India is a fast growing market and businesses here are to stay. In lieu of the stagnant IT sector and no major development in the public sector areas, having a business of your own can be a great idea. Confused about what business you can start with in 2019!! Well, we bring to you some unique yet profitable small business ideas in India. You can also read detailed business plan by clicking on read more link given below.

small business ideas

Here are 50 profitable small business ideas that you can start today in India

  1. Fast food restaurant

For all the foodies out there, a fast food restaurant can be a good idea for a substantial income. You can begin with a small restaurant with limited yet tasty food items. Once it starts picking up you may end up in a chain of restaurant. Initial investment needs to be on infrastructure, raw materials, labour and furniture. You can also get a loan from the bank if you do not have the required capital with you. Read more

  1. Bakery shop

Bakery shops are in full swing. Thanks to the delicious puffs and pastries. This can be an ideal business in every cities of India and you can just rent out a small space. It is obvious people will hover around your bakery shop. Starting from taking orders for cakes to serving both creamy and crispy snacks, this is one of the best business ideas. Read more

  1. Food manufacturing for pets

These days most of us opt for nuclear families and hence love to keep pets as well. Pets require food and hence pet foods have become quite popular these days. The start up would require some investment but the profit margin is usually high in this business.

  1. Grocery store

Who doesn’t purchase grocery these days? It is an essential part and parcel of life. Therefore, opening a grocery shop is believed to be one of the profitable businesses. If you can offer some discount and your shop is in a residential area, then your business is bound to flourish. You can tie up with a broker or wholesale dealer and can get things at much cheaper rates. Grocery shops are always profitable if done in planned way. Profit margin is less in very product but it has wide variety of products to choose from.

  1. Bottled mineral water

Bottled mineral water is found everywhere including parties, pubs, trains, buses, offices etc. Its supply is required anywhere and everywhere. The investment is minimal and the profit is maximal. Now a days in 2019, it is very popular business in tier 2 cities. There is still room for profit and expansion if you start this business today Read about mineral water business plan

  1. Ice-cream and juice parlour

The yummy treat juice and ice-cream is the favourite of all. Therefore, opening an ice cream parlour along with a juice centre can be a great business option. The investment is less and you can opt for seasonal fruits for added flavour. The taste matters the most and will attract customers.

  1. Disposable paper cups and plates making

Paper cups and plates are in high demand these days. It is basically because they are eco-friendly and can be disposed easily. Therefore, it can be a good idea to start a business in this field. Investment needs to be made in raw materials and equipments. Read more

  1. Paper carry bags

This is an eco-friendly method of using bags and an ideal business idea. Large or small, the demand for these bags have increased significantly post polythene ban. Read more

  1. Jute bags making

The colourful and vibrant jute bags usually fall under the handicraft industry and are one of the rich sources of income for many families. It requires skilled labourers and jute as the raw material. Read more

  1. Incense sticks making

Incense sticks have high demand in temples and at home. The raw materials come cheap which makes the cost of production less and yields high returns. This is one of the most profitable small business in India. Read more

  1. Candle making

Candles are required in almost every house and also in churches. Therefore, candle making is a great business and an art too. Preparing special candles for birthdays and other special occasion can attract lot of customers.

  1. Tissue paper making

This is one of the low cost businesses and high in demand. It has gained significant importance and is always in use whether at home, in restaurant or in office. Low investment and high profit is the key of this business.

  1. Packaging materials manufacturing

This is another great business to start with as packaging materials are being used anywhere and everywhere. Right from getting online orders to shifting your base to other location, these packaging materials are a must and hence make it a good business.

  1. Cell phone accessories business

Cell phones are used by everyone these days and their accessories are always in demand. Therefore, selling the accessories or manufacturing the same is another great way of attracting the customers.

  1. Garments shop

This is the best business for both men and women and can give you lucrative returns. The sales are especially high during the festival season and a great business idea in India.

  1. T-shirt printing business

Fashion has taken the market by storm and wearing fashionable clothes is the order of the day. Therefore, T-shirt printing has become a business now and depends on one’s creativity. The capital required is less and the profits are really high.

  1. School uniforms

Another good business idea in India is school uniform. Kids, school students all need uniform and apart from selling the clothes you can also have a stitching department to give you extra income.

  1. Coaching classes for students

This is one business which requires zero investment and one can earn as much as he want. With more and more parents opting for coaching classes, the income can grow manifold times.

  1. Pre-nursery school

This requires some investment at an early phase. Once done with the pre-requisites you can earn throughout your life as parents pay heavy amount to keep their children in school along with the basic facilities.

  1. Wedding equipment rental business

This is one of the lucrative business and also just one time investment. All you need is to have the required equipments and also a name in the market. With these two factors, your business will be on the roar.

  1. Beauty parlour

Today, nothing else attracts ladies and young girls more than going to beauty parlours. Everyone likes to look good and is ready to pay huge sum of money for the same. You need both equipments and skilled professionals to earn a name in the business. profit margin in this business is above 60% and it is considered as highly profitable small business in india.

  1. Custom jewellery making

This is an art and requires some skill. The materials available are cheap and the final product can be sold at high prices. It mostly depends on the finishing work and the marketing done for the products.

  1. Laundromat business

This business is perfect where the crowd is mostly bachelors and single people. They do not like to spend money on washing machine and often opt for Laundromat. This needs just one time investment and can yield return life-long.

  1. Office supplies

This is another excellent business and office supplies can include small things ranging from stationary to big ones like laptop, desktop, cabinets etc. This can be a full time business and yields a good income.

