Health and fitness trend is increasing every day specially our youth of the country are very much concerned about their health and nutrition so as the demand of nutritional supplement’s graph is at its peak.

As per statistic given by Nutritional Business Journal, the demand of the market for vitamins and supplements is about to reach $60 billion in 2021 hence, now is the right time to get the ball rolling in the business of nutritional health and supplements.

If you are a fitness freak or know the importance of the nutritional supplements then give this business a start. As we know the demand of the multivitamin and supplements are increasing every day people are more aware of there health and physical fitness.

Majority of the health supplement are imported from the foreign countries so there prices is high in our indian market because of the import duty and custom charges. There are different options available such as Whey Protein,BCAA, CLA Multivitamin and minerals supplement, fat burning supplements, pre workout , post workout and cratine etc. for the production you have to be very picky in starting your supplement line.

To be specific I would list down some of the important key factor before starting a nutrition and supplement line:-

Keep your documents clear as per the rule of FDA. (Guys, FDA strictly monitors dieatry supplements):-

You must be aware of the code of federation Regulation Part 111 in order to get the complete understanding of the product standard and its guideline. FDA strictly monitor the dietary supplement and approve them before going to the market. So you must have the proper understanding of there different rules and regulation.

Product Branding. (labelling , graphics and packaging)

Your competitors in this business are very high every brand try to attract the customer by there products label and graphics this also gives the first impression to the customer so try to be very attractive in the product labels and graphics of the container. Hire the best graphics designer for this purpose give certain disclaimer which is required as per the FDA guidelines.

Get your product tested by the third party

Specially in indian market there are tons of fake product available from the grey market customers are loosing trust on the indian made product which is increasing the demand of foreign supplement product . It really adds value to the product and customer have a good trust when your product is tested by the renowned third party company For the certificate of analysis and nutritional value of the product. So spend some amount of money on the testing of the product and put the sticker of third party testing on the product label.

Good hold of supplement retailer and distributor

Try to get a reputed supplement distributor to reach your product to the retail store you can also cut the middle man cost if you are smart enough to sell your product directly to the customers . sell them online with the online shopping portal giant such as Amazon or ebay.

Product advertising

Advertise your product to the targeted customers specially fitness freaks spend your money on online advertisement with google adword and facebook, attract customer by giving them special discount and offers. Advertise your product in the national fitness magazine though its little expensive but would add a great demand of the product among retailers and customers.


I don’t think we should discuss this topic insurance is a must for your safer side of the product.

Surplus warehouse

do proper warehousing of the product keep your product in abundant so as to meet the demand of the product.

These are the essential steps you need to keep in mind before launching any health supplement business. I would personally suggest you to start the whey protein and Multivitamin supplements as the demands are very high.

One thing you must keep in mind to give your produt a unique quality of excellence, once the customer use it your product should speak itself they must have come up with good results. Always look and monitor your product quality the nutritional fact per serving should provide the exactly same.

There are very few indian brands of whey protein powder which is trusted by the customers, a good fitness freak would always looks for the foreign brand because of there quality and nutritional fact. Try to replicate the same quality in your brand.


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