Rent Out Your Car To A Company/Call Center On Monthly Basis

how to give my car to company on monthly basis

Cab business has become a most profitable business where the city has a number of software companies because software companies provide their employees transport facilities and cars come as the most appropriate vehicle. A very common question I receive from car owners is  “I want to rent my car to a company on monthly basis, how can I do that?”.

You can give your car to call centre on monthly basis just by following simple steps:-

Selecting Company: This first and most important step. Here if you take wrong step then you will not achieve profits. You need to select right company you want to attach your car. You must consider a number of employees a company has before you go and talk to the company officials who takes care of transport.

Contacting Company Transport: Secondly, you need to company officials who take care of transport facility provided to its employees. By talking to them you can finalize the deal. You need to talk to them about the timings and conditions company wants to apply on the cab driver because every company has different transport policies. You need to understand all such conditions and then you need to attach your car as a cab on monthly basis.

Payment: This is the main aspect where you should be very careful before you finalize the deal. Here you need to make sure that you will make good profits with the deal you are going to finalize. You should also talk to them about the trips you need to provide them that include location and number of employees you need to transport. Ask them if they offer pay per ride facility or fixed monthly fee.

Cab Association: You should also get in touch with cab association and explain them your interest to give your your car to a company. They will guide through where there is a requirement of cabs. Some of the cab associaltion regularly posts ads on classified websites like Quickr.

How profits come:

Self-maintained: If you rent out your car to call centre or any company and if you become the driver of the same cab instead of making others drive your cab then you can make good profits because you just saved driver salary. If you make others drive your car then you are risking your car life because they may not drive the cab like you do. You will add fuel to your cab as per your requirement. This way you can make good profits out of your cab.

You are the sole owner of profits: if you run your own cab then you don’t have to pay salary to the cab driver who drives your can on your behalf. You become sole owner of each and every penny you make.

Renting out your can to call centre can be good only if you follow above rules. Otherwise, you may end up fewer profits. Once you understand the concept of making profits by attaching your cab to a company then you will automatically keep making profits and your idea of attaching your cab to a company can be fruitful.

Following rules and regulations plays very important role in making good money out of this concept of cab business.


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