here is how you can import from China to India

This is complete tutorial on how to import goods from China To India and how to find suppliers and how to check the authenticity of supplier and how to get your product imported easily without any hassle. In this post you will learn all the required steps and procedures for importing your desired products.  Read through the end of the post and you will get to know the steps required in process.

Some of the vital steps required in this import process are how to find right products, how to order samples, how to test your samples, building good relationship with manufacturers, payment and delivery, advantages & disadvantages of drop-shipping (e.g. through Aliexpress / Ebay), contacting logistics provider and cost estimation, negotiation with manufacturers, payment options and finally selling your product online on Amazon/Ebay or selling offline in local market in India.

For all above steps and to increase your knowledge in this field, I highly recommend you to read below guide which is prepared by experienced players in this industry.

For importing products from China at your doorstep you need to have a registered company name if you want to import the product in your firm name in India. Other option is that you hire a import agent and they will import the product for you if you do not have a company/firm name registered with TIN.

Importing Products From China  In Your Registered Firm Name In India

International trading has gained a lot of attention from a number of traders all over the world. Trading includes exporting and importing of goods from one nation to another. In previous times, the trading was not much easier to do, irrespective of the country. These days, the trading all over the global countries have become simpler and quicker as compared to previous because of the presence of new and effective approaches for trading.

Importing goods from China to India And Run Successful business in India

If you are interested in importing any kind of goods from China to India, then there are lots of things to be considered to meet your needs. First of all, you need to meet the criteria for international trading.

See the below mentioned steps, which you can take into account, when it comes to trading internationally like China to India:

Fulfill the essential requirements, in any case, to start an important and export business in India, it is important to have some essentials


  • A firm or company that must be registered in India
  • A bank account, which needs to be current
  • An IE code or Importer Exporter Code
  • TIN

It means that it is important to have a registered company (LLP/partnership/proprietary). Whether you have an office or a shop, it must be registered. You can get shop or office license from the Municipal or Corporation. Another thing to have is the bank current account combining with SWIFT code. You need to open a current bank in a reputed bank, which has SWIFT code. Tax Identification Number is another essential to have. You must register with the State Tax Department and CST or Central Sales Tax. In order to obtain the TIN, you can take the help from the professional and reputed accountant.

Importer Exporter Code is also the necessity, while importing or exporting goods from China to India or vice versa. This code consists of a 10 digit code, which has issued by Director General of Foreign Trade, Government of India or Ministry of Commerce to Indian firms or companies. Submitting all the essential documents to the government can give you a support to have the IE code in an easy and simple manner.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Importing Product In Your Company Name

  • Select reputed supplier in or any other website and ask them to send quotation. Also, ask them to send the sample first before placing order in bulk.
  • You are importing in your registered company name so raise a PO (Purchase Order) after you get Quote from the supplier.
  • When your order gets completed. Your supplier will send you invoice , make sure Invoice and PO (Purchase Order) prices are same.
  • Contact third party shippers, they will take care of shipping. You have to keep all these docs required while shipping.
  • Do not go for shipping from supplier side, use your own freight forwarder.

Freight Forwarder : – A freight forwarder or forwarding agent is also known as a NVOCC (non-vessel operating common carrier), is a person or company that manage and organizes point to point shipments for individuals or corporations to import goods from the manufacturer abroad to your location.

International freight forwarders can also handle and manage the customs and other documentation activities required for international shipments. You can hire a freight forwarder in cities of India like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, etc.

Customs Fee For Importing Product From China To India:-

Customs fee while importing from China would completely depend on the type of product you are importing. In some products you do not have to pay ant customs fee and in some restricted product you need to pay custom fee as per the law.

Read full article for Customs Fee here

Importing Product Individually In Your First Name

This is the second option if you want to import product without having a company name registered.  But in this process you need to have IEC (Import Export Code). If you are importing the product in small quantity then it will be expensive for your, in this case you need to contact a import export agent in India to get the product delivered for you in their name.

Apply for IEC code here if you have not done it already. Read more about documents required for IEC Code here

  • Find the reliable supplier from China:- to import goods from China to India, you need to choose the best and reputed supplier located in China. There are lots of suppliers or importers available in China. You must contact a lot of them so that you can select the best one for your needs. After contacting to a reliable importer from China, you will cross the one phase of importing goods.
  • Hire a customs clearing agent:- Last but not the least, you need to appoint an expert customs clearing agent. He will be able to assist you in clearing the batch at the port. Calculating numerous expenses in port is also important, which is the responsibility of an agent. These expenses include handling charge, customs duty, transportation charges and much more. In this way, you can easily important goods from China to India without any trouble.


  1. Hello,
    i am a wholesaler of sewing machines in Surat, a city of Indian state, Gujarat.
    i want to import sewing machines from china.
    can i import these machines directly to port named Sachin, which is nearest to my city or i have to go with the port of Mumbai?

  2. Hi,

    I am importing 1000 pieces of a plastic toy from china .

    Total cost of toy will be 340 USD .(excluding shipping ,shipping cost 170 USD)

    Can you help me out in advising that what all leagal procedures i have to follow or documents i hAve to get ready and how much extra cost i will have to bear his is first time purchase from china and i do not have any registered company


  3. Hi
    I’m ram I have IEC code asindividual with my name.
    I have purchased hydraulic turbine from china.can I import this to india with my iec code.I have no weight 350kg.

