For those who are new to real estate, everyone knows there’s a lot to learn about business, especially if they’re looking to rent a property. To ease the burden, people may want to consider hiring an individual or a third party company, such as Keyrenter: Houston Property Management, to help them manage their rental apartment. However, this person will reflect the client to the tenant, so the client needs to make his or her decision very carefully and with caution.

If a person has never hired a property manager, he or she may not know what qualities to look for. To help these individuals make the right decisions, this article discusses some of the key qualities a good real estate manager should have.


First, ask the client if he or she can trust this person to stay or rent the house. Trust in business is often overlooked. Many think that this is the first thing people should try. Honesty is a key factor in building good business relationships. For a client, it is better to know everything about the manager and transparency is necessary for the business dealers as well.

Accounting and Financial Acumen

Today, it is customary for many commercial real estate companies to completely separate the responsibilities of accounting and asset management. Unfortunately, this means that there is a large pool of professionals with little or no knowledge of financial reporting and accounting. Investors should carefully research potential companies and, if necessary, seek CPA’s help in selecting them.


Hire a professional with experience with the type of property a person is purchasing. Commercial real estate and lessee have different nuances from residential real estate. Retail stores will also face different challenges than offices. An experienced person can help you identify additional opportunities and increase the NOI with the knowledge of rents and costs for these types of properties.

Screening Process for Tenants

The best asset managers are those who screen tenants by checking their biography, creditworthiness, and references. To keep landlords and tenants happy, it is important to find a professional, reputable, and reputable property manager.

The Rates and Cost of Vacancy

Investors often see PM commissions. Instead, focus on the employee turnover process. If the rent is $1,000 and the PM is 10%, a person will pay $100 per month. At 9%, everyone can save only $10 per month. Calculate the cost of work. The same unit is $30 in lost profit on the day it can be used. Become a tenant, book a show and see what the process looks like. If this is inconvenient, this is for the buyer.

Local knowledge

Despite advances in technology, many things can be done behind a computer screen. It is important that the company or person people choose to take care of their property is in a “please” state and can be verified for themselves. Even better if someone can drive or stop regularly. This can reveal problems in a building or community before they become problems. As such, potential clients can check with Keyrenter: Houston Property Management to know more about this ordeal.


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