The influence of globalization and free trade with the gradual rise in the digitalization of the online market have generated more interest amongst people to use online platforms for their shipping requirements. The increased demand for import and export via shipment has given even more importance to what an FCL is all about.

FCL freight, in which FCL stands for a Full Container Load, is a term used in the shipment of goods via ocean. It is a mode of shipment where an entire container is allocated to the shipper and they can choose to utilize it partly or entirely as per their discretion.

FCL implies a type of transportation of goods wherein the capacity of the container can be utilized up to its maximum. The standard size container that is used for shipment measures anywhere between 20 to 40 feet in length. In FCL there is an accepted practice that a full container is assigned to a single shipper only.

Although the container is marked as full, it’s up to the shipper to decide whether to entirely fill the container or reserve the rest of the place for other needs. Here are 4 important advantages for FCL Freight shipping:

1. Safe & Secure  

Transportation of special equipment and goods always require special care and when it’s about the shipment of fragile goods, shippers consider FCL freight as the best option. The Full Container Load (FCL) provides a specialized container so that the transporter and shippers can ship fragile goods and chemical vials safely from one place to another. 

It not only ensures the safety of fragile items but also reduces the risk of loss involved in the process. These help the shippers in the transportation of these type of goods via shipping. Moreover, FCL also assures the shippers or the transporter that the container will reach the point of destination safely and securely. 

2. Cost-Effective & Quick

FCL freight is a more cost-effective solution for shipment of goods. Shippers prefer FCL freight shipping because it not only provides a cost-effective solution in terms of space but also in terms of time. Both of these factors play a significant role in the cost of shipment.

In terms of space, the calculation is done on the basis of a cubic centimeter which costs a shipper much lesser than in LCL. Moreover, in FCL, transparency has been provided to the shipper for how they will utilize the space of the container. 

If it is in terms of time, FCL provides faster transportation service. These help the shipper to transport the goods at a faster pace which is cost-effective as it requires less time. Overall if seen from both the perspective of time and space, FCL freight is a preferable option as it lowers down the overall cost of transportation.

3. Easier Tracking 

New innovation and application of modern technology in the logistics field has made the handling of the transportation process a lot easier. These have a positive influence on the shipping of goods and services. Now the shipper can easily track the freight as the FCL providers provide the shippers with the option of the real-time update, which help them to have a constant update of the location of the goods.

FCL freight provides the shipper with the facility of easily tracking goods as it travels from one place to another. This not only helps the transporter or the shipper in keeping track of the goods but also helps them in estimating the time that it will take from the point of shipment to its destination.

4. Goods will arrive Together 

One of the significant advantages of opting FCL is that all the goods that you have ordered or delivered will go in single bunches. These help the shipper in sending a bulk amount in a single trip. Moreover, it also makes the transfer process faster and unpacking a lot easier.

As stated earlier, FCL provides a separate container to the shipper, and it’s up to the shipper as to how they will utilize the space. These give the shipper the option of sending bulk goods or different types of goods in a single container. FCL facilitates sending goods at one go which also makes the whole process more cost-effective. 

FCL has become a synonym for faster and better shipping 

The shipping has played a significant role in the growing market of the digital era. Free trade, along with a higher rate in import and export due to digitalization, has not only expanded the priority of shipping but also its relevant factors like FCL.

In the last few years, FCL has become a popular term to the shipper and transporter due to its ample advantages and highlighting features like faster and better shipping. 


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