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It would be hard to go toe to toe with Tesla in the electric car market. Though there is always room for great ideas, a startup focused on making electric vehicles would probably not be wise.

Instead, there are plenty of other businesses that can take advantage of the surge in electric car ownership. You may even already have a business that can add value by catering to those owners.

It’s with that in mind that there are lots of opportunities to be found by tapping into the electric car enthusiasm. After all, the people who got rich in the Gold Rush were not the miners, but the people that sold them picks and shovels. Your business can do the same thing.

In this article, I will go over several ideas when it comes to finding competitive advantages by taking advantage of the rise in EV ownership.

1. Build a charging station

Every business man loves a captive audience. Not that you are ever taking advantage of anybody, but when you have a service that ties into something people have to do. What I am talking about specifically in this case is the fact that EV owners have to charge their cars when they are out. 

While they are charging their cars, this is a good opportunity to have them spend money while they wait.

One idea is to make a sort of new age “gas station”. A charging station with multiple docks for cars and then an area for the owners to pass the time while the car charges, It can have a coffee shop, a lounge and possibly even a boardroom that can be rented out by companies to hold meetings. There are a lot of possibilities.

If you have an existing business like a supermarket, then adding charging docks is a no brainer. Give them a reason to come to your store over the competition. Any type of brick and mortar business could benefit from a set of charging docks from a laundromat to a bookstore and everything in between.

2. Make an app

Now, I am not a tech guru so the technical details are not something I could really dive into. What I can say is that having an app for your business these days is very important. And tapping into the market of electric car owners is easier when you have an app that would delight them. 

There are already some big names when it comes to an app for finding charging stations like https://company.plugshare.com/plugshare.html. I would advise staying away from that idea.

Some other ideas that might work, however would be some kind of way to connect with other electric car owners. Maybe a ride share for strictly electric cars for people looking to lower their carbon footprint and would rather not create any greenhouse gases when getting around. 

3. Courier business

There has been an absolute explosion of online shopping this past year. In fact, Amazon could barely keep up with their orders and were actively trying to discourage people from shopping to catch up.

That means that having a courier business could be a good way to take advantage. And with people looking to lead greener lives and support green businesses, a fleet of electric vehicles to deliver packages would be a way to kill two birds with one stone. 

And I don’t just mean packages from ecommerce stores like Amazon and ebay. You could also have some electric motorcycles and be a business to business courier that delivers documents and small packages right away. In a big city, this is an essential service as there are usually time constraints. Using a courier that doesn’t pollute and gets that document that needs to be signed before lunch would be very attractive to many businesses. 

4. Electrify cars

If you are an ace mechanic and love to create one of a kind cars, then there is a gap in the market that you could corner. People are beginning to take classic cars and reoutfit them as electric cars. 
This is especially true for muscle cars as they are actually able to accelerate faster due to the instant torque that batteries provide. If you think you can take apart a classic car from the 60s and install a battery pack in place of the engine then you have what it takes to make a one of a kind business.


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