Whatever the kind of business you have, you can’t deny that you rely on your employees to achieve success. Numerous studies and research have shown a strong relationship between employee performance and motivation to business success.

Companies that rank as the best places to work with have one thing in common: happy employees. Employee engagement plays a significant role in employee happiness, but what are other ways to motivate your employees? You can give your employee recognition and awards.

Here are some creative ideas you can implement in your business.

Employee of the month

This is the most common kind of award in companies. Recognize a high-performance employee based on a set of criteria, such as sales, productivity, and attendance, to name a few. Personalized crystal awards are perfect for this type of recognition.

Wall of fame

A wall of fame is a designated wall or feature wall in the office that showcases the photos of the employees of the month or the top sales performers. The wall of fame can also be a birthday wall for employees celebrating their birthday that month.

It can also be a congratulatory wall for specific accomplishments of certain employees, inside or outside of work. For example, you may congratulate an employee who successfully completed a marathon over the weekend. This initiative is a good business idea to encourage and motivate your employees.

Recognizing employees for their commitment and exceptional customer service benefits not only the organization as a whole, but also fosters camaraderie and increases employee retention. https://www.donorsigns.com/ specializes in designing personalized employee appreciation walls that honor employees who have made significant contributions to your company’s success.

Length of service

There are various reasons why employees would stay with a company. Recognize their service and their loyalty to your business as they are part of the success you are enjoying now. Some companies give out these kinds of awards for tenures of three years, five years, ten years, and so on. Personalized trophies or medals are a good award for this.

Employee anniversaries

Besides the length of service awards, you can have an anniversary recognition for your employees. Recognizing each year that your employees stay with you gives them a sense of value in your company.

If you worry that you may break the bank because of the number of employees you have, keep the award simple and be creative. For instance, one company gives out cupcakes and cards to employees celebrating their employment anniversaries, and in the third year onwards, the company gives a badge with the number of years they’ve been employed.

“Go the Extra Mile” (GEM) program

This program was made popular by the Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH). This program allows employees to nominate who they think goes the extra mile for the team.

The nominations are then tallied, and the employee with the highest votes gets the award. You can adopt a similar concept in your company. This can be a fun and exciting way to get unbiased recognition because it comes from other employees.

Spotlight award

You want to make sure that all your employees are valued. Because most awards, like the employee of the month award, are given based on performance, low-key and noncompetitive employees who are nonetheless performing well may feel that they aren’t as valued as the alpha-employees.

The solution is a spotlight award, which can be given randomly to any employee to recognize their work and contribution to the company. When you pick an employee to feature, think about what they are good at and how they’ve been helping the team, and you can also mention their interests. The spotlight award can be done on the company website and social media accounts.

Milestones achieved

This kind of award can be a lot of fun especially when your business setup employs metrics to show progress. Awarding milestones achieved on a regular basis will motivate your employees to reach the next goal.

This award is especially helpful for something that requires teamwork. For example, a milestone could be to increase the team’s productivity by 5% or finish a particular project segment in a week. If the team hits these milestones or targets on the given timeframes, they will be awarded. The reward could be free movie passes, donuts or other food items, or passes to leave work early on a Friday. If the milestone is really significant for the business, you could sponsor a free lunch, a barbeque party, or a beach day for the team.

Being creative and coming up with various awards tell your employees that you appreciate them and value their skills, talents, and contributions in your company. Remember that employee motivation is something that you shouldn’t shrug off because it can break or make your business. Recognizing and rewarding your employees consistently will do wonders for your company.


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