risk factor in goat farming

Every another day I get an email from our reader asking about the major risk factors in goat farming so I decided to write a post in detail to answer them. Every business has its own profit and loss so as the goat farming. If someone is planning to start a goat farm they must take initiative and start there own farm as its profit margin is so high that it overshadow its risk factors.

Though there are some risk factor which can be easily minimise through these guidelines.

The major risks in goat farming includes:-

Goats Mortality rate:-

This is a major risk factor which is obviously a great loss in goat farming. The mortality rate increases due to lack of proper knowledge and systematic way of rearing in farm. It happens mainly when goats are sick or suffering from some fatal viral disease like PPR. In order to minimise this loss proper care of cattle and timely vaccination schedule should be maintained. Frequent cleaning of farm and proper food concentrate is required to keep the goats healthy and boost there immunity.

Lack of knowledge of identifying sick goats and proper medication:-

We must identify the sick goats as early as possible so as to control the disease. Once in my farm there was a little negligence in identifying the sick goat one of my goat’s body temperature was very high he was also not ruminating, we kept him untreated as a result suddenly loose motion started and all his body fluid lost resulting in sudden death. If goat was given paracetamol and nimsulide injection body temperature could have maintained also sulphadimidine tablet and kaolin powder solution should be given to control the dysentery or loose motion in goats.

Poor fencing:-

Security is the major concern in goat farming so I urge to do proper fencing all around the goat’s shed depending upon the area type fencing should be atleast of 7 ft high. So when the farm main gate is locked all your goats are safe inside. Sometime it happens that your farm care taker or staff would say that some goats are missing might be someone has stolen or it has become some wild animal’s meal. So daily counting and monitoring of your cattle is required.

Not in time vaccination:-

There must be timely and proper vaccination in goat to make them disease resistant and to increase there immunity. As a result vaccination protects the cattle from fatal viral disease.


When your cattle depend on the land grazing that is when they are out for grazing it can be easily stolen and can be hunted by some wild animals in remote areas. So continuous and proper eye on them is required.

Cattle viral infection:-

Sometime spread of viral deadly diseases like PPR and Anthrax are the major risk factor, there are proper vaccination for these diseases so need not to worry proper vaccination is required on time.

Less meat as compare to feeding cost:-

Key to success in goat farming is to reduce the cattle feeding cost. Once you reduce the feeding cost ratio the profit is yours. This doesn’t mean that you cut the concentrate percentage in there food. They must be supply with the proper concentrate in the stall fed condition. On the other hand you can minimize the fodder cost percentage by land grazing and some other sophisticated means of fodder production like Hydroponic system. Hydroponic system of fooder production is the latest technique of fodder production in which grain sprouts are grown by timely water sprinkling in grains placed in container or hydroponic trays.

Kids mortality:-

Special care must be taken for the newly born kids as they are more prone to disease with the changing climatic condition. Specially during winter season kids must be given extra care, Electric room heater is required to maintain the room temperature. Newly born kids must provide with there mothers milk immediately as it provides immunity for there survival.

Less market:-

Proper marketing of your farm goat is required to earn maximum profit if there is less market demand of goat in your area then you should explore for some bigger market where you can easily sell your goats in good rates. Selling goats on festival is beneficial as it gives maximum price for the goats with increasing demand and lesser supply in particular area.

Fodder Mismanagement:-

Giving proper fodder to your goat plays a vital role in there growth and body mass index. Sometime we give improper diet to our cattle in farm resulting slow weight gain which leads to the average loss of meat production. So there must be a calculated fodder percentage for better result.



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