aloe vera business plan

Aloe Vera farming business profit has tremendously increased with the growing demand of herbal and cosmetic product and pharmaceutical companies. The main advantage of this farming is that it require less water and maintenance. Cost of production is less and there is high profit margin in Aloe Vera farming.

With the high medicinal value and increasing concern of Aloe Vera it is very popular across the globe, also known as miracle plant is the gift of nature to human being. There are tons of medicinal benefits of this plant which we cannot count on fingers.

It has an antibiotic and antifunagal properties with loads of vitamins and minerals which makes Aloe Vera a superfood.  Also we are well aware with the fact that it has a superb healing effect on skin. So in this topic we are not covering the health benefits of aloevera as most of us generally know about this miraculous plant. Here in this article we will discuss the steps need to be taken in aloevera farming and its profit margin.

Different varieties of Aloe vera which is very popular in trade are:-

Chinensis , Littorallis and Aloe Abyssinica are the different varieties of aloe vera however for aloe vera farming in india IEC 111271 , AAL1 , IEC 111269 are highly productive hybrid for farming.

Selection of land in Aloevera farming:-

Initially 2 acre of land is needed for the profitable outcome at the beginning of Aloe Vera  is generally cultivated in the dry region with minimal rainfall and warm humid region.  So the suitable selection of land is required with dry region and low water stagnantation soils. Sandy soils are the best for its cultivation also well drained black cotton soils is very suitable for the perfect growth of Aloe Vera farming. In land selection we should select those land which is at little height with ground level so as to avoid rain water stagnation also the well drained light sandy soil is best.

Land Ploughing in Aloe Vera farming:-

before starting of monsoon the field should be well prepared. Its time to plough the land. Land should be thoroughly ploughed till the soil become fine separated and drained. In order to increase the fertility of land just add 10 to 15 tonnes of organic farm yard maure. The PH of the soil should be 8.5 with the adequate salt content.

Propagation and Planting of aloe Vera :-

Aloe Vera plant is propagated by rhizome cutting and also from root suckers, for its propagation the underground rhizome is dug out and suitable length recommended  5-5.5 cms is cut which must contain minimum of two to three nodes in it first it should be rooted in sand beds or particular container after its sprouting it is ready for the plantation. Similarly the root suckers is dug out from the parent plant and should be planted with a separation of 50×45 cms and length of rhizome cutting and root suckers must be in 12-15cms range. It is highly advisable that the two third portion of the plant should be inside ground.

Irrigation and pest control:-

After proper plantation the irrigation must be done as per the moisture content of the soil. Pest control is also very necessary step to be taken in order to avoid damage to the plant. Mealy Bug is the major threat to the aloe vera crop and the major disease is the spotting of leaves.

So for the aloe vera weeding plan proper spraying of 0.1% of parathion or 0.2% of malathion aqueous solution is needed. Also 0.2% dithane M-45 spraying should be done weekly to prevent from leaf spot.

Aloe vera harvesting:-

If everything is done as prescribed above there would be a very profitable harvesting time. In almost 8 months first harvesting can be done. Manual harvesting is needed as the broken rhizome left in the soil will sprout again so special attention must be taken while harvesting the aloe vera plant. From the second year there would be a commercial yield of aloevera crop and will last upto 5 years. So from the second year the profit margin will grow unexpectedly. An average of 8,000 to 10,000 kg of aloe vera crop is obtained from 2 Acre of land.

Marketing of Aloe Vera :-

Now this is the time of marketing . Though the targeted customers and marketing strategy should be  the first step of every business. Here in this aloe vera farming our targeted market is the herbal, pharma and cosmetic companies. The popularity of aloe vera is increasing day by day which excel its demand in the market so in order to market our product we should directly contact the herbal , pharma or cosmetic companies giant like Patanjali or Himalaya and some other herbal companies.

So, guys what are you waiting for,  profit margin of aloe vera farming business is very good those who have surplus land give it this farming business a start.

Profit margin of aloe vera farming :-

In 2 Acre of land almost 30 tonnes of aloe vera is produced cost of per tonn in indian market is around 15-20 thousand rupees, also  around 40 thousand is the approx investment through which you can earn 5-6 lakhs of rupees every year for five years if you direct sell your aloe vera to the companies or local vendor. There is huge earning in Aloe Vera processing . if you setup an aloe vera processing plant and manufacture your aloe vera product like Aloe vera juice , skin cream etc then the profit margin would be huge, earning can be in crore if you do this farming systematically , you can also buy aloe vera from local vendor or farmer and process in your processing plant do your product manufacturing and branding which will reduce the middle man cost and you reach the consumer directly. Also try to promote your aloe vera product online. sell them through online shopping companies  giant like amazon flipkart etc.

So I would highly recommend you guys specially those who have enough land and they are planning to do any agiculture or farming business do this farming which you will never regret and the profit margin will speak itself.


  1. Hi,
    I’m planning to start this farming, If every thing goes well, I will stop paddy farming and start this. I’m looking for 45acres. I want clear details.

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    I am praveen kumar.
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    Why should we do in large scale, if we start with small scale any marketing issue will come?
    And some one suggest me can we do this by vertical farming in terrace?

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  5. hello i have 2 acer land and interested to cultivate alovera plant. i need help how to colleact alovera plant for cultivate. plz help me

  6. I am interested in Aloe Vera cultivation. I have 2 acres of land. Kindly guide me how to proceed in this regards



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