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As a real estate developer, investing in senior living facilities could be your best decision. Not only because there is a rise in demand for luxury senior living, but also because it’s associated with social work. 

In a world where everyone leaves their parents because of their old age, you’re building homes for them. However, you must create beautiful spaces that cater to the needs of residents in order to make a competitive return on your investment. 

But, in order to make that happen, you need a good architecture design. You also need to keep an eye on the biggest trends in senior housing architecture. Remember, senior living facilities architecture design is completely different from commercial construction architecture designs. 

When you focus on what kind of design attracts senior residents or their families, you will have a chance to maximize your profit. 

Read on to know more about senior living facilities architecture design. 

Don’t limit Movement

If there’s one thing seniors need then it is movement. In the past, many designers limited the movement between the living rooms and common areas as much as possible because they thought it would be difficult for seniors to move on a regular basis.

But, now that the researchers have said movement increases the lifespan of older adults and that movement improves mobility while reducing the likelihood of physical disabilities in the future, the need for encouraging movement has increased. Therefore, it is important to create a floorplan that encourages movement. 

In simpler words, design longer hallways, larger rooms, and enough outdoor space. In fact, a small gym designed especially for senior citizens in the building would be great. 

Even if some residents already have a problem with walking or other severe health problems, simply walking from one end of the home to another end of a long common area could provide them with a sense of accomplishment. 

Improve Staff-Only Spaces

The most important part of senior living facilities is its staff. Senior citizens give importance to how the facility’s design can improve their life. Higher staff turnover with less space is considered as elder abuse and hence you need to increase staff-only spaces. 

Design staff-only spaces which mean staff-only kitchen, lounges, and even areas where they can take a nap or maybe bedrooms for them. 

Make sure that the areas for them are large enough and allows plenty of natural light to come in. Also, make sure that there is enough space for the storage of medications and other equipment. 

Moreover, you can also include classroom space for staff where they can learn how to hone their skills. Not only staff but new hirings, interns, and current nursing students can also learn how to take care of senior citizens. 

Make Kitchen a Community Area

Instead of making a standard visitation or common room, make the kitchen as a community area as it is the best way to promote engagement and activity between the seniors. 

This way you can host cooking classes where seniors prepare meals for their community. This way you can create a home-like atmosphere and encourage communication between the residents. 

Moreover, it’s far better than them just sitting and watching their favorite show on television. If the facility you’re designing for doesn’t allow you to design a kitchen-based community area, then you can convert a coffee area into the community. 

Separate Public Areas from Private Areas

What’s the biggest concern of families when they put in assisted living is the dignity and privacy that the people will receive. 

Just like us, seniors care deeply about their privacy. Also, they want to be independent while maintaining privacy. 

If seniors or their family members feel that you don’t have a private space for them to receive assistance with personal tasks, then they’re less likely to opt for your living facility. 

A design like an Apartment

As an architect, you must know the importance of a senior living facility that looks more like a high-end apartment complex and less like a standard nursing home. 

Remember that people opt for senior living facilities not only because they need a higher level of care but also because they’re comfortable. 

In simple words, a one-room living space that consists of one bedroom, hall, and the kitchen is not adequate. Seniors need more space to enjoy with their friends, a private bedroom that has enough space for them to move, and not to mention a big washroom. 


Today’s senior living facilities are all about encouraging engagement, fun, and movement in a way that fosters a sense of independence. Investing in a senior living facility could be one of your great investment as a real estate developer.


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