  4. Respected sir,
    Planning to import stuff from Shenzhen (mobile covers and all) to mumbai , which transportation would be convenient by air or sea?.

    And also want to know approx value, if goods value is 1000 USD, then how much need to add more to get lending cost like (freight charges , custom,etc..).


  5. hello,
    i want to create a company in india and want import mobiles and computers spare parts and equipments to india.
    please guide me and tell me the steps of it.
    like how to registered company, how to get various licences and what is the duty and taxes on importation of goods,

    • Hi Kalpesh,

      Just asking you about your question that have you started a company. I as well wanted to start small business and just exactly same as you, but unaware that exactly procedure to get licence etc.

      Can you please help me about how to registered company, how to get various licences and what is the duty and taxes on importation of goods.

      Your support will e highly appreciated.


  6. Hi,

    We are buying cctv directly from the manufacturer in Shenzhen. Last time we imported via a 3rd part company located at Gujrat. Now we got our IEC, tell me how we can now import directly from Manufacturer at Shenzhen.

    Please guide.

  7. hello i want to import landline phones the value is 10700 usd
    if i dont have a imort licence or IE code what will b estimate cost for importing to indore MP

  8. Hello sir
    I am ahsan from distt. Sambhal utter pradesh
    Sir me copper ingot import krna chata hu kya muje
    Polution control board se n.o.c. ki zaroorat hogi plz. Compny rejisterd h.
    Current h
    Impo.expo.code liya hua h


  10. Res Sir Myself Mehbub from Amaravati district place in Maharashtra. i want to start a bussiness like import goods from abroad and sell in Maharashtra. but i dont know the processiger how to start. please guide me . i am very
    thankful to you.

  11. Hi good day sir,
    I am at Ahmedabad, Gujarat , India. I need help for purchase the machine from chaina. Pls give me some information for this. My machine prise is 7500USD .( FACTORY PRICE).
    IF I need this in India. What’s the extra payment for this. Just like import duty , shipping charge & other charge…
    Pls sir I need help

  12. hello,
    i want to create a company in india and want import mobiles and computers spare parts and equipments to india.
    please guide me and tell me the steps of it.
    like how to registered company, how to get various licences and what is the duty and taxes on importation of goods,
    ANkur Khare

  13. Dear Sir, I have applied for IEC but couldn’t complete the last step for signing digitally. Can you please help me how to do digital signature?

  14. Hello,
    I have ordered a wedding dress from Aliexpress through Aramex parcel service. Now in the tracking it has been showing “Held in Customs – Awaiting Commercial Invoice/Clearance Documents” for the last one week. What does it mean? Would there be any problem? Can you pease help?

    • for this case. you’d better contact with aramex about what document you need to prepare. they will help you to do the clearance

  15. Hi,

    I am importing iron posts total value of USD.1,000/- (including shipping cost) directly from the factory.

    How much much tax and customs duty i will be paying? I dont have a company This is for my farm.


    • Dear Rony,
      Since your not a professional importer, you will be taxed according to the product you are going to import, just search for HS code of your product from indian customs portal. And there you will find a calculater to calculate your accessible value and accessible duty and any other additional duty for the particular product that you are going to import. If need any other information, contact us

  16. hey, i just need to import small products from alibaba.but the things is that im a student and i dont own a office or there any way that ? and how can i start with small e commercial business?

  17. Hello,
    In case of importing any product , its payment is done earlier or after the arrival of product.
    What we can do if the product is not ok for us?

  18. Hello I am H G Tyagi having IEC code in my own firm want to import Copper wire scrap or Copper Millberry scrap 99.99% purity in large quantities in every month. I have got many quotes globally. Mostly Chinese suppliers are blacklisted and it’s quote very high. Please tell me how can I verify genuine suppliers and what relevant documents required mendatery for importing metals? From Which place I can varify the authentication, reliable and genuine suppliers for doing business. Kindly help us.

  19. i would like to start fancy and gift shop. i wanted to know the exact supplier for the same. If anybody is interesred let me contact pl.

  20. Hi,
    My doubt is after I read this article complete, if I am hiring a import agent to import goods for me in their name , does IE Code required for me? Because the importing agent ofcourse must have IE code already, right?
    Another is , I have all the requirements to import goods from broad. But my goods quantity is low so the better is approach a importing agent rather than import myself to save the mony, right?

  21. Hi,

    I’m basically confused with one aspect related to the IEC code.

    If I have a company registered in India, say Proprietary, and I want to do the business i.e import in that company name and sell in India, do I still need the IEC code?

    The article above says that if you want to import on your First Name, then you need to have an IEC code.

    Please advise.

    Nirmal Y.

  22. Hello Sir,

    thank you for providing so much information.

    It really clarifies many things.

    im planning to start a business but i have many doubts

    could you just provide me your contact details with which i can meet you or share my ideas with U

    eagerly waiting for your reply.


  23. Hello sir, i am from bihar .please suggest me how can i start from here ..many things clear from your side..but IE code , how can i make this . Thanks


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