Video is now a key component of any smart business marketing approach, with over 86% of businesses now using video as a marketing tool. Businesses may also use video for eLearning programmes, health and safety videos for staff and overseas outreach. 

Of course, you can’t just create video marketing and expect it to have an impact, it has to be made to a high standard, and using a professional voice artist to give it exceptional finish is the key to that happening. 

Why Choose a Professional Voice Artist for Business Videos? 

If you have considered relying on an amateur female voice over, or utilising captions or subtitles alone, it’s important to consider the following before your write off the option of a voice over: 

Clean, Crisp Finish

With exceptional quality sound recording equipment and professional sound recording engineer’s, your finished voice over recording will be of a high quality – the kind of high standard you want to be associated with your brand. 

Brand Boosting

DIY, low quality voice over, or no voice over on your video, suggests a lack of quality that you definitely don’t want connected with your brand. When people see the video, your brand has released they will expect it to be finished to a high standard. With a high quality, crisp, clean professional voiceover your customers, potential clients and employees will know that your brand is exactly the kind of trustworthy, professional, high-quality brand they want to stay loyal to. 

Option For Layered Language Options

You can have a voice over in English, or in any other language (a good example for a voice over is Chinese Mandarin as that’s a huge market). Professional voice over companies usually have bilingual and multilingual actors who will be able to give your business video extra voice over layers so that the content is accessible to people who speak different languages. This can be especially useful if you want to spread your video to other countries, and if you use an E-learning video for skills-boosting, health and safety, and you want it to be more accessible to people who speak additional languages within your company. 

A Huge Range of Voice Actors

There is a huge range of voice over actors to choose from so that you can choose the exact tone, pitch, performance style and energy to suit your video content. 

Quick, Efficient

Professional voice actors can perform your script to a high standard. Then, experienced sound technicians can perfect the recordings and get your voice over back to you really quickly, ensuring your project is completed in good time. 

More Affordable Than DIY

DIY recordings for voice overs not only result in terrible results, but they also can cost more than professional voice over recordings. This is especially true with equipment purchase or hire, and the time it can take for a person without experience trying to perform to the same level of quality as someone with years of experience behind them. With a professional voice over the equipment is already ready to record the script, and the process of recording and sound editing is efficient, costing a lot less than any DIY process. 

A Better Message Delivery

Voice actors go through years of training and practise to not just speak a script, but act it. This ensures that the emotion and power behind your business video truly hits, so your video makes a real connection with the viewer. 


There are over 2 million people in the UK living with sight loss, and 340,000 people registered blind or partially sighted. A voice over that is emotional, descriptive and well written helps to make your business content more accessible to them. 

Why Not Speak to A Professional Voice Over Company Today? 

It is a great idea to contact a professional voice over company like Matinée Multiligual today if you want to perfect your business content far beyond the finish of your competitors. 

Why not find out how they can help you elevate your business video content with talented voice actors, high-quality recording equipment and experienced sound technicians? It could be all you need to take your content from just OK, to a real hit with your target audience.


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