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Owning a luxury watch is a very serious and prestige investment. It elevates one to a class of their own because they ooze elegance and style. There are other benefits that come with owning a luxury watch such as enjoying the resell value. Valuable watches like gold watches increase in value every day which means that you can decide to dispose yours at a time when the market price is quite favorable and make a lot of good money out of it. 

However, in this age we are living in today, it has proved to be hard to wipe out counterfeit products from various products markets. This has led to awareness creation from various brands on how you can tell genuine from fake when buying their products especially from questionable sources.

Nothing could be more heartbreaking or devastating than buying a fake luxurious product like a watch that you paid a lot of money for. It hurts even more when you cannot track down the party that sold it to you. This is what faces new sellers who don’t have adequate knowledge about the product they are going to buy. 

This says a lot about the need to be resourceful with information about any product you would be interested in to avoid the pitfalls of the black market. You need to know the genuine luxury watch sellers like The Watch Company in order to avoid such unpleasant market pitfalls.  It is easy to spot fake designer watches when you have knowledge on how to identify it. This guide seeks to enlighten you on how to avoid buying fake watches so read on and be informed.

Tips for spotting fake luxury watches

Here is how to avoid falling victim to fake designer watches:

1. Look for simple mistakes. As much as counterfeit design watches can go a long way in looking all real and genuine, a close observation could be enough to rule that you are about to buy a fake watch. These obvious mistakes could be misspelled brand name, scratches or even peeling paint. There are also badly placed crown stamps or you find that you are having a time closing a watch. Those are some of the simplest mistakes that indicate that such watches are nothing but fakes.

2. How is the weight of the watch? Designer watches goes a long way in weighing a lit bit heavier because of the materials invested in them. Most materials which are precious metals like gold or titanium are heavy and this gives the watches a little bit of weight. If you get a watch which is quite light, you should have second thoughts. Most fake watches are therefore light in weight.

3. Scrutinize the face of the watch. Don’t be in a hurry to inspect an allegedly designer watch but take all the time in the world to look carefully especially its face. Cheaper or fake watches will go with a crystal covered face while designer watches are usually covered by minerals such as sapphire. A genuine sapphire cover will show a violet tint filtering when turned on its side. Crystal covered watches on the other hand will show a green tint therefore indicating that they are not genuine.

4. Take a closer look at the serial numbers. The serial number on the bracelet of the watch should match that which is on the case. If a watch comes without a case, that should raise your suspicions. 

5. How is the ticking? Designer watches don’t produce the ticking sound. Hold the watch closely to your ear and if you happen to hear any ticking sound, know that you are about to be sold fake designer watch. Genuine designer watches make perfect movements but they don’t come with any ticking sound.

6. The place of buying. The place you are about to buy a designer watch says a lot about the authenticity of the watches that you are about to buy. There are genuine places or outlets, both online based such as The Watch Company and land based, where you can buy real design watches.

The company or dealer you are supposed to buy from should be authorized. You can count on things like licensing and reviews to rule if you are dealing with genuine sellers. You can also take a look at their warranties and return policies to clear any doubts. For real dealer’s references, you can check out leading watch blogs and magazines or official websites for various brands for informed insights.

7. Questionable prices? A designer watch like Rolex, Michael Kors, Omega or Hublot definitely comes with an expensive price-tag. Unless you are buying a prior-owned designer watch, anything else that comes with a cheap price tag is to be questioned. Don’t go looking for cheap deals because you will buy cheap but you will not get the real deal. 


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