English has recently become the most important subject and language that students should not overlook in any case. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, you need to be proficient in the English language. By the tenth grade, students lose the emphasis on grammar, but they should remember that it is the highest-scoring section that has the potential to get the highest score on the board exam. If you want to do your best on this year’s boardroom exams, here are our helpful tips and tricks to help you do well on your English exam. However, going through the CBSE English previous year class 10 is highly recommended to understand the patterns of questions for the exams.

Practice Regularly 

Reading novels, newspapers, and other informational magazines can help students develop a reading habit. This habit helps students improve their reading and writing skills along with expanding vocabulary. In addition, students will understand and learn to use verb tenses correctly. In addition, a good punctuation checker can help you better spot your weaknesses in grammar skills. It is one of the easiest English preparation tips for CBSE Grade 10. 

Solving Problems from Last Year / Sample Problems 

Try solving sample problems from CBSE class 10  to learn about the nature of the questions, the test pattern, and the syllabus. It will also help manage the difficulty of the questions. Solving the previous question papers will also help students become familiar with the actual questions. 

Time Management 

This is one of the best preparation tips for CBSE grade 10 in English. This helps to draft questions on time and save time on proofreading. Try to implement time management techniques during the test. It involves reading and understanding the questions in their entirety and then moving on to the answers, and is one of the best exam tips for CBSE Grade 10. 

Stay focused and healthy 

To track and complete all the things you need to be Focus and for this, the students must avoid several things. Applicants should avoid social media and focus on their studies. Also, regular exercise and a regular healthy diet can help you stay in shape. Here are some essential prep tips for CBSE Grade 10 English.

CBSE Grade 10 Prep Tips in Sections 

The English Question Paper consists of four sections in the CBSE Grade 10 Question Papers. Each section is divided differently according to the level of difficulty. The best thing would be to keep solving more and more questions to get the highest score. Below we provide sections of CBSE Class 10 preparation tips for English. The English literature section is an interesting section for board exams. Most students assume that they will do well in this section. A large number of Indian English teachers organize literature-oriented classrooms; You spend a lot of time “reading” texts and dictating questions based on exercises. It is observed that the English teacher leaves extensive activities based on “writing, grammar, listening and speaking skills” and asks the student to do their own. English class is an integrated activity in which we have to divide our class time evenly between “reading, writing, listening and speaking”. 

 Of course, students are very comfortable with questions with short answer types, that is, questions with a word length of 3040 words with 2 points, but questions about “Read the excerpt and answer using the given text” require ” intensive reading skills and enough practice before the test to get a score of 4/4. Most students get an average score (possibly 5/8, 6/8) on long answer questions of about 100,120 words with 8 marks and also about 200 250 words on the question based on novelty required for the extended reading of 10 points.

Grammar Section – This section can be very helpful in strengthening your basic concepts. Students should practice grammar on a regular basis and use the NCERT textbook for questions. An analysis of their responses was also necessary to correct their mistakes and learn from them.

Writing Section-  Writing About Current Issues helps in this section and also corrects grammar mistakes. Additionally, students must also work on time management and practice writing at the same time. Work in formats for all topics to get the highest score. 

Reading Section – This is one of the highest-scoring sections of the quiz on the Grade 10 CBSE Test Tips. It requires less effort and students can get good grades with ease.

Some lines of Actions that you must follow

  • Practice writing each answer, as writing will help you analyze your grammar and spelling errors and improve them. 
  • You have to read the chapters aloud. This not only helps you remember the answers and key points, but it also helps you understand the language better. 
  •  Try writing about topics that are trending in the news, as this will help you improve your writing style and learn new terms. 
  •  You can prepare flashcards to memorize the names of different authors and characters. 
  •  It is important to read each poem and chapter at least once and answer all the questions at the end of the chapter/poem. 
  •  You have to solve the work of the previous year/sample work to familiarize yourself with the questionnaire and to be able to identify the weak points. 
  •  Always take your time to answer the sample assignments, as this will help you organize your time during the exam. 
  •  Try to check as often as possible. 
  •  Also, try to finish chapters that are easy to understand, as this will build your confidence. 
  •  Read the NCERT books regularly, as the CBSE board exam questions are based entirely on this book. 
  •  Do not start a new chapter/topic at the last minute. Better to review the topics/chapters you have already worked on. 


English cannot be learned in one day, practicing writing, reading, listening, and speaking is the best way to master the language. You have to aim to have fun and your goal of scoring will come true automatically. With all the above-mentioned tips and tricks students will be able to score good marks in their board exams.


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