Basics Of Recycling Business:

Recycling itself is a larger concept of business. You can alarmingly earn more in this business in India as you can find plastics thrown after usage; however, the user does not know the importance of the recycling plastic when he does that!

How To Start Up With The Recycling Business Of Plastic:

Like any other business, you have to find the details about the recycling steps before starting one on your own. It is pretty simple. Just visit some of the recycling plants and find out from where the plastics are acquired. Once you know that, which is usually done with the help of the team of scrap pickers, you will have to find the plant that does the recycling of the plastics.

On the other hand you could go for machinery that recycles the plastics. It is your choice to just deliver the items to the recycling plant with the agreement done between you and the plant or recycle it by yourself with an amount being therein. It is obvious that there would be a little higher to be done in the case of the latter. However, that would be a onetime investment.

To be on the safer side, do hold on to the former plan as specified above and then you could improvise with the machinery installation aspect, once you learn the business!

Plan The Strategy Before You Start:

Draw a plan strategy to find out who would supply you the plastics and to whom you should supply. There are companies who buy plastics and recycle them for the result of getting fabric. Analyze the companies who are immensely looking out for this.

This is not going to be a cake walk and hence, concentrate on the areas where information is precise through contacts. Thorough search of the information relating to this can be got from the current technology, which is the internet. Apart from this get into the field and search it. Meet the scrap pickers and find out the in and out of the business as they are ones who are there in the field and will give you the relevant information.

Obtaining License From The Authorized Dignitaries:

There should be license obtained for plastic recycling business in India like any other businesses. Hence, get along to find the same from the authorities and also let them know about your business plan. They should be issuing the permit to sell the plastics for recycling!

Once you get that done, you are set to go ahead with the start. Go with the legalities accurately as this would keep the smooth running of the business for a long period of time.

Finance The Business:

Even if you have a sufficient amount to start the business, or you hardly have any amount, the aspect would be one of the important aspects to be considered in setting up of any business. The smart way to deal with this concept would be getting the financial assistance with the meager rate of interest. Make sure that when you repay the amount; pay a part of the principal amount as well in order to reduce the burden of payment.

The Source Of The Plastics:

The place from where it has to be collected from has to be decided. It would be better if you opened the store in the place where there is more crowds. This is because the store would be brought to the customers notice accordingly.

On the other hand if the recycling of plastics is done in the manufacturing plant, then it is better to select a remote or faraway place for the same. This is because there would be cleaning process involved in the recycling of plastics in order to produce a particular product. Hence, there should be enough places to let go the same with the safety measures involved.

One of the best places to start the recycling of plastics is from the homes. You could provide the pamphlets to homes to let them know that you would who would give the used plastic bottles, pipes etc. This way you can get the continuity of the source in the.

Advertise The Business:

Finally, it is time for you to let people know about your existence. You could have the advertisements done through the flyers given across the areas where you have started the business. The shops there can be also considered in the list as they would be the main sources of plastics.

Team Up With The Scrap Pickers:

The scrap pickers are those who would be helpful enough to locate and get the plastics for your plastic recycling plant . They dig into the of the source and get it within a small period of time with less effort.

There is lot of profit in this plastic recycling business in India if done accurately. See that you are guided by the experienced ‘clan’ and do less mistakes resulting in less loss to business. There is always learning curve and hence, you are bound to do the mistakes, however, learning from them is very important so that you take the business to the place where you want it to be accordingly. Make sure your team is bent upon getting the best of what they have in order to sustain in the and this is possible only if you keep the sources happy and satisfied.


  1. I want to start this business but having a lot of problem identifying the customer. I understand the govt. is buying shredded plastic and I want to know how can I supply it to them or any other private businesses.

    Please help!


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