Direct Mailing is the dominating marketing strategy in 2018. We believe it will also dominate 2019. Direct Mail helps to communicate with clients and promote your business to grow. It has a personal touch that (if done right) can captivate an audience.

Following, we will outline the ongoing mail trends that will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Integrated Marketing

Multi-Channel Integration enjoyed mainstream success last year, and it continues to be the dominating mail trend of 2018.

Integrated marketing offers synergistic advantages and research-backed strategy. It combines both direct mailing and email marketing. You will have to coordinate your message across several channels to broaden your audience.

Speak to others and outline a strategy that works for you. Integrate direct mailing and online advertising with QR codes, and URLs on direct mailers. The consumer will scan QR code with their device and reach a targeted landing page, discounts or bonuses.

Carefully craft the content specific to your client’s interests and habits.  This is where you need personalised direct mail. Use mainlining companies for mail management to connect with the audience and promote them to buy your products.

Don’t forget to send follow up messages and keep in touch with them. It will help promote brand loyalty.

Enhanced Data

Technology helps to produce Accurate Data.

Today, you can target a buyer based on their shopping needs or habits. You may need to retarget them if they leave their basket empty.  This data helps to find the personal interest of your targets.

The possibilities are endless, so you better update from time to time. Refresh the prospect list from time to time.  It ensures you cater the product and services to people at the right time.

Don’t target people off-chance and hope they will be interested in what you offer.

If you need to outsource the work to a mailing house, you better provide the mailing company with accurate data to ensure your mail management campaign is successful. Try to improve your data for highly-personalised mail marketing.

Programmatic Mail

Programmatic Mail has become a buzzword today.

It is among the most effective trends of direct mail marketing. Many people consider it the future of mail marketing and marketing email houses will pave the way for it.

It is a data-driven approach and lets you create a more attractive profile to attract a wide audience. According to studies, if you combine direct mail with social media, it will receive a higher response rate and bring you more business than digital ads.

It modernises the marketing model and successfully increases your revenue. Programmatic mail cuts the need of printing, saving your resources and time.

A Personal Touch

Programmatic Direct Mail gives rise to Personalized Direct Mail. This mailing trick should be an important part of your marketing strategies. This is a refined marketing system which brings in great results.

You can create a sellable persona to encourage people to buy from you. Offer them something according to their needs and habits. Doing so will attract more people to your brand.

Dimensional Mail

Postcards, Letters, and catalogues are prolific direct mailer formats. Therefore, you better think out of the box. Automated Marketing and Advancements in tech means the direct mail will be a think of past. So, you must consider Dimensional Mail.

Dimensional Pieces stand out from the crowd of Junk mail and attract more attention. Add a promotional package with personalised direct mail.

Consider a promotional package with personalised direct mail, and provide easy access to your service. It will help make your brand popular among the crowd.


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