  1. School supplies

This is similar to office supplies except that school needs are a bit different and normally includes books, stationary, black boards etc.

  1. Hospital supplies

Hospitals are always in dire need of medicines, injections, bed linens, patient clothes etc. Therefore supplying them to few hospitals can also give you a good source of income.

  1. Electrical equipment repairing services

Electrical equipments are common in every home and time and again require maintenance. Therefore, having a repairing shop of your own with trained labourers can give you moderate profits in this business.

  1. Equipment rental business

This business is ideal as you can keep equipments based on your choice and season. Eg, in summer people rent air conditioners, coolers etc. and the charge are per day basis.

  1. Waste management business

This is a growing field and is new in the market. Therefore, having a business in waste management can actually give you good returns. Also, the investment is very less and profits are high.

  1. Battery recycling

These days many people rely on batteries for their daily usage. Therefore, battery recycling can be a great idea. However, you need to have some basic knowledge of batteries and the recycling process.

  1. Metal scraps recycling

Recycling is the order of the day and metal recycling needs a good investment but the returns are very high. It depends on the saleability of the metals to big companies.

  1. Waste paper recycling

This comes cheap and is good for people who want to lay their feet in the business line. Waste paper recycling requires minimal materials and the margins are very high in this business.

  1. Electronic waste recycling

This is another lucrative business but needs some knowledge of electronic devices and how it can be recycled. Once the skilled professionals are in place, this business can yield high returns.

  1. Pest control

Pests like bed bugs, mosquitoes and cockroaches have become common in every household. These pests are a mess and we often need pest control service. Having a business in this line can give you a decent income.

  1. House cleaning

House cleaning services include cleaning tiles, roofs, moulds and algae sitting on the exterior walls. This requires trained professionals and you can make handsome money out of this business.

  1. Moving company

These days shifting base is a need of the day. Therefore, moving companies are often in demand and although investment is high for the basic set up, it can give you a great return.

  1. Art gallery

If you are an artist or have a flair for art, then you are here to stay in this business. There is practically zero investment and paintings can be auctioned at any price. You need to know the right time and place to sell them.

  1. Gaming parlour for kids

Kids have gone crazy for online games and opening a gaming parlour is a great business idea. The charges are levied per hour basis and you can earn a decent income daily.

  1. Bike and car wash centre

Initially this business definitely requires some investment for the set up. Once said and done, it can serve any bike or car customer and the charges are really high on the same.

  1. Car rentals

Not everybody can afford a car but we all love driving and visiting places. Therefore, car rentals have become common and the charges are pretty heavy a day. In India, it begins with Rs. 5000 a day if you are driving yourself else even kilometre charges are high and the returns are really good.

  1. Bicycle rentals

Just like cars, bicycle rentals are also common. The investment is less and the profits are moderate. However, it is a good business to start with.

  1. Day care for kids

Parents these days are mostly working and find day care a solace for their kids. Therefore, day care has emerged as a good business and requires initial investment only. The amount charged by day care service providers are very high and hence a profitable business.

  1. Pets grooming

Pets’ grooming centre is slowly getting a hold over the market and is ideal place to leave the pets. The amount paid by the owners is high and is a good business idea.

  1. Gym and yoga centre

We all are conscious about fitness and weight. Majority of the mass love to hit the gym or practice yoga repeatedly to stay fit. Therefore, owning a gym or yoga centre can be an extremely profitable business.

  1. Event and wedding planning

Event and wedding planners have occupied the centre stage. They organise everything and even if your business can arrange 2-3 weddings in a month, you will end up earning a handsome income.

  1. Real estate consultant

There can be nothing more lucrative than being a real estate consultant. You need to have an idea about the real estate and the commission charged is really high. If the property is booked by the client, your returns increases manifold times.

  1. Interior designer

If you are a creative person, then interior designing business is for you. There is some investment required but the returns are really good and this can be taken up as a full time business.

  1. Taxation and auditing

It definitely requires a good qualification in this field, but many people are ignorant in this domain and approach auditors for filing taxes. Therefore, you need not have any investment. You can start the business right at your home.

  1. Data entry work

This is kind of a freelancing work but you can have it as a full time business. You can hire people to work for you and earn a substantial income from the same. It does not require any investment and returns are good.

  1. Social media marketing agency

Social media has taken the world by storm. It has the largest number of members registered to different sites. Therefore opening up a marketing agency can help you make lot of money. All you need is to hire the right people for the right job.

Business ideas can be many, however the key to success depends on you and how you implement these ideas. If you have more small business ideas for India then do not hesitate to share it with us in comment section.


  1. Thanks for sharing these business ideas for India and Indians. I am currently living in South africa and want to setup a small business in manufacturing sector in India. I request you to please send details of businesses which can be started in 5 lakhs, 10 lakhs and 20 lakhs INR investment.

    I hve just sent you an email and looking for helpful response from your side.

    Thanks for your time and thanks for sharing above profitable business ideas in india. I appreciate your hard work here.

  2. Hi Admin,

    I am also looking to start a business in India with low investment, what is the scope of t-shirt printing business in India? Something like t-spring? what is your advise on this?

  3. Hi Team, i am planning to start data entry business/ kindly suggest some good data outsource company from which i can get some good projects with good rates…

  4. I am also looking to start a business in Uttarakhand, Kindly suggest the future scope of Paper carry bags, Electrical equipment repairing services, Electronic waste recycling and kindly suggest some good data outsource company

  5. Hello Admin, Hope u r doing well. Soon I will start Food waste disposer business. kindly provide information about waste management business that you mention in topic number 29.


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