China is famous for being the biggest seller of goods, and its commodities are widely popular in North America, especially in the United States and Canada. Organizing transportation from China to these countries can be challenging, particularly for first-time importers. Below, we will discuss some of the significant aspects of coordinating the delivery of various goods.

Are you in Canada? 

There are different ways to transport items from Asia to the Americas. You can send them by airplane, container ships, or express delivery. Airplane shipping is the fastest but the most expensive option. If you choose to send your things by sea, it will be slower but more affordable. Express delivery is good if you want to send small things or need them to arrive quickly.

When shipping China to Canada, you must think about government inspections. Canadian authorities impose various taxes and duties on imported goods, depending on the product type and value. It is essential to research these fees and ensure that your package complies with Canadian laws.

Is your location in the US?

Shipping from China to USA is the same as to its northern neighbor. The most common ways of delivery are air, sea, and express. Obviously, there are some differences in government checks and fees for importing items. 

The United States has its own regulations on imports, and it is essential to comply with them to avoid delays or fines. If you plan to sell your products on Amazon, you can also consider using an Amazon FBA Prep Center. This center can assist you to prepare your products for transportation to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, ensuring that they meet Amazon’s strict requirements.


When you want to deliver goods from China to North America, you need to plan and research well. You should choose the best way to send them, take into account all customs regulations, and follow the rules of the country they’re going to. If you do all this, your shipments should arrive safely and without any problems.


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