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Create a Website! Take Your Business To Next Level.

Be it a business or an entrepreneur the internet plays a major role in exhibiting an individual’s idea and approach of there business plan to the millions through world wide web. The main aim of any business is to attract targeted customers which in turn converts to there business profit.Usually we run a business which is specific to any region which results in the saturated market.what if our business would be exposed to million of targeted customers. Yes millions or billions of targeted customer. the one word answer is Go Online by creating a website for your small business.

How Would I Maximize Our Business Profit?

The simple answer is to go online or create a website which will really help your business to be exposed to million and hence a maximum outcome. Create a website for your business to have your global identity in World Wide Web.

How to Create a Website For My Business and What are the Essential Steps Need to be Taken in Creating a Website?

With advancement of new technology Creating a website is very easy these days even a newbie without any knowledge of the coding part can create an attractive and dynamic website. now coming to the point, here in this article i am going to describe each and every steps involve in how to create a website for small business, large business or for only a Blog.

Purchasing A Domain Name

For any website you are going to create it must have a domain name or you can say your personal web address on the web. In order to buy a domain name ( there are lot of domain registrar available out there for example

First you have to go to website and search for your domain name if it is available you can purchase it(Note: only buy the domain name which only costs 9-10$ for one year do not buy anything else uncheck the options if it ask to buy you anything apart from domain name like HOSTING ACCOUNT,SSL Certificate etc the reason i am telling this is that hosting account is not as good as it should be).

After successfull purchasing of domain name you will get your Godaddy account detail in your email. Once you get your credential in your email then login to your Godaddy account. Click on manage domain there you can see your purchased domain click on that and you would get an option to update nameserver which is your hosting account server. Nameserver would be given by the hosting provider which i am covering in details ahead.

Purchasing A Hosting Account

Once you have your domain name now you need a hosting account to host your website which would be accessible from around the globe.

What I would personally recommend to buy a hosting account from Hostgator there are several plans available for hosting at Hostgator i suggest you to go for a plan where you can host multiple domain name and not only single one.

Hostgator is really fast, reliable and there are lot of cool stuff out there which makes your life much easier in creating a website  like User friendly CPANEL, one click WORDPRESS installation your website stats counter to track the number of visitor coming to your website and much more. Being a software professional i personally use Hostgator because there downtime is negligible, awesome support team 24/7 and the good part is that Hostgator automatically takes your website backup in case your website crashes hence no worry about the website hosting when it is hosted with the Hostgator.

You can buy Hostgator hosting from this link to avail 20% discount.

Now I assume that you have got your Hostgator account subscription, login to your cPanel there you will get the Nameserver for your Hostgator Hosting account. You will find all details regarding your hosting account in your email which is used to register on Hostgator.

Copy your Nameserver and  login to your godaddy account and update the nameserver over there now you have to wait for at least 24 hours your domain name is hosted with the hostgator account. Now its the time for installing wordpress to your domain name.

One Click WordPress Installation In Hostgator cPanel.

Installing wordpress is very easy with hostgator cpanel quick install all you have to single click for the wordpress installation. Once your wordpress installation is done you can choose your desired theme and customize it accordingly.

Watch below Hostgator tutorial on how to Install WordPress

Congratulation! Your business is online now, little bit of extra effort is needed to to increase your website’s Google ranking such as write unique content for your website do not copy content from other website. unique content automatically ranks your website.


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