Whether you’re a foreigner looking to move to Cyprus or a local considering a move from the larger towns, Paphos has a lot to offer. In fact, searching for property for sale in Paphos has always been popular and you can view more details of the different property types available from a reputable property developer. They have something for everyone.

Why Searching for Property for Sale in Paphos is so Popular

Many foreigners choose to search for property for sale in Paphos because it’s a stunning coastal town with every modern convenience available. There are actually quite a few reasons, as listed below, why Paphos is so popular:

  • Coastal lifestyle
  • Pricing and timing
  • Range of property types
  • Residency by investment
  • Modern conveniences
  • Transport and infrastructure

Coastal Lifestyle

It almost goes without saying that living by the sea is a great experience. The sea air is good for your health and you’ll also benefit from a laidback Mediterranean approach to life when searching for properties for sale in Paphos. Furthermore, Paphos is a UNESCO heritage site so you’ll have lots of tours on which to take your visitors. However, you’ll also be surrounded by history every day, for example, the old signs of the ancient Aphrodite cult dotted around Kato Paphos town center.

Furthermore, Cyprus in general offers very healthy and delicious food. Think kebabs, moussaka, and gorgeous salads. Festivals are another aspect of Paphos life where you’ll also be able to taste all the different foods. They actually occur over the year and are a fun way to experience the local culture and music as well as the overall warmth and hospitality of Cyprus.

Pricing and Timing

Paphos has always been a popular destination because it’s smaller and less busy than the bigger towns of Limassol and Nicosia. Unfortunately, though, the pandemic has affected everyone, and prices of properties for sale in Paphos have dropped. Having said that, they are on the rise again and due to go back to where they were in early 2022. This could therefore be the perfect time to look for deals on properties for sale.

Range of Property Types

Depending on what you want, you’ll clearly have to work out how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need. Regardless, there is a great range of properties so you can find the perfect apartment, bungalow, villa, or detached townhouse for you. Prices tend to start at around 80,000 euros and can go up to several 100 thousand or even millions. There really is a budget for everyone.

It’s worth noting that Paphos District is actually quite a large area that doesn’t just revolve around Kato Paphos town center. There are actually many villages dotted around that offer a different charm. Some of the more popular names include Tremithousa, Kissonerga, Talla, Chloraka, and Universal. Then again, if you want a sea view then check out Peyia with its Coral Bay and the Sea Caves. The Aphrodite Hills is another location again where you’ll.

Residency by Investment

People who choose to live abroad usually have to deal with the hassle of renewing their visas every year. The good news is that Cyprus allows you to invest in property to get onto the fast track process for residency. There are different options you can follow although the amount needed is around 250 to 300 thousand euros. Bear this in mind when viewing the different options of apartment buildings, bungalows,s or villa listings.

Modern Conveniences

Paphos has a great choice of restaurants, shops, bars and nightclubs such that you can’t get bored. You’ll also be located near the Troodos Mountains so you can even ski in the morning and sunbathe in the afternoon. Most importantly, there are good local and international schools as well as hospitals in Paphos. With residency status, you can also access the public health system which is very good.

Transport and Infrastructure

Not only is there a favorable tax system but things work. Paphos has a high-standard international airport as well as good bus routes and of course, taxis. If you’re a Cyprus national, you might also be working in Limassol or even Nicosia. Limassol is an easy daily commute away. Even though Nicosia is slightly further away, it’s doable a few times a week.On the other side, you might appreciate a weekend getaway home in Paphos Cyprus.

Parting Words on Popularity of Property for Sale in Paphos

Paphos Cyprus offers so much ranging from stunning sea views, outdoor sports, entertainment, and a range of gorgeous properties for sale. Some of these are very affordable although of course, you can also find high-luxury properties if you prefer. Overall though, life really can be healthy and hassle-free and, with permanent residency status, you’ll be set for life.


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