here is how you can manage stress at work and improve your mental illness

Stress has become common problem among working women and men. People suffer from severe stress especially at work place where employees are give targets and dead lines to submit a project or a work. When an employee fails to achieve these targets and wrap up the work in given time may feel stressed with pressure on his head.

Since this stress can lead to mental illness and other health issues it is good to follow techniques to overcome this stress. Since stress can make an employee to work in inefficient manner many companies are hiring stress management professionals who can counsel employees suffering from stress.

By overcoming stress employee can focus on the given task and finish the task in given time with favorable outcome all these can be achieved with peace of mind. Below are some techniques one must try to implement to fight against stress to work in stress free environment.

Fight against stress and improve workplace productivity


Managing time effectively, people tend to waste lot of time by chatting with colleagues and friends at work place. Few employees even spend time on long phone calls. When employees to do all these at work place they have less time to work that eventually they fail to achieve targets and it is obvious employee had to work under pressure. Working under pressure can lead to mental illness and physical stress. Hence employees should spend time only for work related to office.

Appropriate Solutions:

At workplace, every employee has to face some challenges, and these challenges are inevitable and cannot be ignored. With steady mind you have to face these challenges and try to excel. Find apt solution for all your problems and challenges at workplace ignoring them and overlooking them can only worsen the situation. Try to face challenge without fear otherwise you will have to work under pressure that leads to stress and mental illness.


Keeping ourselves healthy is very important for that you need to workout at least an hour a day. There’s no need to invest in expensive equipment to workout, a simple foam roller from is enough to help you perform a wide range of exercisesWhen you are not in good health you loose the concentration and fail to deliver favourable output for both company and for yourself.

When you fail to deliver favorable outputs then management pressurize you for better results. Even for mental stability you need to be fit in physical way. Spend some time in yoga early morning, researchers have found that yoga can modulate stress.

Personal Life

When you are struggling with your personal this will have severe impact on your performances at office when you fail to work efficiently then management may pressurize you to work efficiently. You fail to take this pressure and continue ruining your ability to work efficiently.

So always live a happy life with your family and close relatives and friends. Spend quality time with your family on weekends this will give your strong moral support to fight against any stress at office.


Never go for the job which is against your education. Choose suitable job for your qualification otherwise you will end up with failures and these failures can create lot of stress. You must do the job which you love and love the job you do. Otherwise you will be victim of this mental illness.


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