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Trees are a valuable and renewable resource that naturally enrich the landscape of the earth and play a quintessential role in enhancing our quality of life in the urban environment. They contribute to the maintenance of a sustainable life, reduce the ‘Greenhouse’ effect by removing carbon dioxide from the air and releasing oxygen. They are an important investment for our future generations and maintaining water table, control pollution, promote life and adding aesthetic value to the surroundings. In this article we will discuss about 10 most profitable tress to grow for high return in India. Tree farming business is very popular in India and considerable number of people are growing trees for profit.

Trees also have huge commercial value due to timber, logs, medicinal uses, furniture and other multiple uses.

The most profitable trees for most small growers are those in demand by buyers, are reasonably easy to grow, and bring above-average prices when sold. Trees that take longer time to grow are mostly grown keeping a long term goal in mind with no immediate necessity.

High value trees are used for exotic creations, furniture items, guitars etc. They bring profits but over a period of time.

Some tree plantations can guarantee profits due to

  • The demand
  • Availability
  • Investments put in
  • Uses and applications

Let us see 10 trees worth growing in India:

1. Fruit Trees. Planting trees which reap fruits does take time to grow, blossom and provide fruits. However, keeping the initial slow momentum aside, there is continued growth and fruits are gathered after a few monsoons. Guava, papayas, mangoes, etc. Fruits tree farming is simple and adequate for profit making.

2. Coconut trees. These swanky trees take time to grow and are found on coasts mostly. Once grown they are money spinners as almost every part of it is put to some use. From oils to fibre, a coconut tree can provide everything except shade.

3. Bonsai trees. These simple trees mostly used for ornamentation have been gaining spikes in the wake of lack of spaces. They provide city dweller chance to decorate their houses with trees. It is now a booming business with almost everyone opting for it these days.

4. Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is another wonder tree that can create an impact due to its features like sturdiness, fast grower and growing in areas of high winds at high slopes. This makes it a wonder tree due to its ability to withstand adverse weather conditions yet grow gracefully. Also its medicinal benefits range from cold to being used as a fragrance, essential oil, medicinal oil, tablets and head pain relief.

5. Teak. Teak takes time to grow but its profitability is very high. It gives you massive returns when required. Also the cost of maintenance is less though land tracts required are quite large.Teak also holds the medicinal value. It is used in the furniture making, boat decks and for indoor flooring.

6. Bamboo. Bamboo is a versatile, highly in demand long growing grass that provides a variety of uses from decorative items to house building and cooking. Nowadays, it has found relevance even in the cosmetic field with bamboo cosmetics gaining relevance. Products using Bamboo are always in demand and one can set up an allied business in that way. This is very profitable tree which you can grow in India.

7. Nut trees: Though this is restricted to certain areas, one cannot ignore the fact that nuts like almonds, cashews etc make for some of the most profitable ventures when it comes to investing in trees. They provide great returns for the amount invested and create a paradigm of buyers and sellers and even international trade.

8. Spice trees: Pepper plantations are quite common in Kerala and they earn huge margins by exporting it to other countries. A native to India, pepper has grown from a mere commodity to an identity of India which makes it easier to market as export. Also the quality of Indian Pepper is well known worldwide.

9. Rosewood. This tree has multifarious benefits as a fuel, as wood for ships, furniture items, decorative pieces and art items. It is highly durable. It is also used in musical instruments, precision instruments and other uses. Though it takes time to grow, it is useful in the long run.

10. Mahua. Mahua is a tropical deciduous fast-growing tree. It has medicinal values for piles, heart problems and bronchitis. It can even help in eye problems and relieve itching to heal fractures and wounds.

11. Babool. This tree is fast growing and has benefits that can ripen your profits. It is widely used in toothpastes and almost all ayurvedic preparations. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps aid digestion.

12. Neem. Neem is a wonder tree owing to its multiple benefits that embark on its exploitation. It is commercially viable, widely available, scattered and easily found, traditional healing powers, connected to ancient philosophies. Every bit of the tree is useful in some form or the other, that makes it a completely used and usable tree. It has been used for ages and sites dedicated for this easy growing plant have yielded profitable returns.

All trees plantation require specific conditions to thrive and sustain. Adequate light, temperature, water, minerals, soil consistency and external factors affect the life span of trees.

Amounts invested differ from variety to variety and so do the profits. Thus it is imperative to choose wisely keeping all factors and stakeholders in mind as tree growing requires patience and does not provide overnight results.


  1. Pse let me know best option for profitable trees to be grown on 800-1000m above sea level. Temperature variation from 4-35degree centigrade.


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