Indian hot climates are a boon to the ice cream parlour business here. Who would not long for a scoop of ice cream in a hot sunny day! Getting into an ice cream parlour business is one of the profitable business you can start in the hot Indian climate. This business can be ideally started in the locations especially in the hot climates of southern states of India like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh etc. Almost every State in India is suitable for this business.

With a good business plan, you can make your ice cream parlour business successful with more revenue and profit margin.

Self-Owned Shop or A Ice Cream Franchise

Before you get into the ice cream parlor business, first and foremost, you need to know whether to start  an individual  ice cream shop or to go ahead with a branded franchise options like Amul, Baskin Robbins etc. Both have merits and demerits. To start an independent ice cream parlor, you need very less investment.

All you need is to get some good suppliers in your area and start in a rent out space. This is more feasible when you are looking for a small investment. A franchise ice cream parlor option provides you with a detailed business plan as to what to do and how to start your ice cream shop. It may include detailed descriptions about store layouts, suppliers, staff training, store design, ice cream menu and so on.

Good Market Research

It’s always better to avoid high competition from other ice cream parlors in your area. Hence, a good market survey in the nearby areas where you are planning to start your ice cream parlor. Getting ideas from their price quotes, varieties of ice creams served, other services provided such as home delivery options etc can help you to create your business plan accordingly.

You can always try to provide the best and unique services with low price strategy and good quality and variety of ice creams initially. To attract more customers, you can also provide various offers and discounts on the purchases. All these business strategies will help you to beat the existing competition in your area.

Legal Formalities For Ice Cream Parlour Business

Once you have done with the market surveys, the next step is to go ahead with the legal formalities. Depending upon the city you plan to operate, the legal formalities may differ slightly. Hence, it is essential to approach the city health department prior to setting up your ice cream parlor. You are supposed to get a business permit or a mobile permit from the health department.

In order to get the business permit, he details about the costs of business set up, machinery costs, lightings , staff requirements, ventilations, pest control etc will be considered by the health department. Hence, make sure you have a detailed plan and options for all these matters.

List Of Products

After getting the business permit to start your ice cream parlor, the next option is to decide about the list of products to be sold in your ice cream shop. Along with selling ice creams, you can also sell other related food products like soft drinks, bakery products, mineral water etc. Consider the costs and needs of most essential requirements in the shop like fridge, soft serve machines, tables, chairs, storage shelves etc.

After making the list of the necessary products, you have to find the sources for getting them. Either you can purchase the machines your own or can lease or rent them from suppliers. This is wholly depended on the financial budget you are planning to invest in the ice cream parlor.

Finalize The Location

To get increased sales, the tactics is to select a location where more people are around. It can be around a shopping mall, railway station, fun, and theme parks, markets and streets, festive localities etc.  In these places, there will be more demand from the customers. If you are planning for a fixed shop, then ideally you can look out for 400-4000 square feet carpet area nearby these places.

A moving ice cream cart or a food truck can be started with less investment as it does not need a fixed rental place. In addition, you can take the cart to any crowded location depends upon the huge demand from there. Planning for both a fixed ice cream parlor and a moving cart can be also a good idea so that you can cover multiple locations at a time to boost up sales.

Finding Suppliers

If you are a newbie to the ice cream parlor business, then you can directly approach the existing ice cream parlors to get information about the reliable suppliers. This can be a better way as sometimes you may end up in unreliable suppliers if you go with direct search of suppliers.

High Sales Seasons

Ice creams are all time favourite of people, especially in the places where there are more kids. However, you can expect more sales during the months of July and December. Also, in the festive seasons and hot summer months.

Is Ice Cream Parlour A Profitable Business?

If you also start serving your ice creams in bulk for events like wedding parties, birthday parties, sports events etc, these are other effective ways of making a huge profit margin from your ice cream parlour business. In addition, the profitability depends upon the number of sales per month, which is completely based on the demand from the customers.

Right implementation of marketing and selling techniques like low pricing, Home deliveries, unique menu, discounts  and offers, gifts and combos on festive seasons etc, you can ensure a good increase in your sales and profit margin.

A mobile ice cream parlor can even more increase your sales as you have the flexibility to the busiest areas near your locality where more people are around. Moreover, the high costs related to a fixed shop like furniture and fittings, rent etc can be avoided. This in turn will increase your profit margin from your ice cream parlor business.

Now you know that ice cream parlor is a lucrative business option with small investment. Do let us know if you have any queries. Please post them in comments


  1. Hi ,I need to know what will be investment for opening the ice cream parlor in Delhi with area require(dine-in),and how profitable business it is now days,
    Please guide me for the area to consider.

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    pls confirm that what be should ‘Legal Formalities For Ice Cream Parlour Business’ we want this open to UP east village near about 50 km at Allahabad.

    Thank you … Vinod Kumar

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  4. I have a less capital of Rs 2 lac so can I start an ice cream parlour or it will be good to movable ice cream business compared to parlour. Please suggest

  5. Hi,
    How much investment required for starting a ice cream retail shop or ice cream mobile shop. Profit margin approx.
    Please reply

  6. Sir, I wan to start this business at Ramabadrapuran,Vizianagaram dist,Andhrapradesh,India.What are the legal formalities in my area? Pls…Assist


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    I want to starat my new ice cream parlor starat in Mumbai in andheri chakala main market plese halp us
    ReplyWhat can be the monthly income of such an ice cream shop
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  8. Hi friend I want to open a ice cream parlour in my residential area it’s a layout Opp to my shop there is a park it’s open to all give me your inputs and advice on the same thank you

  9. We are suppliers on plastic spoons and customise it according to your requirement which would be an essential thing when you set up an ice cream shop.

  10. I Want to open my Ice cream parlor and cold drink shop/soda drink shop, please advice how to start, I have my own shop 10 x 30 in Bhilai near Smriti Nagar, Bhilai, Chattisgarh, what will be an investment at the initial stage. Please guide.
    my mob No – 7771831789


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