There are several important advantages from scanning concrete with GPR


Accurate Imaging 

Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys (GPR) provide you with an accurate image of lies below the surface and the capacity to analyze slices at any depth needed. GPR also provides the depth and orientation of objects embedded within.  

This can be supported with dual-tech systems, like Conquest 100. These dual-tech systems combine the data from GPR with Power Cable Detection Systems. This takes the process a step further and reveals which conduits may be carrying hazardous power cables with a live current.  

Effective In Order To Be Efficient 

Even though these services are increasingly in high demand, the price for this service has not gotten any lower. This is why it is so important to make sure your GPR is provided by an experienced expert that can deliver precise results without errors or having to carry out the project twice is an important advantage. Having the job done quickly is not a bad thing, but completing the task effectively is the best way to go. Your service provider should take the time to survey the site and adjust their efforts to the conditions they find. From these initial reconnaissance scans, they decide whether a fuller scan is in order or not.  

Workflow Integration 

A top-notch service provider will fit into the workflow and project management of their valued client like an extension of the operations, especially on larger projects. It is no exaggeration to say this in itself has many benefits to improving the function and efficiency of the operations at hand. One example would be conducting a real-time assessment by offsite reviewers. This can greatly shorten the time between scanning and cutting. Sometimes the task can be accomplished in that one critical first scan. 


Techniques of assessment and testing that are the least invasive possible are always the best way to go. This is true even when applying core or more destructive types of testing are required. Having the data to direct exploratory excavations to their target with precision will save time and precious resources.  

Difficult Sites 

GPR sensors are compact enough to be used in any location and in any orientation on floors, walls, and even ceilings. GPR is applied to the exposed surfaces and can then locate features slab on grade. GPR is also able to identify voids throughout surrounding materials. With this information, larger areas can be mapped by conducting a mobile scan with GPR deployed while towed from the back of a truck.  


GPR is a versatile tool that can accomplish a variety of different tasks. For example, it offers owners a wider range of opportunities to take their operations in new directions. This could include cutting and coring, assessing deterioration of rebar, and providing due diligence records, your GPR scan can handle all of this and more.  

Health and Safety 

There are also some important social and regulatory reasons to choose GPR scanning. GPR is the socially responsible choice as it provides the most safety to your operations. Not only is GPR gentle on infrastructure, but it is also the safest for operators and the general public. You will be able to use this technology in a crowded city park and there would be no threat to the people around.  


A GPR system is an especially cost-effective device and can be used effectively by anyone with just a little experience. Data processing has been improved with automation so that reports are provided and updated in real-time. Owners can also benefit from the detailed information provided from the GPR systems history showing where it has been used and for what purpose.  

Concrete scanners have been around for a long time and evolved from being very crude instruments to highly developed tools of precision. Developments in both hardware and software applied here have allowed modern GPR systems to transform data into 3D images that can be better analyzed. The ability to provide this top-quality imagery and information can be a significant advantage.


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