In the vibrant heart of India, the dream of launching one’s own manufacturing business is alive and well. For those who might not have a large capital to start with, there’s good news! Opportunities abound for the determined entrepreneur ready to make their mark with just a modest investment. Let’s explore some of the most promising avenues for small manufacturing businesses in 2024, perfect for the small saver with big ambitions.

Glasses Frames

Ravi’s journey began with a modest investment in a small machine, allowing him to craft stylish glasses frames. With an initial investment of 3-5 lakhs, this venture stands as a testament to how small beginnings can lead to becoming the talk of the town in the eyewear industry.

Bubble Wrap and Sheets

In the era of online shopping, the need for protective packaging like bubble wrap is ever-increasing. With an investment of less than 10 lakhs, entrepreneurs can tap into this booming market, supplying e-commerce giants and small businesses alike.


Whether it’s for gifts or storage, the demand for boxes is universal. Starting this business requires minimal investment but promises a steady stream of profits as your products find their way into homes and offices.

Agarbatti Machine Manufacturing

Mohan’s success story started with an investment of less than 50,000 INR in making machines for agarbattis (incense sticks), turning it into a monthly income of 30,000 – 60,000 INR. This niche offers a unique entry point into the manufacturing sector.

Agarbatti Making

Expanding beyond machinery, the production of agarbattis themselves represents a fragrant opportunity. With one machine and under 4 lakhs, entrepreneurs can start producing the beloved scents that adorn many Indian homes and temples.

Towel Making

Raj’s narrative from Surat highlights the potential in towel manufacturing. Starting with just one machine, the business has room for significant growth, catering to both domestic and commercial needs.

Phone Cases

In a world where smartphones are ubiquitous, phone cases represent a small investment with huge potential returns. This market thrives on creativity and can be started with minimal upfront costs.

Disposable Cups

A staple at chai stalls and celebrations, disposable cups offer a business opportunity with a small initial investment. This venture promises quick returns in a market driven by convenience.

T-shirt Printing

Harness your creativity by starting a T-shirt printing business. With the power of online marketplaces like Amazon, unique designs can reach a wide audience, turning a hobby into a profitable venture from the comfort of your home.

Tissue Paper

An essential item in every setting from restaurants to homes, the tissue paper business requires an investment of less than 5 lakhs for machinery, opening doors to a market with consistent demand.

Jute Bags

Starting this eco-friendly venture from your home with 2-3 helpers, jute bags are simple to make and enjoy a steadily growing demand due to their sustainability.

Computer Accessories

Begin by manufacturing simple items like mouse pads and sell them in local computer shops. This low-entry business can yield satisfying returns.

Electric Wires

With a higher initial investment, the electric wires business caters to the ever-present need in new buildings for quality wiring solutions.

Sewing Threads

A small, simple start in the sewing threads business can unravel into a large success story, thanks to the constant demand in the textile industry.


Embark on the zipper manufacturing journey with a machine costing under 4 lakhs. Zippers’ universal application in clothing and accessories spells out a clear path to success.


Leveraging skilled carpentry and basic materials, starting with simple furniture pieces can grow into a lucrative business, beautifying homes one piece at a time.

Aluminium Railings

Invest in manufacturing aluminium railings, a product in demand across residential and commercial properties for its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Bottled Water

Addressing the critical need for clean drinking water, starting a bottled water business can make a significant impact, even in smaller towns, with the right investment.

Aluminium Foils

Dive into the aluminium foil business with a machine costing between 1-2 lakhs. Its high demand for food preservation opens up vast market possibilities.


Illuminate lives with candles for every occasion. A simple machine can light the way to a glowing business opportunity, from birthdays to romantic dinners.

