battery recycling business

Batteries are used in many electronics and electrical devices. There are two kinds of batteries available in the market they are single use and rechargeable batteries. This both batteries have a limited lifetime, after that, they should be thrown out or should be recycled easily.

Battery recycling is the process where discarded and exhausted batteries are crushed into pieces to use the same for making new batteries. Recycling can help companies to save a lot of money because recycling means reuse of the same material for making new batteries.

Battery recycling is good for the both environment and mother earth, this process even good for future generations. There are many industries in the country running to recycle used batteries. There are misconceptions that batteries should not be recycled. By recycling batteries in an environment-friendly way and in cost efficiency way, a company can save a lot of money.

Starting a battery recycling can be an easy process; all you should have is enough knowledge. You can start this business easily. Below are points that explain starting this scrap battery recycling business.

Used Battery Recycling Business Plan

You should have a proper plan before you start this business because without a proper plan it is very tough to generate some good profit from this battery recycling business. Here you should have clear idea how much capital money you need and operating cost of the business. Location also matters a lot, you should be careful in choosing the location to start this business. Good marketing plans and searching for good customers also matters a lot.


This is important if you are starting this business in large scale. You should get your company registered under companies’ act of the country. You should also make sure what kind business structure you choose for your company, whether the company you are going to start is a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or company with limited liability. After all this, you need to register your battery recycling company.

Identifying Customers

In this business you are going to collect the used batteries from different location in your city and you will dump the scrap batteries for selling or recycling. You should get customers who need the help of your battery recycling business. You need to contact companies who pay you for handling the recycling of their batteries in huge quantity. You should assure them that your process of recycling will be done in a more eco-friendly way. You should also maintain quality.

Selling Battery Scrap To Recycling Companies

You can collect the battery scrap and can sell it to companies who are looking for used dead batteries. Price of scrap battery goes up and down every month and you could make good profit in only collecting and selling used batteries. You can also collect the battery and store it for few months and then sell them when price goes up. Keep it contact with buyers of scrap batteries and stay informed about current cost of used battery in market and then sell them with some reasonable profit margin.

Collection Point

You should be able to collect batteries marketplaces. You should have a proper plan to do this. Try to install collection bins in where you have more customers, try to create pick-up at least once a week. Also, provide transportation to bring all batteries meant for recycling to business cycling center or for selling it to recycling companies. You can also collect batteries from car repairing garage where dead car battery can be used for recycling.

Marketing Strategies

As demand for used batteries are always high so you are not going to need expensive marketing strategy for this business. Keep in touch with few buyers and you are good to go at this beginning stage. You can also hire marketing guys who can offer you best marketing ideas to improve business. Online banners, hoarding, email marketing plans very important role to attract customer easily. Marketing campaigns for battery recycling business can help to reach customers who like to take your services.

Everything should be done in planned way to make profits from this battery recycling business. Meeting targets fulfilling the needs of various customers, maintaining quality can matter a lot to run this business in a profitable way.


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