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The changes in Google’s search engine algorithms have undergone such drastic changes in the last few years that most search engine optimization (SEO) experts are struggling to keep up. Premium SEO professionals like Los Angeles SEO, for instance, note that most of those selling SEO services are not being completely honest with their clients about the changes in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

Some clients may sense that Google’s SERPs look much different these days but not realize that their SEO guys are keeping critical information from them. Here is a look at some of these changes and why an SEO specialist would want to keep them a secret.

Google’s SERPs

The most obvious change in Google’s SERPs is that the first few pages of the search results no longer displays specific websites of products or services, save for globally recognized brands and billion-dollar corporations. For instance, type in “best running shoes” in the search field, and Google will churn out articles about running shoes, their current prices, pros and cons about different brands and product reviews.

This same can also be said when you type in a keyword to search for services or brick-and-mortar establishments, such as “spas in nyc” for example. This search keyword will fetch you review aggregators and ratings for the spas in the city, and nary a result for a specific spa’s website. Below the review and ratings section, which Google places in a box, you’ll likely find articles, listicles and more reviews about spas in New York City.

Keywords that include the word “buy” and a specific product will show results for specific megabrands, which will be impossible for traditional and legitimate SEO methods to outrank. Since studies show that 95 percent of online searches seldom get past the third page of the results, the odds do appear stacked up against those who are plying SEO services.

Why Some SEO Experts Are Keeping This From You

Your SEO people are trying to keep this current trend in Google SERP a secret because of two probable reasons. First, they may be unsure of how to deal with Google’s latest algorithm because they are so used to doing traditional SEO, which won’t work with the current Google SERP. The second and more likely reason is that the SEO experts know how to take advantage of the current SERP algorithm, but don’t have the ability and means to do it.

Does this mean that SEO is about to fade away into obscurity? The answer is simply “no.” SEO is still alive and well, but may need to reinvent itself a bit. The key is for SEO specialists to start looking beyond Google Search when doing SEO.

Los Angeles SEO Share Their Expert Take

Premium SEO professional services know that the way to break through the current Google SERP is to realize that there are other search engines on the web. Facebook, Yelp, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Pinterest, Thumbtack and a bunch of other websites are all search engines in their own right.

Optimizing a website not just for Google alone, but across various platforms that are relevant to the nature of the website will get most of the job done. Google, likewise, recognizes quality articles and content. You can be sure that Google will reward your website for having them.

The next time you want to hire SEO services for your website, it will be a good idea to let the experts know that you have a basic understanding of how the current Google SERPs work. If they give you a definitive answer and plan for your website that fits the current trend, then you are in good hands.


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