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If you punch into work at the right time and complete the required office hours, but are still dissatisfied with your personal output, then know that you’re not alone. Showing up for work on time, and actually being productive, are two separate issues.

As a manager or an employee, increasing your productivity might seem like an uphill battle – however, with a few simple changes and tweaks, you can increase your work efficiency and output in no time.

Here are 7 easy-to-follow tips for increasing your office productivity.

Create An Inspiring Office Environment

The space you work in really impacts your mood and productivity, so maybe it’s time to re-evaluate how trendy your office space is. 

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Ask yourself:

  • Does it match the energy you want your employees to have? 
  • Is it located in a quiet neighbourhood?
  • Will your employees enjoy being in this environment or will it make them dull?

Once you have the answers, you will know how to revamp the office environment – even if it means moving to a different location. You can find the perfect space for your work environment through Click Offices.

Set Your Goals Each Day

A good way to start a work day is to list down everything you or your team needs to achieve by day end. List them in order of priority so you can get the important work done faster. And remember, the goals you set for yourself and your team need to be achievable – avoid unrealistic expectations and deadlines. A good idea is to write the amount of time that each task requires, and try to complete it in the specified time.

Switch It Up

You have a huge project that you just want to get off your shoulders; we get it. But spending too much time doing one thing will just make it tedious. To achieve better quality in your work, try to work in windows of 90 minutes.

You can pair a difficult project with a relatively easy one, or a technical task with something more creative. Switch up your tasks at the end of the window to keep things interesting. As a manager or business owner, you can also encourage your employees to do the same so as to ensure a creative and energetic office environment.

Take Breaks

You’re human, and you need regular breaks so you don’t exhaust yourself halfway through the day. While this may seem like counterproductive advice, especially when you’re trying to maximise on time, this actually helps increase your focus and productivity. According to statistics, 57% of employees say that stress makes them less productive. So try to keep stress at bay with regular breaks, and ensure that your team and employees are doing the same.

Here are some things you can do to de-stress yourself:

  • Get off your seat and move around
  • Exercise
  • Take a refreshment break
  • Socialise with your colleagues
  • Go out for lunch

Be Proactive

Do you often put aside work to cater to incoming emails, phone calls or added work? Do these activities often end up dictating your work day? If the answer is yes, then you’ve found what’s been affecting your productivity. Instead of designing your workday as a reaction to such distractions, be proactive. You already have set your goals for the day; make them your first priority.

Block Distractions

Distractions will just lead you to lose concentration and waste precious time. And while it is impossible to completely avoid them in an office, try your best to minimize them for yourself and your employees. Here are a few practices that you can encourage around your office:

  • Put your phone and email alerts on silent
  • Use headphones to block out chatter and noise 
  • Block access to unnecessary websites 

Self-Imposed Deadlines

Yes, we said stress is bad, but no pressure at all can lead your team to slack off work. Set deadlines for yourself and your employees, and be firm about meeting them. If you and your team are working on a project without an end date, then set a deadline yourself. Even if you don’t meet the deadline, the key is to at least try to meet it.

Overall, to increase your office productivity, it’s important to follow an efficient system, set goals and remember to give yourself and your employees some time to de-stress during the day.


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