NH Bhaskar Reddy is a prominent politician in Andhra Pradesh. NH Bhaskar Reddy is also a business person and a philanthropist who is known for always being by the side of the people who need his help. He is one of those who have already left a strong mark on the people of his state by the services that he has done.

Born in October 4th, 1970, NH Bhaskar Reddy had Hanumath and Laxmamma Reddy as his grandparents who had a major impact in his life and the way he thinks. His father’s name was Peddasiva Reddy.

NH Bhaskar Reddy currently resides in the Housing Board colony of Nandyal City, a major city within the newly formed state of Andhra Pradesh. Besides being a highly successful business individual, NH Bhaskar Reddy has also time and again proved to the people of Andhra Pradesh that he has a great and generous heart by helping the poor and the needy. He has helped and supported the people around him in numerous ways, and sometimes he even went beyond his way to attend to the needs of these men and women.

NH Bhaskar Reddy runs a charitable trust under his grandparent’s name. Known as Laxmamma Hanumath Reddy Charitable Trust, the role of this organization is to help the poor and the needy in a number of ways. NH Bhaskar Reddy serves as the managing trustee of this trust and he has helped people of his state various ways with the money that he has. By providing people with daily necessities such as food, clothes and other items that are needed for basic survival, he has brought happiness and smile to the faces of thousands of people. Apart from making sure that the people are provided with the food that they need for replenishing their hunger, the trust also provides medical help for the people that is often quite difficult to afford. This prominent politician and philanthropist has not only limited himself to his political career but has also made it possible for people to buy high quality homes at the most affordable rates. He is the managing director of the real estate enterprise known as Anish Projects and has successfully completed numerous projects such as Anish Palms and Anish Calieda, all of which are located in Bangalore.

Anish Projects is a prominent reality construction and development company, operated by NH Bhaskar Reddy who is its Managing Director. The task of the enterprise is to plan and develop premium residential projects, large scale apartments and villas and also manage the sales and marketing department of the enterprise. Apart from Bangalore, Anish Projects has also handled the construction and development of numerous real estate projects in other parts of India as well.

NH Bhaskar Reddy had a long time interest in the world of real estate. He started his first realty ventures back during the 1980s in his native Andhra Pradesh and then gradually consolidated his position as a major real estate honcho in South India with the name of the Reddy Group. The Reddy Group specializes in land acquisition, comprehensive land banking as well as handling joint collaborations with numerous prestigious developers. NH Bhaskar Reddy has made sure that the high level of ethics that is  followed in other aspects of his operations are also maintained in his real estate works as well.

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