Do you ever wonder what pest control business is; and what is its scope? And how to establish your business? If you had such questions, here is an article which will clear your doubts and help you to start your own pest control business.

Let us look on the contents of this article which will enable you to understand the basics as well as the core concept regarding starting your business of pest control in India.


  • What is pest control business?
  • What is the scope of pest control business in India?
  • Step by step process to start your own pest control business India?
  • Sky is the limit/ expand your business

Let us look at these sub headings one by one in order to understand the process of setting up the business properly.

What is a pest control business?

Let us have a look at the purpose behind this business. The words ‘pest control’ already suggests you that it serves the purpose of controlling the amount of pests or insects which are responsible for degrading the quality of certain things. 

Such things can be agricultural fields, home or office furniture, even termites are responsible for weakening the structure of buildings. Hence, it needs to be stopped and it gives you a perfect business opportunity to start a business in this field.

Numerous unwanted creatures visit or make their home in private structures, modern destinations and urban zones. Some are responsible for harming groceries, harm basic timbers, bite through textures or swarm put away dry merchandise. Some perpetrate incredible monetary misfortune, others convey ailments or cause fire risks, and some are only a disturbance. 

Control of these vermin has been endeavored by improving sanitation and trash control, changing the environment, and utilizing anti-agents, development controllers, traps, snares and pesticides.

In agriculture, pests or termites are controlled by using natural means for example, by removal of pest wielding weeds, providing the field with manure and fertilizers. Scientific methods also help pest control such as insecticides and inorganic medicines.

What is the scope of pest control service?

If you have any doubts about this business having no scope in India, then you might have miss conception about this business. The current worth of this business in India is about Rs. 1800 cr. and is growing at a very fast rate of 15% per annum

Moreover, here is some additional information about the business having much scope in India:-

  1. According to NOVONOUS estimates, the pest control market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22% this year (2020).
  2. There are 45 exhibits written on over 85 pages, making it a largest exhibition under this business in Asia.

Let us look at the types of pest control briefly:

  1. Physical pest control
  2. Baiting the pests insects with poison
  3. Fumigation
  4. Sterilization
  5. Insulation.

In  Indian homes and urban conditions, the problem are the rodents, winged animals (birds), creepy crawlies and different living beings that share the natural surroundings with people, and that feed on and ruin assets. 

You can control these bugs mainly through the process of avoidance, aversion, physical evacuation or chemical methods. 

Step by step process to start your own pest control business:-

Now when you have understood what this business is; and what its scope is, we shall look upon the steps require to start your own pest control business in India.

#1. Get yourself trained

The first and foremost thing required in starting such types of business is by getting trained first. If you want to succeed in your business but do not want to be called a ‘Newbie’, you should get trained with the basics of the business.

One more reason to get trained is that it is considered illegal to start this business without a proper training license. Government of India has made it mandatory because this business involves the usage of very hazardous and poisonous chemicals. Safety and precautions are must while starting any business.

Now the question arises, how can someone achieve the training? Is there any institution which provides training?

Now to clear your doubts, here are some key points which will clear all your doubts.

  • You can register yourself for training on the governmental site of IPCA (Indian Pest Control Association) and get yourself trained with a certificate issued on completion of the training.
  • Another question can be asked about, what if you want to start a business but do not want to get training? How can that be done?
  • YES, that is possible to start pest control business without this training. Only thing that you need to arrange is the approval of one person who has completed IPCA’s training course. That will make you eligible to apply for license.

#2. Pass the eligibility criteria

In order to apply for any further registration, you need to keep the following things in mind.

  • People who want to begin the business ought to be over 18 years and must have at any rate a time of pragmatic pesticide application experience as enrolled. 
  • An individual prepared by the NIPHM/CFTRI/NPPTI at Hyderabad/Mysore/Faridabad for 15days in fumigation and prophylaxis program. 
  • Any degree in the field of science may qualify in lieu of experience. 
  • A legitimate vermin control permit endorsement. (You should be authorised by the Structural Pest Control (Board) as an Operator).

#3. Register your business

When you have proper training, all you need to do is to register yourself for license. There are two ways you can register yourself for license.

