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A franchise business is one in which owners sell the rights to their business logo, name and model to third party retail outlets owned by third party operators called franchisees. Nowadays franchises are most common in all parts of the world. There are franchise business opportunities also in various sectors across a wide variety of industries.

Investing in a franchise business is also lucrative. There are many franchises that benefit from an already-established brand, name and logo.

Here is some of the best top 10 franchise business in India

Domino’s Pizza Franchise Business Opportunities In India

Domino’s is a leading multinational food chain business started in 1960, which is a giant player in the India market. In order to flourish more in the Indian market, they facilitate franchise opportunity to the Indian entrepreneurs.  Domino’s has over 10000 outlets in 70 nations across the globe.

Dominos is one of the top franchise business opportunities in India. Their franchise opportunity can be availed under Jubilant Food Works Limited in India. Jubilant Food Works Limited took Dominos franchise in the year 1995 and from then there are 552 Dominos stores operating in 13o cities in India. Taking a franchise of Domino’s in fact, a profitable business option as their market share in India is around 62%.

Lakme Franchise Business Opportunities In India

With 50years business tradition, Lakme is considered as the leader in the beauty products all over the world. It has a successful brand name to attract more customers. Hence, starting a franchise of Lakme salon will be a good franchise business opportunities in India.

They highly promote franchise business and due to this,there are over 135 Lakme franchise business are spread across 40 cities in India. Getting franchise from Lakme is an easy process and you can earn good profit margin from this business.

Gelato Vinto Franchise Business Opportunities In India

Gelato Vinto is a leading company that provides franchise business opportunities in India. Unlike normal ice creams, Gelatos are exciting but is less known to the Indian consumers. Gelato Vinto has better prospects in Indian market. Gelato mainly deals with food and beverages and is keen on franchise business. Gelato Vinto has franchise restaurants in most parts of northern India.

But, Gelato Vinto franchise is not there in southern and eastern parts of India. Considering the cosmopolitan nature of the other metro cities, there are enough chances for you to open these restaurants in Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and other metro cities of south and East of India. Gelato is a good brand that provides first class foods in reasonable prices.

Kidzee Franchise Business Opportunities In India

Kidzee is one of the pioneers in the preschools all over Asia and one of the top franchise business opportunities in India. It operates in more than 330 cities with branches of 900 schools. Currently, there is a good demand for the franchise business for Kidzee due to its goodwill and brand image. Even at a spare room at your home, you can start Kidzee franchise business.

Archies Franchise Business Opportunities In India

Starting an Archies Franchise is another good investment option. It offers gifting options for almost all festivals and birthdays. There are more number of visitors in Archies stores to buy gifts for their loved ones.So opening a Archies franchise store in your area will be quite viable and profitable. Archies was started in New Delhi and has a good number of outlets all over India.

An Archies store offers gifts for your friends and relatives on all occasions at a reasonable price. The variety of gift items and affordable prices make an Archies store an important shopping destination for the new generation. So, your decision to open an Archies Franchise will be wise in India as India is special when it comes to festivals and occasions

Apollo Clinic Franchise Business Opportunities In India

Getting the franchise of Apollo clinic is one of the top franchise opportunities in India. They are one among the leaders in the healthcare industry. The success ratio of Apollo Clinic franchise in India is over 85% and hence the profit margin from this franchise option is more. If you are looking for a huge investment as well as huge return fro it, this can be the best franchise option. It can be started within around 4000 square feet.

The turnover that you can expect from Apollo franchise is over 1 crore in the first year itself. Hence, there is a good scope of starting it, being one of the top franchise business opportunities in India.

US Dollar Store Franchise Business Opportunities In India

Franchise Dollar Store is the fastest growing business expansion arm of an Indian-based organization.

They keep large varieties of products like food, beverages, health and beauty, pet accessories and auto accessories. They have 15 franchise outlets all over India. The investment is about 5 to 10 lakhs.

Go Foodiezz Franchise Business Opportunities In India

If you want to have your own business in hospitality sector go for Go Foodiezz, which is a food and beverages enterprise that has 30 franchise outlets in India. They offer fantastic customer experience and you may expect good profit if you opt for the franchise. If you have space, the investment is approximate one crore.

Please share your thoughts on top franchise business in India. Everyday a new business idea is emerging out of nowhere and one can make huge profits if done correctly!



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