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Barbari is a beautiful medium range goat breed. Its white color and beautiful brown patches all around its body enhances its beauty and it looks like deer in appearance. Basically barbari goat breed is the origin of Berbera Somalia of East Africa. In India it is found in the state of Uttar Pradesh and Punjab provinces specially in the north western India and Pakistan.

This breed is also raised for its meat production and there meat conformation is considered as good in quality. Barbari goats are also known for its early maturity and triple kidding are quite common in this breed. This is the medium size goat breed with short ear, twisted pointed horns with bulging eyes which increases its beauty naturally.

It can be commonly seen in the Mathura District of Uttar Pradesh,in some part of the Gujrat and Jhelum, Sargodha district of Punjab Province. Many Breeding tract of this breed is found in Agra and Etawah district of Uttar Pradesh.

Characteristic of Common Barbari Goat Breed

  • Medium size breed with an average weight of adult male is 30 – 37.5 kg and female 18-22.6kg.
  • Barbari goats are very alert and attractive with short erect ears and short straight horns.
  • Raised for the meat production.
  • Very well adapted to the climate and mortality is less.
  • Conical teats, well adapted in stall feed condition.

Kidding in Barbari Goat

  • Barbari goat attains its maturity early.
  • Triple Kidding is quite common hence it is considered as the productive breed in India.
  • Milk yielding is sufficient for its kids so the kid mortality rate is very less as compare to other breed.
  • Age at First kidding is approx 21 months or one and a half year.
  • Kidding interval is minimum 10 months.
  • Service period is 70 days.
  • Kidding percentage is an average of 70%.
  • Single 49.2% , Twins 50 % and triplets are 1.5 %.

Feeding Habits of Barbari Goat Breed

  • Barbari breed mostly remains with the grazing habit of cultivated crops and tree leaves.
  • Cultivated fodders are provided for their better growth and performance.
  • Specially wheat straw, barseem, barley, maize and millet are provided as the cultivated crops for their fodder.
  • This breed also adapted to the stall feed system in the commercial goat farms.

Milk Yield in Barbari Goat

  • Though the milk yield is sufficient for feeding its kids.
  • Its average milk yield is 108 ltrs.
  • Lactation days is of 150 days.

Barbari Breed Performance For The Commercial Goat Farming In India

  • This Breed performance is very good as per the commercial goat farming aspects.
  • Can be raised in both grazing and stall feed Condition.
  • Generally in stall feeding condition it attains the maximum weight as compare to the only grazing method.
  • Growth and reproduction rate is also very good when kept under stall feed system.
  • Barbari goats are usually less prone to disease if proper vaccine is schedule in the intervals.
  • Barbari goat farming in India is very profitable if done in planned way.

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  1. i want to start up a goatery farm with 100 goats but i dont know where to buy these goats can you give some suppliers or agents contacts no. to buy barbari goat in uttar pradesh

  2. What is the rate for Barbari Female goat i want 2 female one must be one year old and other must be delivered which is to be delivered in Goa and one male of 1 year their rates and transport charges Thanks

  3. Thanks for sharing such important information on goat farming. Request you to kindly get in touch with thru my email as I live in Lahore, Pakiatan and planning to start a Goat farm. Your valuable experience will help me a lot.
    Hope to hear from you.
    Best regards

  4. Expert told me that wheat straw is not suitable for goat. Is it true? They asked me for only and only legume dry fodder. And u r advising wheat straw.

  5. Thanks for sharing info .I’m from Telangana state I want to start goat farming .is it ok to select barabari goat for the purpose for farming. And please give me the info about the right breed which is suitable for Telangana. please mail me Ur answer


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