Before starting a business everybody has to prepare a project plan. If you are really interested in starting a garment factory in small scale you should have a business plan as in any other case.

This article mainly discusses and shares some of the ideas to evolve a business plan for a start-up in garment making industry. In starting every industry an experts help is mandatory. But, if you know the primary things   it will be quite easy for you as an entrepreneur.

There are mainly two options. First reach out to the customers and manufacture products according to their wish and sell. The second option is to make the product according to your wish and find the buyers. Whatever be your choice, some of the following points are to be followed to make the project grand and successful.

Select the product you wish to market

When you think about how to start a garment factory, the first and foremost thing that comes to your mind will be the nature of items that is to be made first. If you are interested in making-shirts, you need not try to manufacture woven items like shirts and trousers at the same time. You will have to cut short the product profile to avoid mess.

Have an estimate

Estimate how many pieces you are planning to make daily. You may not be able to figure out an exact estimate at this point of time. A rough umber will serve the purpose. You can modify the figures depending up on your budget and the demand from the customers. The same principle can be applied in the case of requirement of the number of machines. It depends on how many pieces you plan to make per day.

Number of Machines

Now you have estimated your production requirement. If you have the idea about production figure and type of the product it will be quite easy to calculate the number of machines and the requirement of other accessories. You can calculate in the other way also .If you plan to set up an estimated number of machines and equipments you can easily calculate the estimated number of products and product type.

Type of Machines

Next step when you think how to start a garment factory is the requirement of the type of the machine from the wide range of product samples. It is also necessary to find out the number of machines to be purchased and type of machines.

Make list gof essential machines and other accessories like pressing tables, cutting room machines, diesel generator for power back up and other equipment and furnishings.

Raw Materials Requirement

Now that you have already selected the product you are going to make. Next step is to list out the raw materials needed for consumption. This will help you to prepare your budget to acquire the raw materials.

Factory Space Requirement

This is an important point when you think how to start a garment factory. To set up a factory there should be sufficient space for installing machines, setting up of departments, space for office staff. For this you can rent a space

Manpower Requirement

Now you have an idea of materials and machines and the next step is man power planning. This includes the number of workers, supervisors you need to hire to make the garments and to run the business hassle free.

Project Cost 

In order to know how much money is to be invested you have to prepare the cost of the project. Rent, capital investment, salary of the staff, EMI if there is loan are the key factors in preparing the project cost. You can also include the finance required for purchase of raw materials and other sundry expenses. You have to prepare cash flow statements at least for a year to avoid financial crisis. Seeking an experts help will be useful.

Supplier Listing 

Now you can start working on finding good and reliable suppliers. Establish suppliers locally and further in other states also.

Reach to Your Customers 

Make a list of potential customers and start contacting them. An expert will guide you.

The above are the important guidelines when you think how to start a garment factory.

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  1. I am intrested to set up a garments unit at Neemrana, Rajasthan. I have the sufficient space in industry area. Expert/qualified/experienced may be sent to me.

  2. hi.
    i am prem kumar Tamang from nepal. i need ready made garment factory. where possible in available ready made garment factory machinery.

  3. i hv already place with all garment machinery
    ..required experienced tailor, for mass production with good knowledge of tailoring. Resident facility available for tailors and other staff. I can starts within 15 days….factory located near HIMATNAGAR

  4. Thanks to your valuable suggestions .sir I aslo interested to start the small scale garment firm I need your help how to start the pliminiery step…of the garment factory

  5. Sir/madam I’m rajasri yadala I want to start small scale garment factory in amaravathi(andhara pradesh )plz advise me thank you.

  6. Sir my name is Ibrahim I’m in Karnataka near mysore I would like to start small scale garments factory and I have good space so any one interested to do jointventchur pls contact me

  7. Hello team i am from navi mumbai and just want to know what all the machinery required for garment manufacturing and what is the cost for it.

  8. Hi, my name is pramod, from mumbai,
    I like to start small business like garment factory, please give your best advice


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