Organic farming can be a good business, but it is important that you are having organic farming  certification in India. This will help you in building the reputation and confidence among your customers. People choose organic food because they know that they are safe to consume and certifications helps them in proving that. With the aid of certification business owners will also be able to achieve a fair price for their facilities and products and their sales of organic products will rise to a high level. There products will also get recommendations and references as compared to those who are not having certification.

What is organic farming certification?

Certification means that people are opting for farming methods which are set by the government to define food processing, organic farming and handling is also included. In the certification there are banned substances, chemicals, toxins, soil quality standards are explained and business owners need to follow that. The food people growing in the fields must be free from any chemicals, pesticides or others because these are completely natural. Organic pesticides and other things are used to grow them.

Certification also involves auditing and monitoring. Agencies collect samples and carry out testing, documents are made and then a farmer gets certification for organic farming.

What Certification Includes & Importance of Organic Certification

Farmers will assure their customers that the products they are selling out have passed the standards set by Indian government. Certification standards includes

  • Trustworthy
  • Ethical
  • Reliable
  • Accountable
  • Holistic
  • Economically responsible
  • Environmental friendly
  • Social

Different Types of Organic Certification In India

  • GMP certifies that farming techniques are practiced according to set standards
  • HACCP includes critical quality control points and hazard analysis
  • ISO certification is the most important and provides guarantee
  • NPOP India organic provides national standard certification

How To Avail Certification

There are many organic certification agencies in India which are meant for this purpose and you can take their help to get certification. There is non government as well as private companies which can aid farmers in getting organic farming certification. They will help you in everything from cultivation to harvesting, seed sowing and preservation. These professionals can also help farmers in learning about new technologies and how they can have best organic products in India. These are producer groups that provide certification.

With the professions farmers can also get references of the others who area already operating organic farms. They can visit these farms and also meet other farmers and can learn plenty of new things about farming. Before certification it is important that you meet people whoa re working in this field, learn about organic farming so that you can get certification with complete knowledge of yours.

Organic Certification Procedure

Certifications are provided based on the requests and after when all the monitoring and documentation is done only then farmers get certification. There are online websites offering information on organic farming, certification etc in India. You must visit these websites to know about the complete procedure of getting certification. You will also know about the different kinds of organic certification to proceed further.


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