  • Offline registration
  • Online registration

Following are the steps to get yourself registered for license offline:-

  1. To apply for the Pesticide (Insecticide) License you need to contact the Deputy Commissioners office.
  2. You need to ensure they are qualified for the application by checking the qualification models recorded under the qualification segment of this article. 
  3. You ought to have finished the preparation and it is mandatory to have gotten the proper permit. 
  4. Likewise, ensure you have all the necessary records that are recorded under the Required Documents segment of this article. 
  5. Subsequent to approving the archives presented the specialists would review the premises to ensure suitable guidelines are being followed, if they are happy with the norms followed the business will be allowed.

Now let’s have a look on the other ways you can register yourself for licensing purposes. Follow the following steps:

  1. Get yourself registered as a new user on
  2. Complete all the required details of all the pages and fill the forms required
  3. Attach all the required documents that are listed below
  4. Complete the payment. Which is possible by two methods. Online method and draft method
  5. Submit the application. If that proves to be rejected due to some reason, you can fill in the correct details and send it again.
  6. One valid application usually takes around 6 to 7 months to proceed.

#4. License Required For Starting Pest Control Business In India

  1. License From Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee :- You need to get a license from central insecticides board which will faciliate that the insecticides used is safe. The insecticides act 1968 is an act to regulate the import, manufacture, sale, transport, distribution and use of insecticides with a view to prevent risk to human beings or animals. Read more about this act and apply for license here
  2. License To Manufacture Insecticides:- You are also going to manufacture insecticides, for that, you need a license granting permission to manufacture insecticised. Get the form here
  3. License To Sell, Stock and Distribute Insecticides:- Get the form and apply for this license here
  4. License For Use Of Restricted Insecticides For Commercial Operators:- Get the form and apply for license here

Some important required information while applying for license:-

You need to keep in mind about the following data while applying for the license.

  • Your complete name, address and status
  • Classification of your business
  • Address of the premises
  • The basic name and exchange name, brand name of the bug sprays which the you plan to utilise
  • On the off chance that the wanting to import, at that point data are required 
  • Name and address of maker 
  • Your name and address 
  • Is it enrolled in the nation 
  • If there should arise an occurrence of production, insights about substance definition 
  • Data on the bug spray stockpiling condition 
  • Time span of usability subtleties 
  • Insights about the poisonousness of the item to human, plants, creature’s toxicological information to be encased (according to subtleties determined by the Registration Committee). 
  • The plant illness, creepy crawlies and different toxic creatures and weeds against which it is proposed to be utilized. (Distributed/verified reports on inefficacy of the bug spray to be encased according to subtleties determined by the enrollment submitted. 
  • Directions on capacity and medical aid including prudent steps. 
  • In the event that assembling the bug spray keep just about 8-10 duplicates of marks and pamphlets, including all printed and realistic issue) 
  • Insights about the expenses saved.

#5. Finance Your Business

Every business needs a source of finance to lay down its premises. You need to think about the source from where you will be getting all the money to perform the required tasks such as insurance for workers, salaries of the workers, location of the business and money for initial investment.

You can perform a research on the rates of interest of your area and hence you can decide which source is best for your business start up. More research can be performed on the source of finance and you can select from these following sources:

  • Bank loans – Asking banks for money for financing (low rate).
  • Credit loans – taking up a loan from the market (higher rate).
  • Savings- no interest has to be paid as no loan has been taken upon.

Bank loans can be a great source of finance as there are certain schemes of government which help people to initiate a new start up. Under these schemes, you can get money for your start up at a very cheap rate (less than what banks usually provide).

Credit loans have an advantage over bank loans but they also come with a higher rate of interest. Moreover, you have to pay on regular basis otherwise your image as a businessman is also at stake. Let us have a look on the following table and compare these two types of loans. 

Comparison basis Bank loans Credit loans
Interest rate Low (6% -7% pa) Higher rate (8%-9%pa)
risk Lower risk Higher risk 

Sky is the limit

Do not limit your business in any manner; try to expand it in any way you can think of. Internet can prove to be a very important tool for this purpose. All you have to do is to get a domain for your site for free and set up your business online. 

You can also search clients on social media like facebook, instagram or snapchat. Although you will not primarily see a huge number of customers, but gradually you will start getting orders and your business will expand.

You can also ask for feedback from your customers and that will enable you to correct the mistakes you have done In your business. This will also increase customer interaction and your business will also be able to set an image in the market.

Gradually your business will become a world-wide or state-wide business and you will start getting huge contracts under your business name.


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  2. Hi Team,
    I am Ramendra from chandigarh india. I want to start a pest control business . How to apply for licences of pest control services and what a qualification required ?? plz help me.

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