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In my previous post I have discussed about opportunity in online business in India and we came to know that there is huge opportunity and one can market their product to a very large crowd . In this post we will discuss about some online business ideas in which you need to have a physical business off-line i.e you will sell your products online.

In this series of articles you will learn how to grow your business online and generate sales for your product and services. If you are planning to start a business and want to grow it online then this post if for you and i advise you to read on.

Success of any online business depends on demand of particular product and marketing strategy i.e how many number of people are looking to buy that product and services and how you market your product online.

In this article we will find the demand of particular services or products online:-

find product demand using online tools

Before jumping into online business ideas in India, you need to have proper understanding of term e-commerce and types of e-commerce business which will help you in selection of your product and services which you  are going to sell online. Every online business comes under ecommerce and below points will help you to decide about the type of business you want to run.

Ecommerce also known as Electronic Commerce or EC is defined as buying and selling of products and services over Internet. In other words e-commerce is commercial transaction conducted electronically on internet.

Types of E-Commerce Business – There are generally four types of ecommerce business based on participants:-

  1. Business to Business (B2B e-commerce) – In this type of e-commerce both participants are businesses i.e buying and selling of products and services are happening between two businesses. For example – manufacturing company supplying parts to other company.
  2. Business To Consumer (B2C e-commerce) – In this type of e-commerce participants are business and consumer. For example – Buying products from online store like Flipkart.
  3. Consumer To Business (C2B e-commerce) – Example for this type if e-commerce is consumer posting his requirements of a travel package, and various travel operators making offers to consumers.
  4. Consumer To Consumer (C2C e-commerce) – In this type of e-commerce business consumers sell product and services to other consumer. For example – You as a consumer can sell your product on

It is your choice to go for any of the above category in online business in India. If you are already in a off-line business or want to start your new business then first you need to decide the market i.e who will be your consumer. Once you have selected the target audience, next part is to select a niche or product and services which you are going to provide.

Online Business Ideas In B2B E-Commerce Category:

In this online business category you as a business will provide product and services to business. There are many business ideas in this category and we will discuss each of them separately. As I have already mentioned in my previous post that we will look for new and best business ideas in Google keyword planner tool (A tool provided by Google to find out the number of searches per month for a particular keyword in any country). With the help of this tool we will get the idea about how many people are interested in purchasing the service.

Here are some of the ideas for online B2B business in India where you need to have physical presence of business.  Below are the keywords that people are looking to buy in India and you can grab this opportunity and can generate sales through online presence with the help of a website. As I said earlier that you can put any business online and can generate massive sales for your products and services.

Online Business Ideas (Keywords Suggestion By Google Keyword Tool )Number of Searchs Per Month on GoogleCompetition Analysys To Rank Your Website On Google Search
Office Supplies880Medium
Office Supplies Online210Medium
School Supplies480Medium
School Supplies Online110Medium
Medical Supplies Online140Medium
Craft Supplies Online140Medium
Online Pet Supplies180Medium
Office Furniture Manufacturers390Medium
Play School Furniture Manufacturers220Medium
Wholesale Clothing Distributors110Medium
Rice Exporters In India390Medium
Commercial Cleaning Services410Medium

For Example – 880 people in India are looking for “office supplies” every month. They can be your customer if you own a website and rank it on Google search. Customers will contact your directly from your website to buy required product. Competition analysis of the keyword “Office Supplies” is Medium – It means that there are very less people who are bidding for this keyword in Google paid advertisement program(Adwords). Also, above  keywords have nearly low competition and you can easily rank your website with the help of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.

Online Business Ideas In B2C Category:-

Online Business Ideas (Keywords Suggestion By Google Keyword Tool )Number of Searchs Per Month on GoogleCompetition Analysys To Rank Your Website On Google Search
Online Grocery Shopping12100High
Order Food Online9900Medium
Organic Food Online1000Medium
Customized T-shirts Online1000Medium
Laundry Pickup service Online200Low

You can also use Google keyword tool to find out the number of search of any keyword in any country. This will give you an idea about demand of that product in market. In my next post, I will share information on online business ideas without investment.

How to Find the Right Product?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the right product for your online business will vary depending on your business model and target market. However, there are a few general tips that can help you choose the right product for your business:

Consider your target market

When choosing a product for your online business, it’s important to consider your target market. What are their needs and wants? What are they looking for in a product? By understanding your target market, you’ll be able to choose a product that appeals to them.

Do your research

Before choosing a product for your online business, be sure to do your research. What are your competitors selling? What products are in demand? By understanding the market, you’ll be able to choose a product that has a good chance of success.

Consider your business model

Your business model will also play a role in choosing the right product for your online business. For example, if you’re selling products through a dropshipping business model, you’ll need to ensure that the products you choose are easily sourced and shipped.


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