A proper work environment can be the difference-maker between having a successful company and being on the brink of bankruptcy. If you want to avoid the latter, you will need to work on providing a healthier place for your employees. One where they can prosper and find the motivation to get to work on time every day and meet their deadlines on time.

However, achieving all of that can be difficult, particularly if you or your human resources department still lacks the necessary experience. If you have started working on a proper work environment strategy, this article’s suggestions should come in handy. After all, extra help is a good thing, right?

Suggestion #1 – Provide and Ask for Feedback

Some companies underestimate the importance of feedback. And feedback should go both ways, meaning that you need to carry out surveys and get employee opinions on the work, as well as perform work employee reviews.

For employee reviews, you have performance appraisal as one of the best tactics. An article on effective employee appraisal methods explained by Ahoyteam emphasizes not just the feedback aspect of modern performance appraisal.

Companies can also get insight into future training needs, boost employee productivity, motivation, retain existing talent, and unite the team under a single company vision.

As for feedback from employees to higher-ups, human resources should be in charge of surveys that inquire workers on what the company lacks, what they think the future will be like, and even how happy they are in the current environment.

Suggestion #2 – Build Trust

Trust should be one of the priorities for companies that are looking to build something genuine. If you are not transparent with your employees, they will not hesitate and turn back on you when there is a chance. 

Keep the promises you make. If you told someone that they are getting a promotion or a pay rise, do not disappoint them. Avoid phrases like “I will try” or “I will do my best” because they are too vague. 

Owning up to mistakes and showing compassion are also good signs that someone is trustworthy, particularly if they are higher up the corporate ladder. 

Suggestion #3 – Communicate

The lack of communication can lead to a number of problems. Sure, there are instances when a manager forgets to inform their team about something important, but plenty of workers are unhappy with the information they receive from management in general. 

Of course, management is not always at fault. Some employees fail to ask questions or follow-up. For example, if you sent someone an email and asked them to finish a task before the weekend, do not neglect to send a follow-up email or talk to them in person to confirm that they have finished the work.

Encouraging conversations between coworkers is also one of the keys. Even if it is something casual and not work-related, it is easier to work on the same project when everyone involved has a bond between them.

Suggestion #4 – Provide Motivation

Finding motivation can be difficult, particularly nowadays when so many are stuck at home, and the ongoing pandemic dampens one’s spirits. However, even a small gesture could make someone’s whole week.

Compliment someone’s work when possible. A person will feel like others appreciate them, and they will continue to make progress and put effort into their job instead of doing the bare minimum.

Setting small and measurable goals, as well as celebrating them, is also a good motivator. Crossing milestones off the checklist helps you move forward as you clear an obstacle and can take the next step. 

Suggestion #5 – Be Flexible

Flexibility is one of the main keywords when it comes to modern work culture. And remote work is one of the best examples of a flexible job at the moment. 

This has been the case before the pandemic, but now, more and more companies are finding it efficient to let employees stay at home. That extra hour in the morning that one would have to spend commuting to work can go a long way in boosting productivity if it is spent sleeping.

Of course, if the job offers flexibility, and some end up working remotely while others still need to go to the office, make sure that everyone involved is on the same page. 

Suggestion #6 – Offer Various Perks

Some would argue that there is no better way to motivate workers than offering them various perks. And the list of potential benefits is quite long.

You have salary increases, paternity and maternity leave with full pay, promotions from within instead of hiring from outside, an employee of the month hall of fame, education and training programs, and even gym memberships or various discount coupons.

Keep in mind, though, that different people have different preferences when it comes to perks. Instead of guessing what someone would like, ask them directly and see whether you can manage to reward them for their hard work.


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