These factors are the key drivers of LGCL today and are reflected in the brand’s portfolio of beautifully designed homes.

LGCL is focused on bringing the best designs and architecture from around the world to Bengaluru. The brand has several on-going projects, along with an exhaustive list of upcoming projects. Each project by LGCL presents a unique offering to clients in terms of design, amenities and most important of all, a strategic location.


LGCL, started by Girish Puravankara in 2007, has evolved into a premium ‘villa specialist’. From the time of its inception, the brand has been known for cutting-edge architecture and the finest specifications across all projects.

Some of the most prestigious projects completed by the brand include  LGCL Ashlar and LGCL Bamboo Forest. Also nearing completion are LGCL Beautiful World, LGCL Luminaire and LGCL Stonescape. These villa projects bring together contemporary design and the green covered rustic feel of Old Bengaluru. Some of the other projects include LGCL New Life – A township of exotic Balinese villas, LGCL One Street – A township inspired by English row-houses and LGCL Pueblo – A rustic Spanish township in the heart of Bengaluru. LGCL has built on its expertise as a ‘Villa Specialist’ and now brings that experience to bear in one of the most luxurious apartment projects in Bengaluru – LGCL Luxuriate. Striking a balance between exotic beauty, convenience through amenities and responsible pricing, LGCL projects are known to be landmark investment options dotting the map of Bengaluru.

Today, LGCL is one of the most trusted names in Bengaluru’s real estate industry. With passion and vigour, the brand aims to soon be one of the biggest real estate developers in the country and beyond.


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