The model of the bakery business to be decided upon:

The business of the condiments or the bakery shop is a very interesting and profitable if you follow correct bakery business plan. On the whole anything that is related to something that is edible would be always in great demand. The demand for the products that are most importantly the one that are fresh and crispy and also that is very tasty, then the demand for such items would be high. However, above all these, there should be a selection of the concept that needs to be worked on accordingly before starting bakery business. It could be only the section of cakes or a section of bakery products with the coffee and tea being the optional aspect.

Choose for the type of the business that is to be run:

There should be decision done regarding the type of the business, relating to whether it is an ownership or the partnership. Once the same is done then the investment can be decided accordingly.

Premises that would attract the crowd:

There is a lot of initiation in the plan that needs to be decided on accordingly. The first aspect would be deciding the premises that would be near the place of the demanding crowd, like the schools, theatres, colleges, malls, bus stops etc. However, the place that needs to be acquired would also be determined in this regard. There should be enough places for the customers to occupy the seats provided and thereby also the comfort zone that the area exhibits so that there is more of organized way of the business that is earned in the course of running the business.

Storage facility:

The storage facility in the bakery should be apt to store the cool drinks and the condiments that could be lost due to lack of the storage facility. There can be also the cakes that have to be taken care of getting spoilt as well. There has to be and estimation of the loss thus occurred and made sure that the same is less. For this a proper storage facility has to be acquired and based on that the storage can be done accordingly.

The equipment required for the bakery:

The equipments that are usually required for storage, like the fridge and furniture which would be comfortable enough for the customers to access accordingly. This is because apart from the required bakery products that the startup platform requires. The services can be accessible only when the arrangement is such that the customers are happy to visit the bakery that is maintained in a clean and fresh percept. For this there should be measures taken to keep the floor and the place where the products are offered for sale is clean and tidy.

The finance decided based on the price offered:

The finance that is invested has to be taken back through the business in a particular period of time and for the same the cost of the sale and the profit margin has to be decided. If the investment has to be retrieved within a period of six months then the business accomplished till then would be regarded as not profit but a liability to pay back the capital. In this way the amount would not be under loss as the capital has been retrieved accordingly.

The investment returns aspect:

The customers who are available in the place where the bakery is set up are the regular customers. However, in order to increase the order or the profits, the same should be advertised. Hence, the advertisement expenses should be calculated under the cost of investment accordingly.

Health aspect that would help in acquiring more customers:

The department of the health has to be considered in order to know the requirements that need to be followed while setting the bakery. This can lead to an aspect of giving the customers the belief that the products are safe to be consumed. This would enable the quality to be adhered to a great extent and accordingly allow the customers to stick to the business for a long period of time.

The cost of the raw materials that has to be decided:

Raw materials are the main aspect of the products that are processed in any business. The bakery business is no exception, hence, the amount of the raw materials that are to be utilized and the cost of the same has to be calculated as the raw materials like the eggs, flour, sugar etc. This will enable the costing to be calculated more appropriately and also fixation of the prices accordingly.

The sources that are used for the preparation of the bakery products:

The sources that are required for the preparation of the products would be usually the enlarged plates, containers and also open covers that are used for the displaying the products accordingly. This is necessary, because, they help in the preparation of the bakery products and also enable the quantity to be decided on the preparation of the products accordingly.

The expenses involved in pricing of the products:

The direct and indirect expenses should be jotted down so that they are segregated in such a way and added into the calculation of the prices. The price that is stated would include the work that is put into the preparation of the products and also the raw materials along with the cost of the sources that are used for the preparation that includes the fuel spent on the preparation of the products. The urgent based orders have to be priced at a higher price as that would affect the routine preparation of the other products and extra labor from the working force as well.

Target that is decided should be logical and achievable:

The materials that need to be sold have to be kept as a target from the first day itself as this would include the capacity of the selling of the products. Hence, the target that is set should be logical and practical so that there is no disappointment on not attaining the success regarding the target planned accordingly.

The opening ceremony should be appealing:

The opening of the bakery should be eye-catching so that the message of the opening should pass on through the word of mouth. Hence the opening of the bakery should be informed to the nearby places, like the schools, pamphlets distributed to the nearby houses. This will be a way of advertising, which would in turn create the customer orientated technique.

Keep the account of the sales everyday:

Keep the statistics right! There should be a track of the sales accomplished in the bakery so that the profit or loss can be calculated. This can be done by maintaining the data in the computer system and the same should be looked into while planning the next month’s target. This will result in an organized way of running the business. The smooth running of the business would result in calculative running cost accordingly.

Creating the plan for the Bakery business would result in the achievement of the benefit accordingly

The orders that are accepted for ‘urgent purposes’ should be maintained separately so that we get a count on the same and accordingly. This will also enable us to know how far we have reached towards the identification of our business.


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