here is how you can get freelance content writing work online for free in the USA and UK

Freelance content writing has taken up the nation by storm. A lot of people are involved in this field, whether full time or part time. It is a simple way of earning money while working from home. Also, you do not have to work under one particular person or company. You can begin and stop anytime you want and also choose when and where you wish to write.

It is, however, important to be a good writer to start on a job like this. Just knowing how to write might not help you get more projects and assignments. You will have to know what makes a good writer and maintain self-discipline. You will have to pan out what you will write- fiction or nonfiction. Each style is different and requires a different approach.

Also, a sign of a good writer is someone who can write on any given topic, no matter how extraordinary or how normal the topic is. Most importantly, you need to have at least some basic knowledge about a lot of things as the projects of freelance content writing are varied in nature.

Writing content

This field also allows to expand your knowledge to a great extent as you work on multiple projects and also get to about many different things.

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How to get projects?

One amazing aspect of freelance content writing is that you can work for more than one person at the same time. You do not sign any contracts with anyone which ties you up with one person or organisation. The most useful and helpful platform today is that of the internet.

There are numerous websites that offer content writing jobs for fresher’s and also for those who already have experience. You just have to search online and get in touch with someone you find suitable.

Another big platform is the social media. In case you are interested in starting freelancing or joining another one, you can upload a status or update your profile information and mention that you are a freelance writer.

Popular Websites For Freelance Writing Projects


A lot of people have gotten jobs that way as many companies all over the world are forever in search of good writers. You can also go the other way round. You could look for good content writing clients for whom you can write and just drop a message in the inbox of someone you wish to write for.

A little marketing never harmed anyone, did it? Marketing is probably the best thing you could do to get jobs like this. Do anything you want, anything that allows you to let people know that you are a content writer and that you are open to writing anything.

Of course, steer clear of cheap marketing but talking to people from your college, to people in social gatherings, these can be easily done. Whenever people ask you what you do, go ahead and tell them about this. The more you do that, the more projects you are going to get.


If you are genuinely interested in pursuing freelance content writing as a career or as a hobby, you can always ask other content writers. Whether it’s s friend or a relative, a person who is already involved in this field will be able to give you better contacts and information about the struggles or the advantage of this field.


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