To summarize the small manufacturing business ideas outlined in the article, providing a quick reference for entrepreneurs. This table includes the business idea, the initial investment required, and a brief description of each opportunity:

Manufacturing Business IdeaInitial Investment RequiredDescription
Glasses Frames3-5 LakhsStart crafting stylish glasses frames with a small machine and minimal investment.
Bubble Wrap and SheetsLess than 10 LakhsTap into the e-commerce packaging needs by producing protective bubble wrap and sheets.
BoxesVaried, Low InvestmentManufacture gift and storage boxes to meet the universal demand for packaging solutions.
Agarbatti Machine ManufacturingLess than 50,000 INRProduce machines for making incense sticks, with potential monthly earnings of 30,000 – 60,000 INR.
Agarbatti MakingLess than 4 LakhsDirectly produce incense sticks using a single machine, catering to a widespread market.
Towel MakingVaried, Based on Machine CostEnter the textile industry by starting with towel manufacturing and expand as demand grows.
Phone CasesSmall Start-up CostDesign and produce smartphone cases, a venture with large market potential and creativity.
Disposable CupsModerate InvestmentAddress the need for disposable cups in chai stalls, parties, and events with a bit of investment.
T-shirt PrintingHome-based, Low InvestmentUse unique designs to print T-shirts and sell them online, turning creativity into profit.
Tissue PaperLess than 5 LakhsInvest in machinery to produce tissue paper, a staple commodity in homes and restaurants.
Jute BagsSmall Start-up CostCreate eco-friendly jute bags from home with a small team, tapping into the sustainable market.
Computer AccessoriesLow InvestmentStart by making simple computer accessories like mouse pads and explore the tech accessory market.
Electric WiresHigher Investment RequiredCater to the construction industry by supplying quality electric wires.
Sewing ThreadsLow to Moderate InvestmentManufacture sewing threads, a basic but essential item in the textile industry.
ZippersUnder 4 LakhsProduce zippers, an indispensable component in fashion and accessories.
FurnitureCost of Materials and CarpentryBegin with simple wooden furniture and expand your range as the business grows.
Aluminium RailingsModerate InvestmentManufacture aluminium railings required in both residential and commercial properties.
Bottled WaterConsiderable InvestmentStart a bottled water business to meet the demand for clean drinking water.
Aluminium Foils1-2 LakhsEnter the food preservation market by producing aluminium foils.
CandlesSmall Machine CostManufacture candles for various occasions, from birthdays to home decor.

This table provides a snapshot of potential manufacturing business ideas that entrepreneurs can consider starting in 2024, highlighting the diversity of opportunities available with varying levels of initial investment.

Conclusion Embarking on a manufacturing business journey in India doesn’t require a fortune. The right idea, coupled with a strategic plan and hard work, can transform even the smallest start into a grand success. The above ideas are just the beginning. With passion and perseverance, any venture can scale great heights in the ever-evolving market of 2024.


  1. Thanks for sharing these manufacturing business ideas for India and abroad. I am currently residing in south africa and want to start a manufacturing business in India. Could you please help me with the business which can be started with 5 to 10 lakhs INR of investment.

    I am interested in optical frame and agarbatti manufacturing, please send me the details of machine which is required in manufacturing of optical frames and agarbatti. I have sent you an email and looking for positive response from your side. Thanks for encouraging us in setting up a business.

  2. Here are some more profitable small scale manufacturing business ideas that cost little to start

    1 – Ball Pen Manufacturing (It is very low cost manufacturing business)
    2 – Documents folder manufacturing (One which you buy from stationary shops)
    3 – Handmade jewelry including bangles (it costs very little to start and very profitable)
    4 – Shoes for school goers (Kids and teens)
    5 – School bags (very profitable, low cost and high demand)


  3. Dear Sir,
    please provide the detail or process of Towel manufacturing, Bottled drinking water, Tissue Paper Making, Protective Packaging Materials Manufacturing. please provide these details on high priority & urgent basis. I want to start any business as soon possible
    Ravinder Kumar Sharma

  4. Can you send me the brief details and flow chart alongwith the complete details of equipment/machine to manufacture of Jute Bags

  5. Dear Sir,
    please provide the detail or process of Bottled drinking water, Packaging Aluminium Foils, Protective Packaging Materials Manufacturing. please provide these details on high priority & urgent basis. I want to start any business as soon possible
    Vandan Patel

  6. please provide the detail or process of Towel manufacturing, Bottled drinking water, Tissue Paper Making, Protective Packaging Materials Manufacturing. please provide these details on high priority & urgent basis. I want to start any business as soon possible

  7. Information about Packaging Box And Cartons please as”ll as soon possible provide me details coz m” Tired Looking for small business


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