There are many people in the world who come and go but only few of them leave a mark in the hearts of people. Among such persons NH Bhaskar reddy is one such person. NH Bhaskar Reddy,  a politician, business person, and philanthropist was born in the year 4-Oct-1970 and his grandparents were Laxmamma and Hanumath Reddy. He lives in Housing Board colony of Nandyal city, which is major city in the state of newly formed Andhra Pradesh. Apart from being a successful business person, NH Bhaskar Reddy also proved as a good human being by helping needy. He served people in inexplicable ways. Some of his deeds go beyond explanation.

NH Bhaskar Reddy
He ran charitable trust in the name of his grandparents. He named it Laxmamma Hanumath reddy charitable trust. Playing the role of managing trustee he served people with some of the money he has. He provided clothes, food and things which are important for every human being to survive. Its main aim is to provide food to people who cannot afford it. This charitable trust is still helping people by fulfilling their medical needs and hunger.

Peddasiva Reddy Hospital:

He also ran a hospital in the name is father Peddasiva Reddy. He started this in Nandyal city in the year 2006 since then this hospital is running with a motto to treat people for free of cost. Poor people who cannot afford treatments can get their treatment done here at free of cost. He provided medical aid to poor people by giving them medicines at free of cost. It is estimated that around 50,000 people have taken the help of this hospital in Nandyal and number is still counting. This hospital has saved thousands of lives by providing them good treatments and medicine. Even serious health issues are also taken care in this hospital. This is the uniqueness of this hospital.

Laxmamma Orphanage:

NH Bhaskar reddy started this orphanage to provide free education for students. He named it “Laxmamma Orphanage” Laxmamma was his grandmother. This service is still helping teachers and students. Everything here is provided to students for free, this includes all books and stationary. Kids can avail this opportunity till whatever standard they wish to study. Even teachers also get financial help. All above services comes free of cost.
To serve people in better way NH Bhaskar

Reddy he gave up 800acre agricultural land. Not only just this he also extended his human deeds by arranging free eye camps where people can get their eyes check free of cost by providing them eye drops, if needed even operation. So far, around 1000 successful operation taken place under this eye camp. Even spectacles also were given to the people who need it.

He also arranged blood donation camp. People who love to serve people come here and donate blood. This blood donation camp is arranged more often. This is how NH Bhaskar Reddy served people with money he has. He helped many people in many ways. This is what made him a philanthropist.


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